Knockout City: City of Tomorrow

See the future on June 1st, 2022!

Get Street Smart with Super-Science!

Good morning, brawlers! It’s a new dawn in Knockout City, and we’ve never felt more “free.” If you’re new to the streets, then hey – you’re not gonna want to miss the latest and greatest in our next Season: it’s dodgebrawl down to its core, and it’s awesome!

So check this – the Super-Science Symposium is back in town! S3 is the greatest technological showcase of all time, and scientists from all over the world are gonna be showing off their wildest inventions. Lemme tell ya, a whole lot of amazing stuff for brawlers comes out of this smarty-pants convention. I mean, did you think we always had dodgeballs that lock onto their targets? New tech always means new toys for us brawlers to throw down with! I wonder what’s gonna be the talk of the show this time around…

Boomerang Ball

Remember when we told y’all that a new ball was coming? Well, we’re finally coming back at ya to introduce the next innovation in dodgebrawl as we know it: Perennial Labs’ latest creation, the Boomerang Ball!

What a beaut! This slick cyan dodgeball will be showing up in the Special Ball rotation right when City of Tomorrow launches, and it’s gonna be a game-changer!

How does it work? Simple: throw it, and it comes back! Did you land a hit? It flies back to you wings-out and ready for another throw! Did you hit a wall? No sweat, you get another try! No teammates around? Pass it into a solid surface and it’ll bounce back with Overcharge! Talk about big brain plays!

Now I should warn you that you’re gonna need to catch to make the most of this tech. When you throw a Boomerang Ball, your warning border will light up with a cyan hue telling you it’s your own ball homing in! You won’t take damage if you get bonked by your own Boomerang, but it’ll knock you back and throw off your flow. Make the catch, and your Overcharge will keep increasing! But watch out, because all that charge can be caught and turned against you!

We can’t wait to see the wild, jaw-dropping plays our top tier brawlers will make with this offensive powerhouse of a Special Ball. Play smart, and the Boomerang Ball will help you win big!

Hideout Updates

Welcome to the new and improved Hideout! You can kick back in your own rooftop paradise between matches like always, but come June 1st, you’re gonna find some new distractions to keep you and your crewmates busy between matches!

Whoa, what’s this? A new building’s being 3D-printed from the top down with Perennial Labs’ building fabrication technology! Savvy brawlers have already claimed the rooftop for their own little side-game. How 'bout a friendly pick-up round of soccer?

Kick around a soccer ball and see which side can score three goals first. No hands allowed on this ball – but anything else goes! Winner gets supreme bragging rights!

Are those basketball hoops? Hey, I’ve seen these around a few arenas! Guess brawlers can’t resist making baskets, so they’ve put up a few hoops around the Hideout to test their untargeted throws. Make a basket and you’ll get a little celebratory fanfare. How far can you sink the rock from? Challenge your crewmates and see who can make the most shots!

Speaking of your Crew… Now any brawler visiting your hideout can see your Crew Banner being proudly displayed near the shipping container. Show off that Crew pride! Not a bad spot for a Crew photo op…

How ‘bout some new tunes? Poke around the Brawl Shop and you might find some new audio tracks to add to your Jukebox’s selection. In addition to the three new tracks and tracks introduced in previous seasons, you’ll find some amazing never-been-in-the-game-until-now remixes and bonus tracks for purchase, including the groovetastic Get Outta Dodge ft. Sonny Rey!

There’s all sorts of new places to test your parkour skills, too! Hop on ledges and car roofs to reach the billboards over the new building-in-progress… and what’s that? The downed UFO’s now a new hangout spot around the back? Huh, not bad, people. Hey waitaminute, is that a sign for THE Knockout City Chronicle?

Concept Cars

Show every Crew you’re on the cutting edge when you roll up to brawl in a brand new crew vehicle type. These showy prototypes first seen at S3 have got some serious futuristic vibes!

