It’s a Team Throwdown for the Crown – Royale Party’s Coming Up Next!

Make it Reign on July 12th

Hey brawlers, whatcha watchin’ these days? Dodge-dramas? Hit-coms? Bonk-umenteries? Me, I’ve been hooked on Royale Party, hosted by the one and only Gus! Best reality series I’ve ever seen, for sure. I mean, where else can you see squads of dodgebrawlers develop relationships, undercut their competition, and thrive in contrived drama in the Danger Zone? I’m binge-watching to get caught up, but guess what – I heard they’re taking casting calls, right now, for new contestants! Hey pal - wanna team up? I think you and I’ve got a shot at gettin’ discovered on this show!

Party Team Royale: Drama in the Danger Zone!

First things first, we gotta practice. Go find a few dodgebrawls to dish out some hits in. I guess brawlers are keeping it trendy by brawlin’ to the same rules they’re using on the show – Party Team Royale!

Team Royale is a completely different beast – instead of playing for KOs, we’re playing for points by surviving against the Danger Zone, a threatening wall that closes in around brawlers and slowly damages anyone caught on the wrong side. No respawns here until one team’s left! Three other teams of two will be pulling out all the stops to score KOs and be the final squad standing, winning a crown worth 50 points. 150 points (or three crowns) wins the match for the both of us.

Oh, right – the host’s making things interesting by adding nothing but Party loadouts (a.k.a. Special Balls only) in every match! You’ll see everything from Party Boomerang Ball to Party Multi Ball. Guess it’s good for views, huh? Did you see the one where one of the Groundbreakers KOed the other one with a Bomb Ball? Clip for the ages, and talk about the DRAMA after that goof-up! I live for that stuff!

Contracts for the Crown!

It’s pretty fitting that we’re brawling to win crowns, because in Royale Party, your top prizes nab you a cool crown of your own! Wanna team up to clear all ten of these Event Contracts? With you helping me out, it’ll be nothin’ but XP gains for the both of us! 

You’ll get to flaunt that royal flair with the Crowning Glory Legendary Player Icon for finishing four Event Contracts. And if you want to dethrone the Rad Royals…Well, we gotta clear eight Event Contracts. We do that, and we’re the champs – with our own Crowning Moment Legendary Hairstyle! Just imagine, you and me, the top dogs, gettin’ mega famous as the coolest crowned brawlers in town… heh, I don’t need to dream it, we can do it! 

Second Chance Shop!

But hey, uh, I don’t wanna get noticed and make the news feeds wearing my dumpy ol’ brawling threads. Think you’d be cool if we got some wardrobe refreshes? I know a place, and they’re even sponsoring the Party Royale themselves with a cut of sales goin’ to brawlers in need! 

Check out the Second Chance Shop tab for a massive back catalog of great Outfits, Poses, Faces, Gliders, Gloves, KO Effects… pretty much anything you can think of, they’ve got some! And they’re all on SALE! All sorts of classics are there at a discount, so if you’re a new brawler lookin’ to show up in style, it’s a great place to be!

We gotta come up with a theme for our team… How about I go with the Armazillo look with the Kaiju Terror Legendary Outfit, and you roll with the Lazy Sunday Epic Outfit – we’ll call ourselves “The Morning Monsters!” …Uh, yeah, I’ll keep workshopping it.

Dex’s Tech Tips: Party Team Royale

Team Royale with Special Balls only is gonna be one heck of an unpredictable show. Wanna win those crowns? Here’s some tips to help your duo be a royal pain in the backside:

  • Rule together! Without your partner, taking on the other teams is going to be a tough task. Stay within passing range of your partner to supply each other with dodgeballs and respond if your enemies are putting on the pressure.
  • Move over, Rat King! Watch your opponents closely and look for scuffles with distracted dodgebrawlers focusing in on each other. That’s when you can make the rat-tastic play of sneaking up and hitting someone in the back! It may be cheesy, but all’s fair in a Royale – just watch your own back next go-around, because they’ll want revenge!
  • Get down, your majesty! Did you know that you can catch a ball that’s intended for another target? If you’re playing super close to your teammate and you see a hostile dodgeball coming, try to jump in front and make the catch to keep them safe! 
  • Protect the pit! Did your teammate get caged by a Cage Ball or caught in a Player Ball attack gone wrong? Try inserting yourself between your opponent and the hazard they’re aiming for – you might force them to throw your teammate at you, setting you up to make a gallant save!
  • Special subjects! With Party loadouts, you’ll need to strategize for every Special Ball setup and play to their strengths. And if all else fails, you’ve got Player Ball techniques to dish out the pain!

Majesty and More on July 12th!

Uh, can you keep a secret? I gotta admit, I’m a little nervous that so many people will be watchin’ me brawl… But y’know what? I’m feeling good about our chances! I think those crowns are as good as ours, but we’ve only got until July 26th to make the cut. Alright, all set – time to audition, pal! Let’s break a leg…or at least bonk some noggins!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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