Catch, Throw, And Earn The KO!

Duke it out in Knockout City, where team-based multiplayer Crews settle the score in free-to-play dodgebrawl action. Knock out opponents with trick shots and coordinated teamwork while dodging and catching balls flying across the map. No ball? No problem! You can literally ball up, roll into a teammate’s hands and become the ultimate weapon.

An Ever-Expanding
Dodgeball Universe!

New seasons bring themed cosmetics to keep your brawler looking fresh alongside an evolving story that keeps the city alive. Events bring new game modes to remix the way you play, from free-for-all battle royales to snowball fights.

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Customization Is Everything

Show up and show off! Create your brawler, pick your favorite Outfit, Gloves, and Hairstyle, then pop an attitude with unique KO Effects, Gliders, Taunts, Poses and more.

Crew Up With Friends!

Start a Crew to find community with like-minded brawlers. Customize your Crew’s Logo, Vehicle, and more to show your Crew’s unique style, in a match!

Choose your weapon

Basic Ball

The standard Knockout City dodgeball. Throw, pass, lob, and curve, and land a hit for one heart of damage.

Moon Ball

Crafted from a rock that fell from the moon, holding the moon ball reduces the effects of gravity – so you can jump higher, fall slower, and glide farther!

Cage Ball

The handcuffs of the Knockout City Police Force! Players hit by the Cage Ball won’t take damage, but are temporarily forced into Ballform.

Bomb Ball

This bomb starts ticking the moment you pick it up! Just make sure you toss it before the whole thing blows up – it’ll damage all brawlers in the blast radius.

Multi Ball

It’s three balls in one, allowing players to quickly take on multiple brawlers at once—just be careful! Each ball can still be caught and thrown right back at ya.

Sniper Ball

Lock on and charge up for a lightning-fast long-range shot, or throw it uncharged with a slow, wobbly fumble.

Soda Ball

Everybody loves movie snacks, but this one’s quadruple carbonated and ready to pop. Get caught in its blast and its lights out, briefly obstructing your vision!

Boomerang Ball

Science loves an equal and opposite reaction! Throw this ball and it’ll come right back to you – allowing for some seriously epic plays.

Start Your Tour of Knockout City

Rooftop Rumble

Duke it out atop two sky-high skyscrapers, and use your Glider for wind-powered speed boosts to hop between rooftops.

Back-Alley Brawl

Narrow alleyways and three colorful tubes that transport you to opposite sides keep the fight constantly moving.

Concussion Yard

This construction zone’s packed with moving machinery, including a massive wrecking ball that’ll send you flying.

Knockout Roundabout

Every hour’s rush hour downtown, where you can ride on top of cars to get around or hide beneath ‘em for cover.

Galaxy Burger

This cosmic diner’s a rotating double-decker battleground with swiveling doors and sky-high planetoids perfect for surprise aerial attacks.

Jukebox Junction

It’s a wild ride at the rail station – Dodge oncoming high-speed trains to stay on your feet, or you’ll get your ticket punched!

Holowood Drive-In

Put on a show in this compact arena, where six different holofilms project on stage and transform the terrain with new obstacles every minute.

Lockdown Throwdown

Stormy weather darkens this abandoned jailyard, where Cage Ball turrets can create opportunities for fast-handed brawlers.

Alien Smash Site

This peaceful farm in the sky is littered with crashed UFOs and rideable saucers that are sure to cause some cosmic chaos.

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