It’s goin’ down at Sunset Showdown!

Our final tournament is our biggest ever, coming June 2023. Sign up today!

The sun may be setting on the live servers of Knockout City, but we’ve still got one final score to settle in Knockout City: who’s the best, when all is said and done? Get ready, because it’s time to square up for a showdown… and this time, we’re not waiting for midnight.

One Final Unforgettable Tournament!

Sunset Showdown is the epic conclusion to our Midnight Knockout tournament series, a celebrated staple of Knockout City’s competitive scene since Season 3! Brawlers will compete in fierce Team KO battles in North America or Europe to climb the bracket and battle for our biggest prize pool ever. Ready to battle? Then read on!


Register and play on one of the following dates in your region:

  • Qualifiers: Saturday May 13th (EU), Sunday May 21st (NA)

The top teams per region will advance to the finals! Could your team be one of them? 

All participants in Sunset Showdown Qualifiers will receive the following after Qualifiers conclude:

  • 5,000 Holobux
  • This exclusive, slick-looking Season 9-themed Legendary Player Icon

All Finalist teams will receive the following after Qualifiers conclude:

  • 5,000 additional Holobux per teammate 
  • An amazing, jaw-dropping, top player Season 9-themed Legendary Player Icon!

The Finals!

Midnight Knockout has always served up tough competition and prizes worth fighting for, but for our grand finale, we’re pulling out all the stops, because the high-rankers in both Qualifiers AND Finals will be walking away with CASH! That’s right, CASH. Top teams per region will get a share of the over-$25,000 pie based on their final ranking!* Here’s a quick per-region breakdown: 

  • 1st: $6,000!!!
  • 2nd: $2,400!!
  • 3rd: $900!
  • 4th: $600
  • 5th-8th: $300
  • 9th-12th: $150
  • 13th-24th: $60

*Prizing split subject to change based on total participants and regions

Just a quick note for bracketing - the top 2 teams in each region that played in Midnight Knockout Season 8 are automatically qualified for participation in Sunset Showdown! Our new bracket structure supports up to six pools per region to determine the full lineup of top 8 teams that will compete in the Finals. Full details can be found on the sign-up page, linked below!

First place in this battle-to-end-all-battles is going to be one heck of a challenge to achieve, but the top brawlers will earn somethin’ extra to commemorate their win for all time: a real-life trophy for their own personal trophy case! Standing 14’’ tall with a sleek stainless steel finish, this award’s a cut above your typical chalice, and an incredible personalized collectible worth fighting for!** All teammates of the first place winners in NA and EU will earn this custom-engraved trophy with their name and team to prove for once and for all that they alone are the toughest brawlers Knockout City has ever seen! 

**Mockup only, final design may be subject to change


Ready to secure your spot? Sign-ups are open today! Head on over to register at the following links:

We’ll be sending all teams registering before April 14th an additional reminder to confirm their teams before the registration deadline of April 28th, so watch the official Knockout City Competitive Discord Server for announcements! 

Assemble your team and get your questions answered at the official Knockout City Discord Server. Got it? Good. Now get training – that trophy’s got your name on it! (if you’re #1, that is!)

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird