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Mutant Mutiny Bubbles to the Surface Tomorrow!

Get Goo'd.

A deep, dark night descends on Knockout City.

While brawlers all over get some well-deserved shut eye, a soft rumble begins somewhere under the streets. 

What starts as a low growl grows quickly into a fever-pitch shriek, as every manhole and sewer grate rockets skyward in a rushing surge of gelatinous, green-gravy goo! Large, shifting shapes crawl out of the underground and into the moonlight. 

Malcolm Magpie’s efforts to keep these bugs under the rug have failed in phenomenal fashion. It’s RISE UP O’Clock, and each of the sludge-covered creatures knows it! Some of ‘em are even calling it . . .


Howdy, brawlers, mutants, and Ninja Turtles! I’m Grace, your friendly local social media manager. I’m here to act as your tour guide for the upcoming 7th Season of Knockout City. We’ve got a lot of brand new bells and whistles to cover before Mutant Mutiny launches on August 30th (ONE. MORE. SLEEP. *screams for joy internally*), so let’s not dilly dally and dive right into the deets!

Season 7: What's New?

Slimey, grimey, green goo has drenched every inch of Season 7’s new map, Sludge Works! 

The Sludge Works giant pipe system will pump out goopy sludge from time to time. Traversing over the sludge is no worry. And, as the sludge rises, you’ll be able to reach new vantage points on the map to brawl from. But watch out: an alert will sound off everytime the sludge is about to be drained. As the sludge slides down, so will you!

Sludge Works isn’t the only addition to Knockout City this Season! Brawlers everywhere can expect brand new . . .

  • Original KO City Characters
  • Hidden Chonky Locations
  • Deep Space Dispatches
  • Private Match Customization

. . . and sOoOo much more!

Fellow Knockout City dev Dex wrote a mutated-marvel of a blog about all the Season 7 newness. I highly recommend you give it a glimpse for more Mutant Mutiny 411!

Crew Contract Rewards

It’s too good to be GOO! These Crew Contract Rewards are poppin’. Prove that you’re ready to join the sewer-brawler rebellion by completing Crew Contracts for Week 1 and Week 2 of Season 7!

Week 1 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Uncommon Crew Vehicle, “Beat-Up Pickup!”
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a Crew XP Boost!

Week 2 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Uncommon Crew Horn, “Ain’t Got All Day!”
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a Crew XP Boost!

Bundles for TMNT, Goober, and More!

Don’t be shy! Why not come outta your shell? Knockout City has teamed up with the iconic mean, green, fightin’ machines to bring you the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bundle! For $19.99 (less than the price of a sewer pizza party!), transform into Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo and get brawlin’! 

  • Legendary Outfit: Leonardo
  • Legendary Outfit: Donatello
  • Legendary Outfit: Raphael
  • Legendary Outfit: Michelangelo 
  • Legendary Intro Pose: Born Leader 
  • Legendary Intro Pose: Does Machines
  • Legendary Intro Pose: Cool but Rude
  • Legendary Intro Pose: Party Dude

Give up for Goober! 3000 Holobux. The new Goober Bundle 

  • Legendary Outfit: Goober 
  • Legendary Gloves: Goober Gloves
  • Legendary Face: Goober Head
  • Legendary Intro Pose: Secret Sauce
  • Legendary Defeat Pose: Hard To Digest
  • Legendary Crew Vehicle: Jelly Jalopy
  • Epic Crew Banner: Goo-ed Times Roll
  • Rare Crew Logo: Booger Buddy

Coming in at only 1200 Holobux: a Bundle that comes with Hideout customization. It’s the S7 Fundle Bundle! From the new Hideout-exclusive Beach Ball to 3 groovy Jukebox Tracks, you’ll soon be the envy of every HOA* member on your block (*Hideout Owners Association)!

  • Epic Hideout Ball: Beach Ball
  • Epic Jukebox Track: Into the Neon Light
  • Epic Jukebox Track: My Right 2 Fight
  • Epic Jukebox Track: What Doesn’t KO You Makes You Stranger
  • 5 Style Chips
  • Energy Drink 6-Pack: Strawberry Snapback

But wait: the Bundles don’t stop there! Let’s talk Bonus Bundles . . .

For Week 1 of Season 7, the Ball Bot Bundle is yours to catch! For 2700 Holobux, you can don the digs of a super cool dude: the Ball Bot! 

  • Legendary Outfit: Ball Bot
  • Legendary Face: Ball Bot Head
  • Legendary Gloves: Ball Bot Hands
  • Legendary Glasses: Holoball Band

Harness the earth-quaking power of the Armazillo, FREE, during the first week of Season 7!

