It's a Boomerang Barrage in the City of Tomorrow!

Launch event and new Playlist available June 1st!

Countdown to Release Day!

Don’t you just love the last few days before the hottest new techy gadget hits the stores? The reviews, the early impressions, the unboxing videos… the hype’s so electric, it could power the Holowood Drive-in for weeks! I guess what I’m tryin’ to say is, brawlers everywhere are pumped to get their gloves on the revolutionary Boomerang Ball from Perennial Labs. Won’t be long, though! When the Super-Science Symposium opens its doors, Boomerang Balls will be popping up in dodgebrawl battles everywhere in Knockout City.

Lemme walk you through what to expect at the Symposium (or “S3” for those in the know) in the City of Tomorrow launch event, kicking off June 1st. Oh yeah, if you want a refresher on all the major updates that the City of Tomorrow season is bringing, then check out the announcement blog!

Boomerang Barrage Playlist

Good thing Perennial didn’t skimp on the supply, because we’ve got enough Boomerang Balls to make a whole Playlist around them! Play a match of the new Boomerang Barrage Playlist, and you’re gonna get a guaranteed battle with a Boomerang Ball – no preorders or shipping necessary.

You’ll be playing Team KO rules against your fellow brawlers with four possible loadout options: Boomerang Ball, Party Boomerang Ball, Any Ball, and Party Any Ball. All four of these options have a chance to put a Boomerang Ball in play! Try them against Basic Balls, or test-throw them against every other Special Ball out there. Just remember the golden rule: when you throw a Boomerang Ball, it’s gonna come back!


Ten contracts are here to celebrate the opening days of the Super-Science Symposium! You’ll earn XP for investigating everything the City of Tomorrow has to offer.

There are some smart-lookin' prizes for contract completion, but this time around, you don’t have to be a perfectionist! Complete any four City of Tomorrow Contracts to take the new Legendary Player Icon Boomerang Ball for a spin. Finishing any eight of these Contracts will grant you clearance to use the Boomerang Ball Legendary Crew Banner! Study up - this’ll be on the test! Hah, kidding.

Brawl Pass

Science! Ain’t it great? Not only is it powering our flying cars and city infrastructure, but it’s also souping up the way we dodgebrawl with some techy new toys to play with. Ya know what’s really genius, though? That you can earn them just by playing!

The brand-new Brawl Pass is packed with Holobux, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, and the most mind-blowing customizations imaginable straight from the S3 show floor. The Free Edition of the Brawl Pass will include several prizes as you level it up with XP and completed Contracts. It will also give you the full scoop on the happenings at the Symposium with a new series of Deep Space Dispatches!

950 Holobux will unlock the Premium Edition at any time in your Brawl Pass progression, scoring you the chance to unlock all 100 items from the Pass. A fully maxed pass will earn you a ticket to ride the Mecha Brawler Legendary Outfit – a revolution in brawling as we know it! If you can ball yourself up into this sleek exoskeleton and control the action from inside the cockpit, why walk anywhere anymore? Legs are overrated!


Ahh, yes, we’ve got some new guests among us! It’s the crewmates of… well, Among Us! They say they’re part of a Crew, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen dodgebrawlers dressed like that ‘round these parts…There are four Among Us themed items to unlock in the Brawl Pass, and they’re allavailable in the Free Edition!

  • Level 3’s Emergency Meeting Legendary Taunt will let your “notify” your own crewmates when there’s somethin’ sus!
  • At Level 13, the In Electrical! Legendary Defeat Pose will show your brawler getting KOed by an impostor! Where’d that vent come from, anyway?
  • Reach Level 23, and you can remind yourself to do …something with the Note 2 Self Legendary Glasses.
  • And finally, Level 33 will score you a lil’ head mounted companion with the Mini Crewmate Legendary Hairstyle. Hey, they’re kinda cute when they’re not KOing each other in cold blood!

Just watch your six…unless you want a surprise dodgeball in the back!

Dex's Tech Tips: Basics of the Boomerang

If you love Overcharge, then the Boomerang Ball is gonna be a total game-changer for you! There’s a lot of slick tricks to the new ball, and I’m here to dish out all the declassified info you can handle:

  • Return to Thrower! Hit a surface – or an opponent – with the Boomerang Ball, and its fins will deploy, whistling as the ball flies back! You’ll notice a cyan-colored Warning Border when a “friendly” boomerang is returning to you, letting you know when to catch – but it’ll be a little slower coming back than when you threw it.
  • That’s What I Call a Track Ball! The returning ball’s trajectory matches your throw, so if it’s a Curve or Lob, the Boomerang Ball will return as a Curve or Lob. It’ll track your position with homing just like a thrown ball, but if you dodge or use a bounce pad, it’ll break off the homing lock.
  • First Tier’s Free! Passing a Boomerang Ball into a surface will return it with a single tier of Overcharge, as if a teammate had passed to you. Perfect Catching a non-Overcharged Boomerang Ball on its return trip will also give you a Tier 1 Overcharge. It’s a quick and easy way to charge up!
  • Bonked By My Own Boomerang! If you mess up your return catch, the Boomerang Ball won’t hurt! It’ll knock you back and send the Boomerang back in the direction it came from. Better luck next time!
  • Overwhelming Overcharge! At high tiers of Overcharge, the Boomerang ball will maintain its Overcharge if you Perfect Catch after scoring a hit! If you’re able to keep the pace, you can repeatedly attack with a supercharged Boomerang Ball, but watch out – any opponent who catches the juiced-up ball can use that Overcharge against you!
  • Time Your Counterattack! Is the enemy team pelting your team with Boomerang Balls? Watch their boomerang’s return trajectory, then try to time your own ball throw just before it returns to them. They’ll have to make a choice: catch the boomerang and risk getting hit, or dodge out of the way and disrupt their assault!
  • Let’s Experiment! The Hideout has a Boomerang Ball for you to practice with! Use the Training Dummy to practice passing, throwing, and catching returned boomerangs. Not sure if you like it? Just give it a throw… I know you’ll come around to it!

Throw Down with the Boomerang Ball on June 1st

The City of Tomorrow is only a few days away! Better book your rides, because Knockout City becomes Free To Play and the city’s gonna see a whole lotta traffic. Just imagine: the Super-Science Symposium is gonna be the warm welcome to many new KO Citizens! Better brace yourself for the Boomerang Barrage – it’s all happening on June 1st.

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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