Take Center Stage – You’re In The Spotlight!

Your Rise to Superstardom Begins April 26th!

Pull up a seat, brawler, ‘cuz I want to set the stage well for this week’s new event! Lemme see if I can do my best holofilm trailer impression…


A lone brawler holds their ground. Two rivals drop down from above. They chuckle as their gliders whistle in the wind. The lone brawler smirks – they know all eyes are on them, a single point away from victory.  

Suddenly… WHOOSH! BONK! SHUMP! ZAP! One gets KO’d, and the other is tackled into the Danger Zone! The lone brawler wins it all, and the crowd explodes with shouts of joy! The lone brawler shook off the nerves and won it all! It’s one for the brawler history books!

THAT, folks, is what it means to be… In The Spotlight!

Band Together in Team Elimination+!

For our next act, we’d like to introduce a Playlist that you know and love. The original won our hearts with its Season 2 debut, and here it is, in all its Danger Zone dodging glory: the one, the only, Teeeeeeeam Elimination+!

Team Elimination pits two teams of three against each other with an enclosing, damage-dealing Danger Zone! Get KOed, and you are OUT until the point is won! The survivors get a point on the scoreboard and a reset of the battlefield, keeping any damage they’ve racked up! Three points wins the round, and two rounds wins the match! 

Team Elimination+ is a remake that stays faithful to the original, but with a new cast of dodgeball loadouts – you may see standard loadouts, Party loadouts of only special balls, or you might even get a cameo appearance by the Classic loadout  of only basic balls!

Contracts: Your Claim to Fame!

No need to sign on the dotted line – just complete the 10 objectives listed here, and your XP will send that Street Rank to the stars! Complete them all for some showstopping prizes – the Legendary Player Icon Comedy of Errors and the fantastic Legendary Singing KO Taunts are yours to earn. 

Wait, did I just say “Taunts”, as in, more than one? That’s right, friend! Unlocking this prize grants you THREE taunts - With each one, your brawler will sing “KAY-OHHHHHH” in a different pitch! Fun on its own, yeah, but the REAL magic happens when you get your crew together and each equip yourselves with a different Singing KO Taunt. Sing ‘em together in unison, and you’ll be croonin’ like an old-timey barbershop trio! 

If you want to spotlight your teamwork and friendship, ya better warm up those vocal chords – use the Legendary Taunts Singing KO 1, 2, and 3 with your teammates and you’ll be singin’ together in a hilarious harmony! 

Put on a Show For Less Dough with the Spotlight Shop!

Turn those heads whenever you enter the arena with The Spotlight Shop! With Intro, Win, Loss, and MVP Poses all at heavy Holobux discounts, you’ll look great no matter how your next round goes! And if you missed them from past performances, you’ll find some bundle-featured and event-exclusive poses for purchase for the first time – Heatwave, Holo-Ween, and more are guest starring here, and only in the Spotlight Shop! 

Dex’s Tech Tips: Elimination? No Sweat!

It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock at Team Elimination+, so keep your cool, baby! Just follow these tips to fine-tune your teamplay!

  • This Ain’t No Team KO! With limited respawns and the threat of the Danger Zone, you do NOT want to rush in like you would in Team KO! Team Elimination+ is a slower, more strategic way to play – slow it down a bit, stick with your buddies, look for openings, and play to survive!
  • Up to Bat Without a Ball!? When the Danger Zone closes in, the last place you want to be is without a ball in hand! The Zone will focus on a single Ball Spawner, but it’s WAY better to bring your own! Scoop one up from a Ball Spawner early in the battle and save it for when you can really put the pressure on! 
  • Live Dangerously! That Danger Zone is…well, dangerous, but there’s nothing wrong with dipping in if you’re quick about it! Retrieving a ball in the Zone and returning before you take a full heart of damage can really help your team out!
  • Put Your Hearts into It! Any surviving brawler will keep their damage in between points. If you find yourself outmatched, try to score hits on the two-hearters you’re squaring off with – dropping them all to one heart can give your team the edge for a clean sweep in the next showdown! There’s also some risk and reward for winners – do you allow yourself to get KOed in the fight to start the next battle with two fresh hearts? All I can say is you’d better hope your teammates can close it out, or you’ll be giving up an easy point!
  • Learn from the Best! If you find yourself getting KO'd early, use the opportunity to study how other brawlers are playing! There's no better way to learn new techniques and strategies than watching others do something you never thought of!
  • Don’t Get Stage Fright! If you’re all alone, don’t give up! Just picture yourself as the lone brawler and visualize the win! Works for me every time! Well, until I start flappin’…

For Two Weeks Only: Catch It LIVE Starting April 26 

Call up your crew and get up on stage, you’re In The Spotlight until May 10th! Get your game on, get XP, and show them what an all-star you are! The floor is yours – take it away!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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