What's a Brawler's Favorite Kind of Party?

A ball!

New brawlin’ year, new Season, who dis? Let’s kick things off with this special Chronicle introduction by Discord Mod, Gorndt!

"These brawlers look like a bunch of time travelers, because they're in the City of Tomorrow... Today! I'm also seeing a lot of new faces out there, and more than a few returning ones. Looks like it's more than just the Boomerang Ball that's coming back these days. Speaking of Boomerang Balls, let's dive right into what's new today, the first day of Season 6!"

Dang, who knew Gorndt could write like that? Before you know it, he’ll be takin’ my job.

If you’ve missed out on the details of what awaits you in Season 6, here’s a short list of resources where you can learn everything you need to know to be on your game:

Patch Notes will be out shortly, keep your eyes on this site and our Discord #Announcements channel, where they’ll be posted on June 1st!

En Memorium

Get ready to turn heads with this…pulsating?... Bundle. It’s a little weird, a bit frightening, but a whole lot of hotness. Here’s everything it comes with:

  • Legendary Outfit: Dipped: En Memorium
  • Legendary Hairstyle: Spiked Up
  • Legendary Glasses: Eye of the Needle
  • Legendary Glider: Containment Breach
  • Legendary Crew Vehicle: Memorium Muscle Car
  • Legendary Crew Banner: Memorium Molecule
  • Legendary Crew Horn: Shimmering Science

Contain the entire Bundle for just 3000 Holobux, a 57% discount over purchasing items separately!

Crew Contracts

Here are your Crew Contract rewards for Week 1:

  • Complete any 3 Crew Contracts and get: Uncommon Crew Vehicle: Sci-Flyer
  • Complete all 5 Crew Contracts and get: a 5% Crew XP Bonus that lasts the whole season! 

Here are your Crew Contract rewards for Week 2:

  • Complete any 3 Crew Contracts and get: Uncommon Crew Horn: I Got Places to Be!
  • Complete all 5 Crew Contracts and get: a 5% Crew XP Bonus that lasts the whole season!

Don’t forget: Crew XP Bonuses are stackable, so be sure to collect them all by completing each weeks’ Crew Contracts and keeping an eye on the Brawl Shop!

Playlist Rotation

Here is the Daily Playlist rotation for the next two weeks:

Creator Crew Spotlight

Our Creator Crew puts in the hard work of creating memorable content and cozy spaces for the community to hang out. Each Chronicle will feature some of our Creators for you to watch in between matches. Check out our first two featured Creators, Last_Phantom and Jumugama! Head over to check out their streams and shower them in praise and Bits while you’re there!


Remember those scratch and reveal art drawings from the late 80’s? This fanart from Hank in our Discord really captures the nostalgia of those days.

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

Our own developer Carlo’s VO is featured in this stunning moment from Messorem. This is strategy at it’s finest, folks.

Here’s a bonus clip to tie you over for week 2 from Narny. Watch as he lobs the ball and casually jogs over to make sure it landed. I’d say this a bit of showing off, but damn if he don’t make it look good.

That’s Brawl, Folks!

Okay, one last thing before I go. Saving this for last because only the truly dedicated brawlers will read this far into the Chronicle, so consider this a little treat. Our Discord Mod, AngelWind dedicated precious hours of his free time to creating this gem of a sticker featuring four of our Extended Marketing Team members orbiting around Josh’s cranium. Now, he’s bound to get a big head about it, but that’s not going to stop you from posting it in chat a few hundred times.

Lynn Richter
Ethernet Cable Cult Leader

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