From 9/1/22 until 9/8/22 only, gamers who launch Knockout City via the Epic Games Store will unlock all 6 exclusive Armazillo Bundle items:

  • Legendary Outfit: Kaiju Terror
  • Legendary Face: Armazillo Mask
  • Legendary Gloves: Kaiju Claws
  • Legendary Defeat Pose: Kaiju Terror
  • Legendary Player Icon: Armazillo
  • Uncommon Crew Logo: Nuclear Fallout

Week 2 of Season 7 brings an out-of-this-world bonus: the Close Encounter Bundle! Talk about mutated – these cosmic creatures make space exploration more than a little strange. Prepare for an alien takeover with these galactic goodies, goin’ for 2100 Holobux:

  • Legendary Hairstyle: Mind Binder
  • Legendary Voice: Alien
  • Epic Crew Vehicle: Unidentified Flying Object
  • Legendary Crew Banner: Alien Intruder
  • Epic Player Icon: Eye of the Alien

Upcoming Playlists

Our first event of Season 7 comes with a whole slew of sludge-y surprises, including a brand new Playlist: Sludge Works Showdown! Win or lose, you’ll be covered in OOZE. Check out the Playlist Schedules for the first and second weeks of Season 7 to prepare for the Dodgebrawling to come . . .

Community Hub

There’s so much in store for Season 7, both in game and online! Let’s check out what the brawling community has been up to on social media, shall we?


After the Knockout City Season 7 Teaser aired, there was a frenzy in our Discord’s fanart channel! Some artistically-inclined brawlers shared fanart pieces based on what they thought mysteriously silhouetted characters from the Teaser might actually look like. The results were incredible!

Our first featured artist is Crado. Since learning the name of the character they artistically captured, Crado has titled this piece: “Imagined Goober Fan Art from the Season 7 Teaser”.

“Hey, I'm crado, passionate about knockout city, I decided to make this fan art with LOVE! my player ID is: crado. Add me and let's play together!"

How uncannily close is this imagining of our new Knockout City citizen, Goober?? From the colors to the bubbles, Crado really did an amazing job.

Love this piece? Let Crado know! They can be found in the official Knockout City Discord server, often in the fanart channel.

Our second featured artist went to work on their interpretation as to what Ratfink’s true appearance must look like. Though the Season 7 Teaser didn’t offer many hints beyond a dimly lit silhouette, artist SY was able to create such a wonderful piece!

Now titled “Ratfink Fanart”, this piece is a bold imagining of a rat-human-mutant that shares the actual Ratfink’s same pompadour hairdo and sewer-chic tank top. And did you catch the dodgeball-inspired pattern background?

What a Knockout-Out of a piece, SY! Hopefully there’s even more stellar Ratfink fanart yet to come from SY and others!

A character that did not make an appearance in the Season 7 Teaser (but who is ALWAYS on the minds of lore-loving brawlers) was Commissioner Chase.

Commissioner Chase…now there’s a mysterious character! Her enigmatic presence is perfectly pinned down in this dark-and-stormy fanart piece, titled "I Am The Law", by SadCactus7. Commissioner Chase’s facial expression and the beautiful use of pink and blue light paint an intriguing picture (pardon the pun!).

Well done, SadCactus7! Beautiful work.

Our fourth and final featured artist is lena, whose piece, “Frogout City Part 2!” totally brightened my day when I first saw it. I mean, who doesn’t love adorable little frogis bouncin’ all over the place??

“This is Season 2 of an actually quite known comic series in the KOC Discord, I think it is quite beloved and so I brought it back with now some little lovely shading and set release times. I think you‘ll love it, check the fanart channel in the KOC Discord for the little guys and catch up on Season 1. :))”

You heard it here first, brawlers! Lena is sharing this comic with us in the official Knockout City Discord server. Pop on by to say hi and keep up to date with Frogout City (which honestly deserves it’s own deep-lore merch).

DJ's Video Pick of the Week

And now, a word from our DJ:

We had some serious sewer sleuths sniffing ‘round for the truth this past week. One of those dynamite detectives was X2DA: a brawler and Knockout City Creator Crew member. X2DA shared this vid back when the world was waitin’ for more clues to be uncovered about Season 7. Watch to see how close X2DA’s predictions came to our goo-covered reveal on August 25th! 

The Grand Finale!

Only one more day before Knockout City Season 7 goes LIVE!

While you wait for Mutant Mutiny to ooze out of the sewers tomorrow, check out Knockout City’s social media! You can find KO City on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Meet new brawlers, see awesome content, and stay up to date with every piece of news coming down the pipeline by following us on socials. For merch and more, check out this link

The marauding mutants are ready to rise up and begin the rebellion! Will you join ‘em, brawler??

Oh, and one more thing:

Grace Vaughan
Associate Social Media Manager

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