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On this Episode of Royale Party . . .

Watch Brawlers Compete for Fame and Glory…Right After this Commercial Break!

It’s all too familiar: the sinking realization that there’s some rave-review blockbuster or award-winning mini-series everyone on the planet has already seen…everyone, except for you.

If only there was some friendly neighborhood social media manager who could provide a heads-up for upcoming pop-culture hits. Some kindly, all-knowing mage, whose finger was always placed firmly on the pulse of every KO City must-see… and who generously shared her insight before those must-sees went floating too far down the mainstream…

Sigh. If only!

Oh, wait. That’s me. ;)

Howdy hey, brawlers! It’s Grace again, here with the scoop on an up-and-coming event every brawler will soon be discussing over milkshakes and fries at Galaxy Burger . . . ROYALE PARTY!

Don’t miss this epic tour-de-force critics are giving 5 stars!

Crew Contract Rewards

What’s a party without prizes? I’ll tell you. It’s a get-together. A get-together is an unfortunate experience where wilted charcuterie boards are half-heartedly passed around a group of professionals who keep checking the time because, honestly? They’d rather be at a party. Like the Royale Party, for instance!

In addition to the Royale Party Event prizes, here are your Week 7 Crew Contract Rewards: 

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the RARE Crew Logo: Super Science Symposium!
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a LEGENDARY Crew XP Boost!

AAAAAAND here are your Week 8 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the RARE Crew Banner: Cow Print!
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a LEGENDARY Crew XP Boost!

The Second Chance Shop!

Still pining after some items you were too busy brawlin’ to snag?? I’ve got incredible news for ya, brawler. Just as a Boomerang Ball is bound to bounce back, so too have the deals. Go to the Brawl Shop, select the Events tab, and WHAMMO: The Second Chance Shop will be revealed. Get thrifty with those finds!


Speaking of savings, the Bundle this week is a steal at 2100 Holobux. Stand out in radiant rainbow realness with these magical items from the Urban Legend Bundle:

  • Epic Outfit: Myth and Magic
  • Epic Crew Vehicle: Dream Car
  • Epic Victory Pose: Starjumper
  • Legendary Glider: Over the Rainbow

This is Royale PARTY, right? So it’s only fitting that the Life of the Party bundle should be available on July 12th, when Royale Party goes live! Here’s a sneak peak into what this bash of a bundle will offer:

  • Epic Face: Asleep at the Party
  • Epic Crew Vehicle: Spring Break!
  • Legendary Intro Pose: Party Starter
  • Epic Defeat Post: Gut Buster
  • Rare Ultimate Hologram: It Wasn’t Me
  • Uncommon Glider: Cardboard Cutout

Week 8 will open the (laboratory) doors for you to dress to impress even the stuffiest of scientists. Yep, the Perennial Labs bundle is back, for 1800 Holobux! Let’s get experimental and explosive with our fashion sense, shall we?

  • Uncommon Gloves: Shiny and Sleek
  • Rare Outfit: Down to a Science
  • Rare Outfit: Cyber Detective
  • Epic Player Icon: Perennial Labs
  • Epic Ultimate Hologram: Digital Virus

Upcoming Playlists

The name of the game (mode) is . . . Party Team Royale!
Here are the full Season 6 Week 7 and Week 8 Playlist Schedules:

Community Hub

Up to this point, I’ve dished the deets about KO City’s upcoming event, crew contract rewards, bundles, and playlist schedule. That’s all there is to know, right? Chronicle over? Bye bye?? Grace is off the clock early??? Oh sweet, summer brawler. How mistaken you are! The game info might be covered, but we’ve JUST reached one of my favorite portions of the Chronicle. It’s time for a trip to our Community Hub, to see what’s happenin’ with all of YOU!


Y’all, the fanart channel in our Discord is poppin’. Thank you to every artist who creates such exceptional pieces to share with our community! 

Like this first piece by NotLeoX. “Knock Back” is a confectionist dream of cotton-candy pastels, swirling around a stylish, tough brawler with a determined grin! This brawler has attitude, moxie, and clearly knows their way around the Brawl Shop. Where can I get that same adorable cropped hoodie with the puffy sleeves IRL, please and thank you??

You know him, you love him: he’s every brawler’s favorite KO City mascot . . . CHONKY! Chonky is rendered lovingly here, in all his chonk glory, by Jordan Taylor. Just look at his soft smile – his kind, blank stare! His lil’ tongue goin’ *blep*... RIP. Grace has succumbed to Cuteness Overload. She may never recover. 

Can we give out trophies for most relatable Knockout City fanart? Because if so, this chuckle-worthy piece by Denni-P deserves the gold:

“You know when you're just not sure where that ball targeting warning is coming from? And then when you find out it's too late? That's what this piece is all about.”

Also, IMO, this piece doubles as an incredible reaction meme for BRAWL your “uh oh” moments. Well done and thanks for sharing, Denni-P! 

Last but certainly not least, we have a meme from Helperb0t that absolutely made my day when I first saw it! If you saw that cryptic “Who is King Oof?” tweet posted to the Knockout City Twitter on July 2nd, you’ll recognize the crowned visage of King Oof in Helperb0t’s “Knights of Oofdom” meme. In Helperb0t’s words: “A mashup of a great movie with a great game? Only the best for King Oof!” But the question remains…who IS King Oof? Will we ever know??

Creator Crew: Spotlight!

Get to know Knockout City’s Creator Crew! Meet Primetime_Matt and ZAy2DaZay: two creators making exceptional KO City content. After you’ve learned a bit more about both Primetime_Matt and Zay2DaZay, go give their work a watch! You can find Zay2DaZay’s on YouTube, and Primetime_Matt can be found on Twitch.

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

And now, a word from our DJ:

Superb strategy signifies a super brawler! Check out JaelonTalks methodical maneuvering back from the brink in this short vid from the Clock App. I may be KO City’s Eye in the Sky, but this is a comeback like I’ve RARELY seen! Shoutout to you, brawler Jaelon, for keepin’ your foes on their toes. 

The Grand Finale

*Pulls out podium*

*Steps up to podium*

*Pulls out ancient scroll*

*clears throat*

*reads from scroll*


The Chronicle is DONE.

We learned a lot of game info

And had a ton of fun!

I now must end the Chronicle

But I’m not sure quite how . . .

Instead of being normal

Here’s a poem.

… Bye for now :)

Also join the Knockout City Discord okayseeyabye!

Grace Vaughan
Associate Social Media Manager

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