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Midnight Madness Returns Under The Cover Of Night!

Make Off With Double the XP All Week Starting February 21st!

After some grand displays of world-class thievery, we’ve almost reached the endgame. The valuables have been looted, the snow has melted, the Foot Clan has come and gone. We’ve shown the world our incorrigible chemistry as a brawlin’ duo. The jig’s almost up, and yet… there’s something we’re forgetting…

…Ohhhhh, That’s it! We’ve been so fixated on the “Heist” we totally forgot about the “High Society” part! We gotta deliver on the posh party front, and I’ve got just the thing… Got your ticket to the Midnight Madness celebration? You’re cordially invited… to steal the show!

Double Match XP Spree!

That’s right! Put on those dance shoes and get to toe-tappin’, because the band’s gonna strike up a favorite tune at this little gala we’re having, and that bonus XP is going to be music to your ears! Neon-covered lights drench every corner of Knockout City, and you’ll earn twice as much Match XP in your dodgebrawl matches! Time to group up with your Crew and swipe a win out from under your rivals’ noses – and you’ll be making off with mountains of XP to boot! 

Bag New Midnight Madness Brawl Shop Items!

The best criminals blend in with their surroundings… try not to stick out… do the job then make like a baker and haul buns outta there… and with this awesome Midnight Madness swag from the Brawl Shop, you’ll be kitted up in the camouflage of a moonlit neon sky! There’s five new Legendary Midnight Madness themed items for the buying during Midnight Madness. Check ‘em out! 

The “Phosphorescent” and “Midnight Madness Wins” Brags add a blue-and-magenta border to your brawler’s name in every bout… and the latter will track all of your late-night victories in this and future Midnight Madness events! If you need an alibi, then a party-ready poodle skirt might be just what you need… Go on and mop the floor at the next sock hop with the reimagined classic “Party Poodle” Outfit and matching “Neon Pom-Pom” Gloves. Better watch your Energy Drink intake, or you’re going to go ball-istic on someone with the monstrous “Midnight Kaiju” Taunt. Peek at the Brawl Shop throughout the event and don’t miss out on a chance to party!

Midnight Madness Contracts!

Ready for one last job? Then here’s the intel: five final contracts for the Season are out there, and they’re each worth a whopping 2,000 XP! Think you got the chops to track them all down? 

Bring them all in and you’ll be handsomely rewarded: The Legendary Glider “Midnight Spectrum'' will be yours to fly the star-studded skies with! Oh, and you’d better call up the rest of your Crew, since there’s a doozy of a Weekly Crew Contract reward in it for you: If you’ve been dancing the night away, nothin’ tastes better than a little “Breakfast for Dinner'' in the form of a delicious, chef-approved Crew Banner. 

Featured Playlist!

Well, lookie what we have here… the winner of the Community Pick Playlist Poll, found on Twitter, Reddit and Discord! Glad you got the invite! This week’s all about celebrating the greatest hits of the season, so here’s the party royalty, back for one last week of a community favorite! 

Bank Ball!

Y'all just couldn't keep your mitts off of this tantalizing Playlist! The three-on-three battle for control of the Bank Ball has returned for a full week in Midnight Madness. Night's the perfect cover for a stealth operation, so really, it just makes sense. Have fun, and don't get caught!

Midnight Knockout Finals!

Live entertainment is what takes your party from a simple “get-together” to “glamorous gala,” and have we got a headliner for you!

It’s a fine night for some top-tier brawlin’! See all the top-of-the-line matches as the Finalists of Midnight Knockout compete for a vault of cash prizes, Player Icons, and sweet sweet Holobux. Tune in to Twitch on Saturday February 25th for the EU Finals, and return to the scene of the crime on Sunday February 26th for NA to take center stage in their own Finals. This one’s for all the marbles, folks – Don’t miss it!

Dex’s Tech Tips: Special Ball Expose! 

Hey, buddy. You look like a brawler who could use a hot tip to up your game this midnight. Want ‘em? I’ve got ‘em. Trust me, I know a thing or two about the Special Balls rolling around here. Wanna really knock their socks off at this shindig? Then let me clue you in on some slick tips…

  • Basic Ball: Receiving an Overcharged ball then quickly peeking from behind a wall to throw can surprise your rivals and minimize the heads-up from the Border Warning. It’s a favorite little technique of mine!
  • Moon Ball: You might think you know every back alley and cut-through on your favorite map, but try taking the Moon Ball for a spin. There’s a laundry list of off-stage getaway spots that a Moon Ball can help you access! Put some time into each map with a Moon Ball in hand – you might just find your next great escape route!
  • Sniper Ball: Here’s a nifty trick: Target switching when your Sniper Ball is fully charged will reset your charge to 50%. If your new target wasn’t paying attention, you regaining full charge for a smokin’ hot Charge Shot might be faster than they expect, and you’ll bag a surprise hit if you let it fly immediately at full charge!
  • Multi-Ball: Since you can’t gain Overcharge via passing if you have two or more balls left in your Multi-Ball, here’s another way to make yourself useful... Keep holding the Multi-Ball and act as an anchor for your teammates. They can reflect passes off of you easily for some Overcharge, and you can serve them up a spicy Pass if they need a ball. You’re a real jack-of-all-trades!
  • Bomb Ball: Because your Bomb Ball vaporizes after use, it will immediately respawn at an open Ball Spawner after exploding. If you’re feeling lucky, brawl near an empty Ball Spawner – you just might get to pick up another freshly-spawned Bomb Ball almost immediately after your first one explodes. 
  • Cage Ball: Can’t wait to escape? Hold up and watch the timer, because breaking out of a cage while in an opponent’s hands will briefly stun them! You can use this to your advantage to stun an opponent and have an ally punish them as you make your getaway. Now that’s crafty enough for the Red Hand Crew!
  • Soda Ball: Don’t be too eager to Pass that pop! Remember to only Pass or prep the Soda Ball to throw when you’re within fighting range, or you’ll lose the Soda Ball too early to be effective.
  • Boomerang Ball: Who doesn’t love a sneak attack? If you’ve got some prep time, try to Pass or throw a Boomerang Ball at a far-off wall and keep it in your line-of-sight. When an opponent charges your unarmed brawler, make ‘em regret their reckless decision and smack them with a came-outta-nowhere boomerang!
  • Poison Ball: Put up that smokescreen! Just throw a Poison Ball at your feet, recover and repeat. You’ll cover the area with a line of clouds perfect for zoning your opponents out at minimal risk to yourself. Don't forget to use your Tackles to keep 'em in the green gas!

Coming February 21st!

Spend Midnight Madness with some hoity toity brawlers at the gala to end all galas! High Society Heist ends on February 28th, but there’s a final haul of XP and rewards to get your mitts on, so take what’s yours tonight! The Heist is slipping off into the shadows, and we’re not gonna let this last chance sneak by! Here’s to the high times of High Society Heist! Until next season, Brawlers!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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