Super Mutant Sweethearts Collide in Chemical V-Day!

Your Chemical V Romance Starts February 7th!

L – is for the way you lob shot me!

O – is for Overcharge, oh golly gee!

V – is very very… Chemical-y!

E – is for Extra Superpowers — pep to help us brawl for hours!

Love is a brawlentine treat just for you,

Love this free-for-all with four teams of two,

Super Mutant, let’s go play it,

Power Couple, we won’t fake it

Love was made for duo queues!

…Well, I can’t quite match Voxanne on the ‘ol pipes, but I know that you’ll find a perfect match right here in Knockout City! Love it or love it not… it’s time for the mushy, blushy celebration of Chemical V-Day!

Super Mutant: Power Couple Playlist!

Flattery will get you nowhere with me… but flattening some faces together in a dodgebrawl match? Now you have my attention! If you’re searching for the same thing, then you’re gonna be matching perfectly with Super Mutant: Power Couple, the exclusive new Playlist for Chemical V-Day!

Chemical V and Mutonium-13: two oozing, weird-science-y, star-crossed substances came together to create Super Mutant Brawlers during last season's Mutant Mutiny. Their relationship has been going swimmingly since their first mixer in the sewers months ago…so well, in fact, that its far-out fallout is flaring up into twice as many Super Mutants per match! But not every brawler’s thrilled about this lovey-dovey stuff… and they’re taking to the streets in epic dodgebrawl battles. Is love real? Or is it as fleeting and insubstantial as a hologram? Lay it all on the line and let passion decide!

It’s four teams of two brawlers in a battle for points-on-hit with a Super Mutant twist. Every team will take a turn as a pair of Super Mutants, with a massive power buff of three hearts and six Superpowers to help you go on a romantic rampage. When your rivals are on the prowl as Super Mutants, shelter your partner from their wrath as your team battles to be the highest scorer – and don’t forget about those bonus points for KOing a Super Mutant brawler! The top scoring team proves the power of their relationship… and love always wins!

Forget-me-not about These Lovely Contracts!

Relationships take work, brawler, which is why you’re going to have to prove yourself through Lovely Contracts to make off with mounds of Candy Hearts. These sweet somethings are as good as gold in the Sweetheart Shop… but let’s not rush things! After all, there’s some sweet thank-you gifts for clearing your share of Lovely Contracts. 

Ask the world, will you “Be My Brawlentine”? Hopefully the answer’s a resounding YES, and you can seal the deal with a Rare Brag earned by clearing any 5 contracts. Share the love with your Crew with the Legendary Crew Banner “Change Of Heart” for 10 contracts completed, showing passionate pink and toxic green hearts putting aside their differences and getting along. Adorbs.

Sweet Treats in the Sweetheart Shop!

I may be awful with KO IDs, but I’ll never forget the Faces I found at the Sweetheart Shop! Eight Faces and two Hairstyles are the high hallmarks of Chemical V-Day’s limited-time shop, so cash in your Candy Hearts to your heart’s content… Don’t stop until you have them all!

Both the “I Love Love” and the “Love’s For Fools” crowds have got some great options to fan the flames of their respective camps. Are you too programmed to think clearly, like the Legendary Face “Crush Test Dummy”? Or are you filtering out the flirty atmosphere with the Legendary Face “Love Is In The Air”? Wherever your love allegiances lie, you’re bound to find a new favorite.

If you believe music soothes the savage soul, then the Sweetheart Shop’s music selection is going to put you in a trance! On sale for 40 Candy Hearts each, several special Jukebox Tracks will set the mood from milquetoast to mushy in no time flat. Enjoy a swoonworthy three-song set when the mutant jazz mogul Goober croons his classics! There’s two versions of each Goober jazz number to collect, so show that smooth operator your support. He’s even on Spotify! Man, that Goober’s goin’ places!

Speaking of smooth, that reclusive Chonky is a sweet little guy under that tough shell… and the Legendary “Picnic for Two” Victory Pose will land you a first date with Knockout City’s most eligible bachelor! This armadillo’s got high standards, but a picnic in the park sounds like the perfect start to a budding relationship with everyone’s favorite little buddy. Aww, such a charmer!

Take Heart (or Break Hearts) with the Heartbreaker Bundle!

Whether you follow your heart or renounce the romance, the Heartbreaker Bundle will set you up with a perfect pairing of equipment to express yourself.  Use your Style Chips to show your true feelings… the dark and broody greens of a broken heart, or the light and bubbly pinks of sky-high hopes! Available only during Chemical V-Day for 2400 Holobux, the Heartbreaker Bundle’s got lots to love:

  • Rare Outfit: Heartbreaker
  • Legendary Face: Fool For Love
  • Rare Gloves: Lovely Gloves
  • Rare Glider: Love 'em And Leave 'em
  • Legendary Brag: Cutest Brawler
  • Legendary Player Icon: Love Rules

Dex’s Tech Tips: Chemical V-Day

Need a leg up on your lovely competitors in Super Mutant: Power Couple? These tips won’t leave you broken-hearted… or broken-nosed.

  • Use Passes for quick points! Passes and Pass Reflects will give the both of you Overcharge, letting you overwhelm foes in close quarters with rapid hits and follow-ups. Player Balls will score points quickly due to their big damage, but try not to lose your partner in the chaos!
  • Even if you’re outnumbered, hang in there! Try being a wallflower and take some sneaky shots to score some points unnoticed. Every hit counts for your score!
  • Super Mutant couples are terrifyingly powerful, but more manageable when you’re out of range of their Super Strength tackles, so keep your distance! Try to “work with” your opponents to score hits on the Super Mutants, but make sure your team’s the one that secures the last hit for bonus points!
  • When your pair’s up to bat as the Super Mutants, try experimenting with your powers! Send your partner up with Ballform Bounce while you hold opponents in place with Super Strength. Try Super Charge-Up with close-range straight shots for easy points, and use Super Healing Powers to keep your rampage going.

It’s love at first fight on February 7th!

V-Day is a battlefield, and the Super Mutants can’t contain their emotions! Whether you’re brawling with your best pals or your plus one, you won’t be waiting much longer to show them a night on the town – Chemical V-Day’s gushing your way, and it’ll take until February 21st to bottle those feelings back up. ’Til then, hit ’em with your whole heart!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird