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the city of tomorrow

The Super-Science Symposium celebrates the technological marvels of tomorrow from the scientific minds of today. Ready to get experimental? It’s the ultimate big-brain convention this season, and you’re invited!


Now, there’s NOTHING holding you back! Knockout City is entirely free-to-play! Cross-play with your friends and brace yourself for the biggest brawl ever.

The Boomerang ball

The pinnacle of brawler tech from Perennial Labs, the all-new Boomerang Ball returns when you throw it. Bounce it off of walls for incredible trick plays, and catch it on the return to keep the offensive pressure on. It’s a total game-changer!

Movin' on up
Expanded Hideout

Your Hideout just got a serious upgrade with a new rooftop for a casual soccer match, basketball hoops to practice your skillshots, and new platforming options in the Hideout your brawler calls home.

New Brawl Pass
Beware of Impostors

Level up your Brawl Pass to earn the smartest-looking science-y gear KO City’s ever seen. Follow the Deep Space Dispatches for stories from S3, chock-full of action and intrigue. Oh, and watch your back – Among Us goodies are waiting for you in the Free Edition of the Brawl Pass!

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