Chill out! Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag hits December 20th!

Season’s Beanings one and all, and to all, a good fight!

Hey, you’re here! Come on in, sit by the fire! Enjoy some frosted cookies (baked by yours truly) and shake off that snow. How ‘bout that Red Hand Crew? The Shadow robbing a toy store is pretty low, even by Red Hand Crew standards… Well, there’s one thing the ol’ Red Hand Crew can’t get their sticky fingers on, and that’s our Brawliday spirit, snow or shine. And nothin’ warms up an icy heart like an old-fashioned Snowbrawl Fight. Even with a toy shortage in Knockout City, the brawlers are makin’ their own (reindeer) games to have some fun in the flurries. Here’s how it all happened, told in the feel-good TV-special “How The Shadow Swiped Brawlmas”:

Freeze Tag Tags In!

Y’know what I love about Brawliday music? It’s not just the jolly melodies that get stuck in your head, or how they follow you literally through every radio station and department store… It's the way new artists tackle timeless classics and make the song their own. In a way, that’s what the brawlers have done with Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag. I guess when life gives you snowballs, you toss ‘em at your crosstown rivals and snow them who’s boss.

A winter storm is blowing in! The Danger Zone has trapped two teams of three brawlers in the cold, and only one team is going to walk away without freezer burn. Snowballs deal a half-heart of damage per hit, but you’ll be able to stack up to six frosty projectiles in your jacket and unleash them in an avalanche of punishment. When a brawler’s health hits zero, they’ll be “frozen” in a giant pile of snow! Frozen brawlers can still roll around, but they’ll take a moment to thaw – think of it like Basketbrawl with the thermostat set to sub-zero temperatures. A frozen brawler is easy ice-pickings for a KO! The only way to knock your opponents out is to chill them in the Danger Zone or toss them out of bounds. Teams who weather the storm three times win the round, best two of three to win the match! 

Warm your wig with the Winter Hat Shop!

Get hyped, but don’t get hypothermia – seriously, bundle up before you frolic in the freezing cold, ‘kay? To help you stay cozy and warm, the Winter Hat Shop’s got you covered with headgear and hairstyles that scream “Happy Brawlidays” to everyone you meet! Your stash of Winter Tickets earned for brawling and completing Frozen Contracts during Snowbrawl Fight is a veritable wishlist of winter fashions. 

The Hairstyles are the real highlight here, with many brawler favorites getting a frozen makeover with lots of reds, greens, golds, and icy blues. There’s festive bows, candy-coated hairdos, and cool crowns to collect, so stock up your tickets for the winter – you’ll be glad you did!

There are also some new Brags to discover, as well as some notable Poses shining among the icicles: Get a snowlfie with a freshly-built friend in the Legendary MVP Pose “Snowbuddies” or get left out in the cold with the Epic Defeat Pose “Snow Fun At All.” Brr, that’s cold!

Frozen Contract Freebies!

Why not gift yourself some bonus Winter Tickets for your icy efforts? You’ll find 10 Frozen Contracts to complete in Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag. Gather the crew for a round of caroling and Contracts, and you’ll earn some thawesome bonus gifts! 

Any 5 will give you a “White Elephant” Epic Brag perfect for your next gift exchange. Clear 10, and you’ll lose your head over the Legendary Taunt, “Snow Way, Man!”

Snowbrawler Bundle Is Back Again Today!

The Snowbrawler of seasons past had to hurry on their way, but in true Brawliday miracle fashion, the Snowbrawler Bundle has returned for 2400 Holobux! Sleet’s about to get real when you gear up for a freezing fight with the following:

  • Legendary Outfit “Snowbrawler”
  • Legendary Gloves “Snowbrawler Mittens”
  • Legendary Face “Snowbrawler Head”
  • Legendary KO Effect “Christmas Cracker”

Dex’s Tech Tips: Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag

With that sparkly new Gold Foil Crown, I got everything on my list! Best. Brawliday. Ever. Of course, the season’s more about giving than receiving, so here’s some tips to give the gift of KOs to your snowbrawl adversaries.

  • Brawl like a penguin! Huddling around your teammates isn’t just for keeping warm, it lets you catch for your allies and help them recover quickly if they get frozen by charging them as an Ultimate Throw.
  • Since the Zone is your main method of earning KOs, practice getting up close and personal with some Tackles! Get a read on which Ball Spawner the zone is focused on, then try blocking your opponents as they approach from the Danger Zone. Even if you butt heads, you’ll be stalling them out in the Zone while you’re in it, and it could give you enough of an edge to secure the KO.
  • Player Balls and Ultimate Throws can instantly freeze an opponent! Take some calculated risks, and you’ll plow through with some big plays.
  • Run your typical Team Elimination tactics here, and you’re bound to find some snowy success. Throw a teammate into the air after winning a point and try a surprise ambush from above. 
  • Snowballs are best shared with your teammates through Passing! If you’re loaded, let a friend take the lead and feed them a stream of snowballs to take advantage of the Overcharge.

A Tundra Fun this December 20th!

So while this Brawliday tale is coming to a close, yours is just about to unfold! Bundle up and make some Brawliday memories until Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag melts away on January 3rd. ‘Til then, Seasons Beanings!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird