The Sequel of the Summer: Heroes Reborn!

Pick your powers, starting June 21st!

Hey, it’s almost summertime – and you know what that means. MOVIE TIME, BABY! What’s better than a rockin’ blockbuster holofilm kicking off just as summer warms up? Not much, I tell ya! Hey, here’s a trailer for one of my favorites coming up. Yeah, it’s a Captain KO sequel! They’re finally doin’ one! Check that preview out…

Superpowers: Power Grab Playlist! 

Can you believe it? Superpowers are coming back to Knockout City! I’ve been readin’ all about the marketing stuff they’re doin’ for this flick, and lemme tell ya, it’s a MASSIVE hype train! There’s even a whole Playlist to celebrate Captain KO’s return to the big screen that brawlers are fightin’ in. Hold on, I think they might’ve snuck some details in the press release… I’m gonna DM you the bit where Captain KO talks about it… 

“Citizens of Knockout City, live out your superhero fantasies as a mighty brawler of justice in Superpowers: Power Grab!”

“You have the power to shape your own destiny by choosing your Superpower! Start a match of Power Grab, and your team of three warriors will select their Superpower from the new Power Selector menu! Fly into battle and fight for KOs using your incredible gifts. If you’re knocked out, you’ll select a new ability from the Power Selector and get back in the fight! But don’t be greedy, young heroes – you can’t pick a Superpower belonging to a teammate, and you can’t pick the same Superpower twice in a row! Will you ally yourself with a few favorites, or strategically run counterplay to your opposition’s Superpower picks? The fate of the City is in your hands!”

“Let’s take a stand, heroic brawlers – It’s time to end V.I.P.E.R.’s evildoing for good!”

Ha, how about that? Guess it’s time to suit up in spandex and save our teammates from certain doom…

Comic Contracts!

Looks like there’s a promo deal for the new flick, too. Something about a new set of contracts for brawlers and some tie-in goodies? Here, lemme share the post…

“Not so fast, Captain KO! For I, V.I.P.E.R. Leader, have devised a nefarious plan to win the hearts and minds of brawlers everywhere! You may have set up ten XP-granting Event Contracts in Heroes Reborn for brawlers to complete, but I shall have the last laugh!”

“Completing four of your pathetic Event Contracts will unlock the Legendary Player Icon, V.I.P.E.R.’s Venom, allowing brawlers to represent themselves on their profiles with my vicious visage! And just you wait until brawlers complete eight contracts… for I will rise as a mighty Legendary Ultimate Hologram: V.I.P.E.R.’s Revenge! And there’s NOTHING you can do to stop me, my dear Captain! Soon, the City will be filled with my underlings, and I shall top the charts as the most popular character in the holofilm – and then, the WORLD! MUAHAHAHAHA!”

Geez, that V.I.P.E.R. actor really gets into character, huh? Makes me wanna take up acting…

Introducing the Superpowers!

Oh, you don’t know what Superpowers you can choose from? Well lucky for you, I don’t go anywhere without my dog-eared stack of Captain KO comics. Gotta have something to read on the train from Jukebox Junction to home, y’know? They’ve been runnin’ a miniseries where Captain KO’s showing off a different power in every issue. Here’s what I’ve got…

  • Super Double Jump gives you an extra jump in midair!
  • Super Tackle Strike lets your tackle deal one heart of damage!
  • Super Healing Powers allows you to regenerate a lost heart over time!
  • Super Charge-Up gives you instant-charging abilities and gives you extra Overcharge passes and catches!
  • Super X-Ray Vision lets you see and lock-on to opponents through walls at any distance!
  • Super Strength causes you to pick up brawlers with a dash! Chuck your foes off the nearest edge!
  • Super Ballform Bounce launches you as an Ultimate Throw when you roll onto a bounce pad in Ballform!

Dex’s Tech Tips: Heroes Reborn 

With Superpowers: Power Grab, you can almost think of the abilities like a loadout, supporting a preferred playstyle that you can master. With so much strategic depth to explore in combining abilities with your teammates, let's talk about some strategies to lay the super-smackdown on your arch-nemeses. 

  • One for all, one at a time! Only one instance of a given power type can be active on your team at a time, so if you’re thinking of stacking three Super Charge-Ups and coasting to victory, think again. You’ll need to balance your lineup between useful offense, defense, and utility skills to succeed.
  • Wait your turn! Are you the third player to pick from a slimmed-down list during the pre-match Power Selector phase? Fear not, because you will be first to pick in the next round! The order rotates each round, so if a match goes to round three, every player on the team will have had a chance to pick first.
  • Master of some! Since you must pick a new Superpower every time you’re KOed, you’ll want to be comfortable with several different powers. That way, you’ll always have an option you’re skilled with available in your Power Selector. 
  • Beware of tackles! Both Super Strength and Super Tackle Strike involve using dashes to cause chaos, so if your opponents are using them, consider using Super Double-Jump to stay out of their reach. If you’re a tacklin’ fiend wielding these awesome abilities, try to corner opponents in dead ends or near hazards to get them in your clutches.
  • Supercharge your intel! Super X-Ray Vision has incredible utility, and it’s an asset to almost any team. You can see where stray dodgeballs have ended up through walls, making them easy to retrieve and pass to your allies. You’ll also have full intel on opponent positions and their chosen Superpowers. If you love to communicate with your team like you’re Mission Control, then Super X-Ray Vision is the power for you!
  • Counter those Charge-Ups! Super Charge-Up is one of the most powerful offensive abilities in the game, and you’re almost certainly going to be up against it in many matches. Use cover to close the distance while staying protected, then hit them with a Tackle Strike! You could also set a clever trap with Super Healing Powers – take the heat off your allies by taking a hit you can recover from, and let your team get the jump on the distracted charger! 
  • Teamwork saves the day! Super Ballform Bounce is an off-the-wall team-oriented ability that works best on maps with plenty of bounce pads. Coordinate with a Super Strength ally to hold an enemy in place while you drop a whammy on them with your Ultimate, or force an enemy to take evasive action with a dodge while a Super Charge-Up teammate punishes their maneuver.

Let your powers combine on June 21st!

Okay pal, so don’t forget – June 21st, first day of summer, I’m buying tickets and we’re gonna have a super-powered heck of a time! It’s only in theaters for two weeks though, so make sure we get all of our collective superhero nerding out by then. Got it? Awesome. See you at the show!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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