You’ll see several new crew vehicles like this popping up in the Brawl Shop, Brawl Pass, and elsewhere in the City of Tomorrow. Wait, how’d you all get your hands on this prototype technology, anyway? …Uh, yeah, forget I asked. MOVING ON…

Starfruit Special Energy Drink

Contrary to popular belief, science is more than just cool robots and giant lasers – there’s delicious food science innovations at the Super-Science Symposium, too. Try the newest Energy Drink on the menu: Starfruit Special!

League Play Rewards

In League Play, you’ll be brawling alongside the best and the brightest in Knockout City with Team KO rules. Your skills will earn you City of Tomorrow’s best rewards for climbing the ranks – can you bring home an award for your research on top-tier dodgebrawling?

Every tier from Bronze to Diamond will net you end-of-the-Season rewards such as Player Icons, Holobux, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, and exclusive cosmetics only unlocked here… not to mention a shiny new trophy to proudly display in your Hideout’s trophy case! Here’s a sneak preview of the prizes on the line…

  • Uncommon Taunt: Kaboom!
  • Rare Ultimate Hologram: Rubber Ducky
  • Epic KO Effect: Lucky KO!
  • Legendary Glider: Thunderbird

Brawl Pass

Hey, welcome back! After a brief sabbatical, the Brawl Pass is back and chock-full of cosmetics to unlock! By earning XP and clearing Brawl Pass Contracts, you’ll earn a massive collection of professorly pizazz only unlockable during City of Tomorrow. Put your Holobux towards the Premium Pass and you’ll unlock a wider selection of cosmetics to earn and more Contracts to help accelerate your unlocks.

There’s lots to discover, such as this totally diabolical Evil Scientist getup – complete with Face, Hairstyle, Outfit and Gloves!

Your ears are in for a treat, because many of Season 6’s new Poses also include audio! We’ve heard MVP poses with audio, but now you’ll find that even Intro, Victory, or Defeat Poses may have some extra sound effects to set the tone.

Want the scoop on S3 direct from the show floor? Then check out the all-new Deep Space Dispatch for City of Tomorrow and enjoy our biggest and most dramatic story yet! Freelance Holo-caster Kat Hunter hits the streets to explore the Symposium and interview the scientific minds competing for the prestigious Scientist of Tomorrow award, but finds herself embroiled in a great mystery. Level up your Brawl Pass throughout the season to catch all the excitement of the Super-Science Symposium as it happens!

New Bundles

Central to the Deep Space Dispatch story, Memorium is a fascinating new material that’s seeping its way into the trendiest fashions of Knockout City. Keep an eye out for a brand-new Bundle when City of Tomorrow arrives… and watch your fingers, those spikes are sharp!

For Our Dedicated Players...

We’ve got one more surprise especially for our XP-crunching, Energy Drink-chugging power-leveling brawlers. Starting on June 1st, an all-new tier of Street Rank will be added to the very end after Diamond Level 100 - we’re calling it Chrome Street Rank! Every brawler in Knockout City now has an additional 100 levels of Street Rank to earn XP for, unlocking Holobux, Style Chips, Energy Drinks, and brand new Chrome rarity cosmetics! Several fan favorites are getting the shiny treatment, and they’re all available now in the entire Chrome cosmetic pool starting at Sapphire Street Rank on up. You might also notice an update to Career Contracts, too - earn XP to work towards the new “Fame and Fortune” Career Contract, offering an extra source of Holobux for longtime brawlers! If you’re just starting out, no sweat - these babies will be waiting for you once you’re a dodgebrawl master!


Onward to Tomorrow!

That’s all the research you need for Season 6! The City of Tomorrow’s just within our reach now, and on June 1st, we’ll be brawlin’ like there’s no tomorrow! You won’t have to wait long to get your first look at all the advancements, because we’ll be streaming your first look at City of Tomorrow on our Twitch Channel, starting at 5:30pm ET tonight! ‘Til then, see ya!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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