Knockout City, Today and Tomorrow

Catch where to find Knockout City after sunset in one final blogpost

Well, here we are. We’ve said our thanks, we’ve dished out our KOs, and after two years of unforgettable dodgebrawl action, the live servers of Knockout City have gone off the air. But the city’s never far away, so why not pop by for a visit? Enjoy your favorite Knockout City moments of the past, and create some new memories for you and your Crew! We’re gonna recap all the ways you can enjoy Knockout City post-sunset here in this final blogpost. 

…But first, let’s step back and see just how big this city really is! Time for a moon’s eye view!

The Final Score!

We’ve flung our last dodgeball in the live servers, so where do we stand? Check out just how many KOs y’all accrued (and so many other fascinating factoids) in our two-year run. Now that’s something to be proud of!

But it doesn’t end there! Whenever you want to keep the fight goin’ with your friends, the next brawl’s just a download away…

Play on Private Servers!

Download the Private Hosted Server Edition of Knockout City for Windows PCs here!

We’ve got your passport right here! Enjoy Knockout City anytime, locally or on private servers, with the Private Hosted Server Edition, free to download for Windows PCs! We’ve previously detailed everything you need to know to get started, including setup instructions and FAQs. 

Looking for a scrap? You can always check the Knockout City Official Discord, or find your way to community-run corners of the city to get your dodgebrawl on. Even if you’re more of a solo act than an ensemble, you can fire up some Private Matches against Bot-controlled opponents anytime you need a fix. 

And if you're fixin' for competitive play, then keep bookmarked! It's an intuitive tool for picking Special Balls and Maps for a match series between you and your friends just like the pros use!

But where does the story go from here? Truth is, there’s always a headliner of a story happening in Knockout City, even when we're not around. Sometimes, it’s just waiting for the right Crew to come along and create it…

Knockout City Rivals!

Download the Knockout City Rivals Rulebook and materials here!

It’s a pen-and-paper block party! Brawl in your own adventures alongside your Crew in Knockout City Rivals!

Download the free ruleset and let your creativity take charge as you form allies, find rivals and flesh out your corner of Knockout City with stories between your brawlers. Collaborate to come up with each brawler’s traits, then act ‘em out in character-driven roleplay scenes guided by your DJ (that stands for "Drama Judge" here!). Everything you do to stay true to your character will earn Bond Points for powered-up moves when a dodgebrawl battle inevitably breaks out, so don’t hold back: ham it up! 

When it’s time to throw down, Roll the dice to score KOs! Cash in Bond Points your Crew earned in the roleplay scenes to give you an edge with dodging and attacking. Make sure you don’t leave your Crew in the dust, though! Their passes, team throws, and other cooperative maneuvers will help keep you conscious and put your rivals in their place!

The stories of Knockout City are as endless as the stars surrounding the lunar base – ready to write your own?

Fan Creator Asset Package!

Download the Fan Creator Hub asset package here!

And while you’re at it, why not jazz up your tabletop RPG setup - or any other fan projects you’ve got in the works - with this revamped creator kit? We’ve expanded this curated collection with some fan-requested additions like Taunt artwork and sound effects! Can’t wait to see what y’all can cook up!

This updated collection includes a number of assets for the community to use in creating Knockout City fan content. The categories are as follows:

  • Backgrounds: images for use in background layers, such as Map settings.
  • Fonts: all major fonts used in the game and its promotional materials.
  • Key Art: images of each seasonal Key Art, including layered and non-layered versions.
  • Logos: the Knockout City and "KO" logos.
  • Sounds: a small set of sound quips from the game.
  • Style Guide: for use in conjunction with Fonts and Logos, giving advice on color choice, logo positioning, and other criteria to keep Knockout City fanworks authentic.
  • Taunt Artwork: a small set of Taunt UI images featuring several popular Taunts from the game.
  • UI Icons: a collection of icons featuring all Special Balls in the game.

Some usage notes: all content included in the Knockout City Fan Creator Hub is intended for use with creative fan works related to Knockout City. All other applications of the contents provided in this content pack must obtain express written approval from Velan Studios, Inc. prior to use.

Pirate Radio Podcast!

Listen to the Pirate Radio Podcast on Spotify! (And anywhere else you get your podcasts!)

If you’re looking for inspiration, then nothing will get you more into the worldbuilding mood than listening to the Deep Space Dispatches. The entire collection of Knockout City audio dramas is now live on podcast platforms everywhere! Relive the laughs, drama, and hopeful chaos of Knockout City anytime you want to hear the DJ, Z3R0, Veritas, Kat Hunter, The Mutants, the Red Hand Crew, Captain Mads, Dougie, and all the rest. Aw, just like old times!

Even better, we’re also planning to post some bonus podcast episodes from time to time, featuring some behind-the-scenes interviews with many of the fine folks who made Knockout City what it is. Bring the Velan dev team to your living room, or your car, or the gym... that's the magic of podcasts, baby!

One More Merch Run For The Road!

Visit the Merch Store here!

Wanna really deliver some Knockout City to your doorstep? Then pick up memorabilia from the Merch Store while supplies last! We’ve got everything from pins to plushies to commemorate your days of dodgeball-chuckin’ and MVP-winnin’. Of course, the greatest gets are these three extra-special items that’ll be shipping soon: 

  • Knockout City Original Game Soundtrack
  • Brick by Brick: The Art of Knockout City
  • Thanks for the KOs T-Shirt

Keep in Touch with Velan Studios!

If you love Knockout City as much as I do, then follow Velan Studios! We’re all about finding the magic in breakthrough gaming experiences, and you can be the first to know what’s coming next! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube will keep you up to speed on everything our studio gets up to. From Hot Wheels Rift Rally to new projects in the future, get to know the team that’s pushing the boundaries of creativity every day.

Dex’s Editor Note

Well brawlers…Wow. We all set out on a journey, as the DJ described it, “to be the best brawler that Knockout City’s ever seen”. While Knockout City lives on in all of us fans, today is still a momentous day, because that original journey is at an end. However far you’ve come on the path, I hope it’s been a trip that you’ll never forget. 

There’s plenty we all at Velan have said about how much we love this world and the community that built it alongside us. But I want to especially thank you, person-reading-this-blogpost, for checking out the Knockout City Blog. Going from dodgebrawl fan to full-time writer for you all has been indescribably amazing, and if my goofy wordplay and gameplay tips were enough to make you smile even once, then that’s all I could ever ask for. Seriously, give yourselves a big hand, because you are why we do what we do at Velan Studios!

The future feels unwritten, right? The only thing that never changes is that everything changes. But hey, if you’re reading this, then I bet you’re just as excited as we are to see where we go from here. 

‘Til then… "catch" you later, Knockout City!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird