What Did Chonky Say to Malcolm Magpie?

Nothing, for Chonky is an armadillo.

Well howdy-hey, brawlers! I’m Grace (she/her) – the Associate Social Media Manager for Knockout City. 

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I’m thrilled to be writing my first ever Knockout City Chronicle for you all – some of whom are just discovering Knockout City. If you’re a Knockout noob: Welcome in! Our community is thrilled to have you. And trust me, you won’t be a newbie for long. 

After all, you’re reading this Chronicle – that’s a Seasoned Player Move™ if ever I saw one. Staying up to date with the Chronicles is the best way to get Knockout City community insight outside of hanging out in our Discord.**

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Okie-doke – that’s enough introductions for now. Let’s get to the 411.

Crew Contract Rewards

Crew Contract Rewards for Week 6:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the EPIC Rarity Level Crew Horn: Ding Dong!
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock the LEGENDARY Rarity Level Crew Logo: Guitar Groupie.


Ever since revealing Season 6, there’s been ONE Bundle everyone’s highly anticipated. I’m thrilled to let ya know that the wait is over: PET PEEVED is now available, for 2400 Holobux! Be you dog, cat, or armadillo person, this is the Bundle for you. 

  • Rare Outfit: Animal Instincts
  • Legendary Hairstyle: Cat Ears
  • Epic Gloves: Kitten Mittens
  • Legendary Crew Logo: Teddy Bear Backpack
  • Legendary KO Effect: Bear Trap
  • Rare Crew Logo: Froggy
  • Rare Player Icon: Unbearable Bear
  • Rare Player Icon: Friendly Frog
  • Rare Player Icon: Delightful Ducky
  • Rare Player Icon: Hedgehog Ball Hog

And don’t forget the show-stopping goodies of the Red Carpet Bundle!

  • Legendary Outfit: Afterparty Dress - Red and Gold
  • Legendary Hairstyle: Red Carpet Rose
  • Legendary MVP Pose: Red Carpet Wrap Up
  • Legendary Crew Vehicle: V.I.P.
  • Legendary Glider: You’re A Star!
  • Epic Taunt: And the Winner is… Me!
  • Rare Crew Logo, Front: Holowood Star

Upcoming Playlists

The name of the game (mode) is KO Chaos! Here’s the full Season 6 Week 6 Playlist Schedule:


Ah, what a lovely day! The only thing that could enhance it would be some Visual Enrichment. Shall we take a leisurely, elegant stroll through our fanart gallery, pausing to marvel at the artistic wonders of the endlessly talented Knockout City community? 

Why, yes. Yes, we shall. One of my favorite aspects of Knockout City is the customization options in-game. It brings me a lot of joy to see brawlers express themselves through Cosmetics, Crew Banners and Player Icons. Often, the joy of customization gains traction over on our Discord, and we end up with personalized pieces like this: a STELLAR fanart rendition of a Player Icon by CalioWare!

Next, we have a fantastic piece by FloofyDraws. Here’s a sneak peak of their upcoming project –

“This piece is a context preview of an upcoming mini comic for my Knockout City fan made mini series known as KOC Royals! To put it short, KOC Royals revolves around chosen monarchs that are tasked to protect the Kingdom of Knockout and protect the Golden Ball of Knockout from forces wanting the power to shape the kingdom in their own evil ways. These monarchs are given fragment abilities from the Golden Ball ie 'Special Balls'. This piece in particular highlights a part in the comic that revolves around a war, that not only changes those involved, but changes the Kingdom of Knockout for centuries. I'm so excited to make more content for the series as I have been working on this ever since Season 2 of Knockout City.” – FloofyDraws

Have you ever seen fanart that exudes “This Should Be A TV Show” energy? Well, you’re about to! Check out this piece by J Bennett: “Prepare for trouble, make it double!”. I would binge *at least* 4 seasons of a mini series dedicated to the adventures of these two. Wonderful work, J. Thanks for sharing!

Last but not least, a rallying-cry of a piece by Gaith, featuring our dear ol’ DJ! Gaith describes this creation as: “One man on the moon, a thousand brawler revolution.” Where can I get tickets to the next moon concert, Gaith??

If you’re an artist and/or love seeing fanart, join the Knockout City Discord! We have a channel dedicated to Fanart where BRAWL this art came from.

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

And now, a word from our DJ:

It’s my honor to welcome every new brawler, each headin’ out to brave the streets while I play the beats! As you’ve already gathered, dodgebrawlin’ takes heart, practice, and a little bit of know-how. Beef up your brawlin’ stats by checkin’ out my Video Pick of the Week: Knockout City – The ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide by Creator Crew member Knil Cross! It’s jam packed with helpful hints on how to enter KO City . . . and leave every match victorious. Shoutout to Knil Cross for this education creation! 

Creator Crew: Spotlight!

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Knockout City Creator Crew member: Nahe! Get to know Nahe here, then follow him on Twitch for some exceptional KO City content. Who doesn’t love “Chonky searching” in a stream??

The Grand Finale

Well, you’ve reached the end of the road, brawler! But the fun doesn’t stop here. If you want more Knockout City content, check out the gameplay and goofs we’ve got up on our TikTok. And, as always, join the Knockout City Discord server for community shenanigans. Until next time – happy brawlin’!

Grace Vaughan
Associate Social Media Manager