TMNT Villains!

Face down the Foot Clan on January 10th!

Ever since the Mutant Mutiny simmered down, the Mutants of Knockout City have settled into the brawler life above the sewers pretty nicely. Goober’s musical career is taking off, Neon’s on a well-deserved vacation to the Brawlhamas, Ratfink’s become a regular gym rat who’s dominating every rooftop soccer tournament in the community league… and hey, did I hear that Susan’s studying for a teaching credential? Good for her! 

Well, when the heroes are away, the villains will play… and isn’t that just the way? One minute, everything’s peachy, then the next thing you know, BOOM! Ninja army at twelve o’clock. Guess all the criminal activity inspired by the Red Hand Crew has caught the Technodrome’s eye of the nefarious Foot Clan, sworn enemies of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Seeing the city’s riches ripe for the taking, Bebop and Rocksteady are taking charge of an all-out assault on Knockout City, and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a mutant mess out there! 

…Uhh, Ninja Turtles? Put down those pepperoni slices and get to the Turtle Van, PRONTO, ‘cuz we could really use your help right about now!

Foot Clan Clash!

The sinister Foot Clan is here to raise a ruckus! They’ve got orders from the top: find the top brawlers in the city, knock them out, and nothing will stand in their way! Wave after wave of no-good Foot Soldiers are battling it out with brawlers in the streets. But dodgebrawling is a far cry from the ninjutsu and laser beams the Foot is used to fighting with – and the brawlers are winning big on home field advantage! 

Leonardo and Raphael never miss an opportunity to challenge each other. Both Turtles are keeping score on who can beat down the most bad guys, and now brawlers are copying their heroes in their own friendly competition: the Foot Clan Clash Playlist! 

It’s a 2v2 fight where your team earns points for every hit against bot-controlled waves of Foot Soldiers. As each set of Foot Soldiers is KOd, a new wave of Foot Soldiers will appear elsewhere on the map, ramping up with increasingly tougher and smarter ninja adversaries. You won’t score points for damaging your rival team, but KOing them will let you farm some Foot Soldier hits unopposed while they respawn. When time is up, the pair with the most points are crowned the ultimate anti-Foot fighters!

Face Off With The Foot’s Finest!

There’s four kinds of Foot Soldiers to get familiar with in Foot Clan Clash, each with different traits and behavior. Here’s a little Channel 6 News special for you to get the 411…

Purple Foot Soldier

The familiar Foot Soldiers clad in purple are your typical front-liners – the “Stage 1” bad guys you might be throwing punches and kicks at in the opening minutes of a beat-em-up arcade game. Traveling in packs, they’re easily dispatched in a single hit due to having one heart of health, but watch out if they swarm ya – they’re not afraid to Ball Up and get flung in the name of Shredder!

Orange Foot Soldier

Orange-garbed Foot Soldiers have ranked up their dodgebrawl technique over their purple peers by studying the brawlers of Knockout City. Could some of them actually be rogue brawlers fighting for the Foot? Either way, Orange Foot Soldiers have two hearts and a better grip on dodgebrawl, making them more likely to catch and counterattack.

Silver Foot Soldier

The tough-as-shell elite squad of the Foot Clan, Silver Foot Soldiers are incredible brawlers with three hearts, lightning-fast reflexes, and higher aggression than even the Orange ranks. A tough target like this will require a mondo effort to take down, but more hearts means more points! Just don’t underestimate them, or you’re in for a total bummer.

Pink Foot Soldier

Guess the Foot Clan’s stumbled on some Chemical V and Mutonium-13 compounds, since they’ve souped up their Pink Foot Soldier squad with Super Mutant powers! With three hearts that regenerate over time and every other Superpower granted to a Super Mutant, these towering ninja tyrants are a mighty foe to take on alone. Their reactions aren’t quite as sharp as Silver Foot Soldiers, but their overpowering abilities more than pick up the slack! 

Black Belt Contracts!

A crafty villain once said, “Come to the dark side, we have Legendary Outfits.” I may have paraphrased a bit, but the Foot Clan collectibles you’ll earn from completing Black Belt Contracts are the real deal. Step into the brawler dojo, and take on these twelve tests to certify your skills on your ninja journey. Every two Contracts cleared grant a reward, culminating in the Legendary Outfit, “Foot Soldier” – with Style Chips, you can hack in every Foot Soldier style seen in Foot Clan Clash!

Give your convertible a purple-and-black Foot Clan refresh with the Epic Crew Vehicle “Footcruiser,” or line up a formidable formation of Foot Soldiers with a new Legendary Crew Banner. Strike the fear of the Foot into your rivals before every match!

Rock ‘em with the full force of a mutant rhino when you unleash the Legendary KO Effect “Rocked by Rocksteady,” then really rub it in with a smug snort from the Legendary Taunt “Bopped by Bebop” – it’s a one-two punch of radical rage!

Craving a little more “Cowabunga” for your Ults? Then equip the Legendary Ultimate Hologram “Shell Shock” and watch the Foot Clan flee from your seismic turtle shell slam! 

TMNT Villains Bundle!

Bebop and Rocksteady may only have one brain cell between them, but these bad boys sure know how to bring the pain! Both of these big lugs have been raising a ruckus since High Society Heist began, but now’s the perfect time to pick up the TMNT Villains Bundle, buddy up, and battle as these buff bruisers! Bring a Foot Soldier friend to Team KO, and you’ll be chillin’ with the full Crew of villains.

Dex’s Tech Tips: Foot Clan Clash

Foot Clan Clash pulls no punches – not only do you need to outscore the opposing team by dealing damage to Foot Soldiers, you’ll also need to hone your ninja senses to protect from a rival stealth attack! Try these tips, and you just might match up with Leo and Raph’s scores!

  • Foot Clan Clash is cooperative AND competitive! Work with your teammate and rivals to surround the Foot Soldiers and use Passes and Overcharge to quickly deal damage for points…then do a true heel-turn and KO your rivals when they least expect it to foil their plans!
  • Every wave of Foot Soldiers will show a spawn location icon seconds before they arrive; when a wave is complete, head to the center of the map; from there, you can quickly move toward the icon to meet the incoming wave.
  • Points are awarded for every hit instead of every KO, so even if your team misses out on the first few waves, don’t lose hope! Later waves have tougher foes that give more possible points than Purple Foot Soldiers, so target the toughies to mount a comeback!
  • A Player Ball or Ultimate Throw will deal massive damage to even the strongest Foot Soldiers, netting you several points at once! Go for big plays – just watch out for your rivals attempting the same!
  • Pink Foot Soldiers regenerate their health. It’s risky, but if you can keep attacking them as they regenerate, you can gain more and more points! Just take care not to get KOd, Super Mutants can really pack a wallop.
  • Wanna practice? Bring a friend to Private Match and play against the Foot Soldiers unopposed! How high of a score can you reach?

The Foot Soldiers Make Their Move On January 10th!

Can you keep up with the Ninja Turtles and clown on the Foot Clan as well as they do? Gosh, they make it look so easy – maybe it’s all in the pizza? Whatever your ninja training regimen is, you’d best get prepared, because the Foot Clan is out in full force until January 24th. Let’s send those bumblers packing, Knockout City style!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird