New! Improved! Creator Crew Requirements and Rewards!

Introducing: A Tiered Rewards System for All Knockout City Creators!

Since we launched the Creator Crew back in Season 2, we’ve had a ton of applications from incredibly passionate players who want to share their love of Knockout City with their friends and communities, which they’ve worked hard to build. We’re pleased to announce that we’re finally ready to unveil the next phase of the Creator Crew, one that will allow us to welcome in and support more members, sharing the love of Knockout City. In fact, starting today, we’re going to be sending out a welcome email to about 40 new Creators who have been waiting patiently (or rioting, as it were) to join! So, without further ado, I give you: the new, the improved Creator Crew tiers!

What We’re Looking For

Our goal with the Knockout City Creator Crew is to highlight as many individual creators as possible, while giving the Knockout City community plenty of options when it comes to gameplay streams, videos, and other content.

We take great care to build a Creator Crew full of thoughtful members with welcoming communities. This doesn’t mean you need to be all sunshine and rainbows every moment, but it does mean that you need to follow our Code of Conduct at the bottom of this post, and you must enforce moderation against toxicity, bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia,unsportsmanlike conduct, and other things in this area. TL;DR: Don’t be a jerk.

Sound good? Let’s proceed!

How do I become a Creator Crew member?

Step 1: Submit an application

Step 2: Watch for your acceptance letter via email. Our team is small, so you might not get an immediate response, but we’ll do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. Your acceptance letter will include instructions on how to proceed, which tier you’ve been accepted to, the perks that come with it, and your first batch of rewards!

Step 3: Tell your community! Have a party!

What happens when I’m a Creator Crew member?

Every Season, we’ll review CC member stats; this includes how often you streamed Knockout City (or how many videos you made) and how many viewers you had on average. We’ll also evaluate any feedback or other insights from other KO City players about your community. We want to uplift those that are the most active and taking advantage of their Creator Crew status! What that means is you don’t need to have the biggest or the loudest community, go pro, or sell out. We love small to midsize streamers as much as we love the pros.

At the start of every Season, we’ll issue a new batch of Season rewards that will keep you looking sharp, and maybe even offer some unique rewards to your communities. We’ll also let you know if you’ve made it to the next tier and qualified for even more rewards!

Wait, what’s that about tiers?

Introducing the Creator Crew tiers, which offer increasing rewards as you “Level Up.” See below for details!

Rare Tier

You’ve created some Knockout City content or streams and you’re on your way to building a community!

  • Twitch Drops enabled on your channel so viewers can earn Holobux, Style Chips, Energy Drinks, and other rewards when you stream
  • Unique role in Discord, with private chat and voice channels only for Creators (and Velan!)
  • Featured in our Creator Crew list on Twitter
  • Exclusive Creator Crew asset pack containing overlays and graphics for your stream
  • An exclusive in-game Creator Crew Player Icon
  • 2500 Holobux every Season
  • [Redacted] in the [redacted] (coming soon!)

Epic Tier

You’re a regular Knockout City creator, and you’ve got a community that knows your name and wants to support you. You’re in it to win it, baby!

  • You’re eligible to receive retweets on Twitter when you go live 
  • Eligible for post-stream raids when we stream on the official Knockout City channel on Thursday evenings
  • Opportunity to host your stream or event from the Knockout City channel on Twitch
  • An exclusive Creator Crew t-shirt
  • 5000 Holobux at the start of every Season
  • Another surprise coming soon!

Requirements for Epic Tier:

  • 25 average viewers
  • 100 hours of streaming or more

Legendary Tier

Your streams are truly legendary. Everyone gets excited when they see your name in the match lobby, excited to play against you in front of your community. You’ve got a bit of a brand of your own, thankyouverymuch. You’ll receive everything in the Epic Tier, plus:

  • Exclusive in-game content: Want to take your brawler to the next level? Let’s get you your very own back-of-jacket Crew Logo that you can share with your community!
  • Custom Creator Crew Merch - Get your name and Crew Logo printed on a custom Knockout City Crew Hoodie
  • Potential opportunities for advanced game content (early looks at new game modes!)
  • A featured interview in the Knockout City Chronicle - with photos or video
  • 10,000 Holobux! Even Malcolm Magpie is gonna be a bit jealous.
  • Another surprise, coming soon!

Changes to the application process for Legendary Tier are coming soon. Stay tuned!


Q: I previously submitted an application, and I was not approved. Should I reapply?

A: If you haven’t been approved yet, we recommend you reapply once a Season. Most applicants are denied for the following reasons:

  1. They haven’t created any KO City content previously
  2. They have toxic communities or promote behavior that is not in line with our values

Occasionally, we are unable to approve members because we are full. If that is the case, we will close applications, and ask all pending members to please have patience.

Q: I host an 18+ stream, and I swear and get a little punchy sometimes, but it’s a good community with good people. Can I still apply?

A: We’re not going to monitor every naughty word you say (we let a foul word slip from time to time too!), but we do ask that you keep your content in line with our Code of Conduct. If you don’t think you can act within the code, you might want to reassess before you apply.

Q: How old do I have to be to apply?

A: You must be 13 years of age or older.

Q: I have another question that wasn’t answered here!

A: Inquire in our official Discord to ask your question!


  • Follow EA Terms of Service (link:
  • Be cool. Respect other players, community members, and each other. We have no tolerance for any type of sexism, ableism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, harassment, doxxing, discrimination, bullying, or otherwise uncool behavior
  • No botting, hacking, or other exploits of the game
  • No leaking anything that may not have been announced by Velan or EA about Knockout City
  • No buying or selling accounts
  • No account sharing or password sharing
  • No win-trading, MMR boosting, or any other kind of boosting behavior
  • No stream-sniping or using other information to give you a competitive advantage on opponents
  • Don’t use your status as a KO City Creator Crew member to attack or threaten others, including encouraging your audience to do the same
  • You must disclose that you are a member of the Knockout City Creator Crew, via #Ad, #Sponsored, #KOCityPartner, #KOCityCreator or similar hashtag on all Knockout City related streams or VODs
  • Your Knockout City account must remain in good standing and not be banned for inappropriate, unsportsmanlike, or other punishable behavior
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