Rise up and fight IT’S TIME FOR A MUTANT MUTINY!

Magpie Industries dumped a Mutonium-13 mess down the drain… out of sight, into the sewers! Now, the mutants of Knockout City are rising up to dodgebrawl, and they want justice!

Meet the Mutants

Just ‘cuz they’re revolting doesn’t make them revolting! Brawl as The Mutants and get to know them in the action-packed Deep Space Dispatches.


Tougher than toxic waste, the crocogator Susan loves puttin’ the smackdown on brawlers with her beastly strength.


Snarky but upbeat, Ratfink’s heightened rodent senses make him a natural catcher. Talks a big game and has the skills to back it up.


A slippery sewer-dweller who speaks only in bubble noises. Was Goober a brawler who became goo, or goo that became a brawler? Who knows?


The leader of The Mutants, Neon’s a serious but passionate rebel whose skin and hair glows when his emotions burn bright.

The Heroes in a Half Shell need no introduction. Who better to answer the call to defend mutantkind than this fearsome fighting team? Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello are ready to dodgebrawl—The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have come to Knockout City!

Sludge Works

A new industrial arena for mutant mayhem! Battle it out in the shadow of Magpie Industries, where a massive pipe pours out slowly-rising sludge that brawlers can walk on. Watch your step when the sludge drains, or you’ll be flushed away!

Morphing the game
Megaton fan-requested features

Customize Private Matches with your choice of Map, Ball, and Bots. Unlock up to three additional brawler slots to save your favorite outfits. Get the drop on foes with upgraded Ultimate Throws, and play brand new mutant-themed Playlists all season long.

New Brawl Pass
More TMNT In the Brawl Pass!

Can’t get enough of the Fearsome Fighting Team? Then level up your Brawl Pass! Earn April O’Neil’s Channel 6 Jumpsuit, Shredder’s Mask, and other radical rewards.

Mutant Mutiny! Events

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