Go Wild with Water Balloons in Heatwave 2022!

Get your fill starting August 2nd

You heard the news, right? The Ice Pop supply in Knockout City just had a total meltdown... literally! Someone forgot to shut the freezer door at the factory. Ugh, why wouldn't they just make those self-sealing? Now, no joke, every Ice Pop's been reduced to a sugary puddle of slime! My birthday’s next week, and I don’t want my Crew to miss out on refreshments! We gotta come up with a plan.  

…Hey, waitaminute. Party balloons… refreshments...refreshing... water… THAT’S IT!

Water Balloon Fight Makes a Splash!

Okay, all set. We’ve filled every balloon I can find. Time to unleash some liquid mayhem! I'll figure out the party food thing later... this is way more fun.  

Ready to play? Word is, the Water Balloon Fight Playlist pits two teams of three brawlers against each other in a race to score 50 points. That’s right, there’s no third team sabotaging your plans here: just you and two buddies against one other team! Water Balloons are everywhere to grab and throw, and you can stack up to six of these Special Balls in your supply at a time. Each hit earns you a point and deals a half-heart of damage, and every KO nets you two points! Guess they’re a bit squishier than a regular dodgeball to the face.

Pass a balloon to me and it’ll add to the stack! Keep ‘em coming my way, and I’ll be charged up for every throw. Watch out for the bounce, though! If two balloons hit each other in the air, they’ll both flop to the ground. It’s a good chance to swoop in and add them to your stash!

Cool Down With Contracts!

Sun’s out, Contracts out! Let’s try to top those other brawlers who think they can beat us at our own game. Beat the challenge of each Heatwave contract to soak up some XP.

Four contracts complete earn you a frosty treat with the Legendary Player Icon, Ice Creamed. Guess the ice cream’s made of tougher stuff than those Ice Pops, or I’d just have a melty-looking mess where my Player Icon would be, huh? 

Clear eight contracts, and you’ll be able to kick back and relax with the Epic Taunt, Catching Rays. Summer’s in full swing, but I still got time to work on my tan! 

Sunny Savings At The Heatwave Shop!

What’s cooler than being cooled down by Water Balloons? Some ice cold fashion, that’s what! Well, what’s really cool is that all our new brawler friends are gonna get a chance to pick up classic Heatwave styles at the Heatwave Shop. There’s so much here, I’m not gonna sweat the details. They’re all here for Holobux! You’ve got so many options, you’re sure to find a summer setup that’s right up your alley.

It’s water warfare out there, so I'd recommend coming prepared. Suit up with the Summer Heat Bundle, putting together some fun-in-the-sun favorites at a discount for the first time ever. Four Legendary items for 2400 Holobux is hard to beat, and they’re only here during Heatwave. Wanna sip Boba Cola on demand while keeping Water Balloon blasts out of your eyes? The Summer Heat Bundle’s got you covered for every contingency, equipping you with the following gear:

  • Legendary Outfit: Water Balloon Warrior
  • Legendary Hairstyle: Bubble Dome
  • Legendary Glasses: Windshield Wipe-Out
  • Legendary Gloves: Water Gunned

Dex’s Tech Tips: Water Balloon Fight

Better try these super soaking tips to up your Water Balloon game, or you’ll be all wet!

  • Summer Strategy! It’s a 3v3 matchup in Water Balloon Fight. Use good positioning and timing with your teammates to hold the line and score points as a crew, because the last thing you want is to get surrounded when there’s this many projectiles in play.
  • Found the Rebound! Colliding balloons drop to the ground, but still burst if they are thrown at a hard surface or hit an opponent. If you’re gutsy, try timing a throw just before a balloon hits you - they’ll both rebound nearby, giving you two for the price of one to add to your ammo.
  • Hydro Help! Charging a Water Balloon gives your next balloon the same level of Charge, but one way to REALLY heat things up is to pass a Water Balloon to a teammate. Overcharge only affects the initial balloon thrown, so if you coordinate your passes to reach your teammate just before they throw, you can keep them supplied with a constant stream of overcharged balloons.
  • Can’t Catch These Rays! It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there’s a tidal wave of Water Balloons flying in your direction. While catching helps add to your stash of balloons, using your Dodge may be the better play to avoid multiple balloons at once until you get reinforcements.
  • Who Needs Water? (You Do)! Player Balls and Ultimate Throws will net you two points for each KO! Might not be a bad idea to change up tactics and score a quick KO if you need to get some breathing room. However, you’re going to get far more points by landing hits with Water Balloons due to their half-heart damage allowing for more hits before a KO.

Water You Waiting For?

August 2nd is gonna be party time, so you better get ready! We’re gonna need a whole lot of brawlers pitching in to prep this many Water Balloons before the bash. Wanna lend your fingers to the cause? I’m awful at tying off these little thingies at the end. I’ll let you have the first batch! Deal? Deal!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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