Heat Vision? Scaly Skin? You Might Be Entitled to Compensation from Magpie Industries!

The Mutant Mutiny Has Only Just Begun! You In, Brawler?

WELP – the beans have been spilled! Or, rather, many gallons of a bizarre substance have been spilled. Magpie’s dirty little secrets are bubbling to the KO City surface. The Mutants are each takin’ Dodgebrawl into their own glowing hands and claws!

I’d say more, but that would be spoiling the Deep Space Dispatches, wouldn’t it?

Mysteries aside…let’s get down to some basic brawl-talk! In this issue of the Knockout City Chronicle, I’ll cover everything a Knockout City citizen needs to know about Week 3 of Season 7. 

Let’s bounce, brawler!

Crew Contract Rewards

Week 3 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Uncommon Mutonium-13 Barrel Crew Logo! 
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock the Legendary Armazillo Lives! Crew Banner!

Brawl Pass

The Mutants have their very own Brawl Pass, filled with unlockable cosmetics and an epic new story to accompany Knockout City’s seventh Season, Mutant Mutiny! 

If you want Outfits that are oozy on the eyes, then don’t change that channel . . .


Roll down the sunroof of your Crew Vehicle and turn the volume WAAAAY up, brawler! Starting September 13th, the Music to My Ears Bundle is BACK like a classic Top 40 hit. For only 2700 Holobux, you’ll be blasting beats with the best of ‘em! Here are the earworm-worthy wonders this Bundle has to offer:

  • Legendary Crew Vehicle: Boombox Buggy
  • Rare Player Icon: Alley Katz Patch
  • Legendary MVP Pose: If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old!
  • Epic Intro Pose: Dropped Tuning
  • Epic Defeat Pose: Rock and Rampage
  • Epic Taunt: Guitar Riff

September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month! Celebrate with some in-game pride: the Hispanic Heritage Month Bundle is FREE and always available in the Brawl Shop! 

The Hispanic Heritage Bundle includes 26 Flag Player Icons, plus the “Talavera” and “Pop of Color” Player Icons.

Check out the #codes-and-free-stuff channel in our Discord to find the codes for every single Hispanic Heritage Month Player Icon!

Upcoming Playlists

You better be ready for a Danger Zone showdown, brawler: the Featured Playlist of Season 7’s third week is Team Royale!

Prepare for every match for this week by checking out the latest Playlist Schedule:

Community Hub

The interwebs are buzzin’ with the work of talented brawlers this Season! Let’s check out the recent hubbub of Knockout City’s online community . . . . 


First up in our featured fanart this week is a fantastic fiery find: “pyro” by atmosphere!

Fanning the flames of glam, atmosphere brought this fashionable brawler to life after being inspired by the Test Subject outfit from the Season 6 Brawl Pass. This piece radiates heat, yet the brawler depicted is so dang COOL?

Sizzlin’ work, atmosphere!

Sometimes, fanart takes physical form – like with Conniichiwah’s KO Bucket Hat!

Made with vinyl, Connichiwah says this piece was inspired by one of the hairstyles available in Knockout City.

Hat’s off to you for the incredible work, Conniichiwah!

Is this Knockout City fanart, or a still from Disney’s latest hit movie?! Artist Juju is making me think brawlers need their own cartoon – and Juju is just the person to make it happen!

In their piece “A New Brawler Has Appeared,” Juju captures the too-cool-for-school expression of a pierced-ear, purple-haired brawler. About this piece, Juju says:

“Thanks to the new season update, we can add 3 more character slots to the game! Therefore creating new "crew members" and that happens to be Beau, the newest member of 'Can U Dig It'?”

Beau deserves his own anime – that’s all I’m sayin’. Animating work, Juju!

Last (but FAR from least!) is “Chapulines MX” by Redondo Art. This colorful explosion of action features a Crew of no-nonsense brawlers, surrounded by their unfortunate – and chaotically KO’d – opponents. Here what Redondo had to say about this powerful piece:

“I used a screenshot taken directly from the game to be as faithful as possible to the fun brawlers in the drawing.”

The outcome is accurate AND epic, Redondo! Can’t wait to see more from you in the Discord’s fanart channel.

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

And now, a word from our DJ:

Brawlers all over Knockout City ended August with a BANG by competing in the EU and US Midnight Knockout Tournaments! Even from my Station on the Moon, I could tell these plays were out-of-this-world. Here’s one of my favorites – a clip of a brawler known far and wide as Noticed – droppin’ in on some unsuspecting opponents. Your name’s the game, Noticed; even from outer space, I couldn’t help but watch that explosion! Dynamite moves, brawler.

The Grand Finale

I’ve got some tough news, brawler. You’ve reached the end of this issue of the Knockout City Chronicle. This means that, unfortunately, the fun stops here. There is nothing more to read about the Knockout City community, no more opportunities to join in on the fun in or out of the game. Close out of this tab and head back home – show’s over!

Just kiddin’ ;)

Join the rest of the Knockout City online community over on the official Knockout City Discord server to meet more brawlers and check out new ways to get involved. PLUS: never miss a moment of 411 by following Knockout City on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. For the Knockout City Merch Store, Soundtrack on Spotify and more, check out this link.

That’s all, brawlers. Until next time . . . avoid that dubious green goo!

Grace Vaughan
Associate Social Media Manager