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Epic Account Migration Coming with Patch 7.1

Log into Knockout City after 7.1 and sign into an Epic Account to keep your progress

*Update: As of Patch 8.1, the migration period for signing into an Epic Games account to transfer your progress to our new account system has passed. If you require assistance to manually migrate your account, please contact support.*

Hey brawlers! The Velan crew’s made some amazing strides since Knockout City has gone free-to-play to manage every aspect of the game’s backend services. Today, we’re making a VERY ahead-of-time announcement to prepare you for our next big step. 

Beginning September 20th, with the launch of Patch 7.1, Epic Online Services will become Knockout City’s official backend platform for KO ID and account management services. To keep playing, you'll need to sign into an Epic Account when you boot up the game to maintain your current Knockout City progress, including earned Holobux, Street Rank, and cosmetics. Don’t worry, it’s super easy to do, and impossible to miss if you’re a regular player! All you gotta do is log into the game before January 10th, and you’ll be prompted to transfer your account from EA to Epic. Read below to get the lowdown on what to do when Patch 7.1 launches:

  • Starting September 20th 2022, the next time you log into Knockout City, you'll be prompted to either log into an Epic Account or create a new one.
  • Once you sign into your Epic Account, all your progress from your EA account will be automatically transferred to your Epic Account!
  • Players will have until January 10th 2023 to log into Knockout City and transfer their account. After January 10th, you will no longer be able to log in with an EA account, and your account progress will be permanently lost. Don’t be this person!

More details to come soon, but in short: Simply log into Knockout City after the 7.1 Patch goes live, on the same account you use to play today. Then bam, you’re done, and your progress is safe! Make sure to remind any brawlers you know to play at least once during the migration period after the patch to make the transfer. Of course, we’re happy to help with questions you may have at the official Knockout City Discord, Reddit, and during our Twitch streams. 


  • Q: Will I need to sign into Epic every time I play?
  • A: Yes, but it will be the same experience as you have today under EA’s account services after you log in the first time: Launch the game, reach the title screen, and hit confirm to get into the Hideout. No extra login steps will be required after the transfer’s been made, same as today.

  • Q: What will change as a part of this migration?
    A: Your KO ID will change from your EA username to your Epic username, and you'll log in with your Epic credentials if you play on a new platform in the future. That's it! Velan has always (and will continue to) managed the details of your account including Holobux, unlocked customizations, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, Street Rank level, League Play rank, Brawl Pass progress, friends list, and more. The only thing you'll be leaving behind is the link to an EA account, which you'll be swapping for an Epic link!

  • Q: Do I now need to launch the game from the Epic Games Store if I play on PC?
  • A: For Season 7, You’ll be able to continue using whichever platform you’ve downloaded Knockout City on to keep playing – Epic will manage your account on the backend regardless of whether you launch the game on Steam, Origin, or the Epic Games Store.

  • Q: Is there any way to recover a lost account after January 10th?
  • A: Unfortunately not. As of Patch 8.1, the migration period for signing into an Epic Games account to transfer your progress to our new account system has passed, but if you require assistance to manually migrate your account, please contact support.

  • Q: Does this mean Epic is publishing Knockout City?
  • A: No, Knockout City is self-published by Velan Studios, and our use of Epic Account Services has no bearing on publishing or the Velan Studios team members working on the future of the game.

  • Q: I have more questions about Epic Account Services!
  • A: That's not a question, but here's a link to the Epic Online Services FAQ.

We'll give you more details on the transfer when the date gets closer, including screenshots to show how easy it will be. Stay tuned! 

OK, PSA done! Now, back to brawling!

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