CONGRATS, Brawler – You’ve Been Accepted!

Class Is in Session at the School of Hard Knocks

Congrats, brawler – you’re now a student at the School of Hard Knocks!

Your application was impeccable. Your willingness to get back up when KOs brought you low, your dedication to the CRAFT of brawling…you’re an asset to every Crew you’ve ever joined. We’re lucky to have ya!

Now that you’re here, it’s time to stretch your throwing arm, lace up your sneaks, and prep your pen for note taking; a whole lotta FIRE 411 is comin’ at ya, faster than a Curve Shot. Today’s lesson will cover everything from Crew Contract Rewards to Brawl Shop Bundles to Community Hub Happenin’s. 

You’ll need to study up, ‘cuz the final will be fierce. When the bell rings, you’ll take what you learn here and apply it to the streets of Knockout City itself!Ready to hit the books?

Crew Contract Rewards

It’s Week 9 of Season 6, and the Crew Contracts keep a’comin’! A star pupil like you can handle completing these assignments, no sweat. The incentive? A+ Rewards! Check ‘em out: 

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Epic Killer Bee Crew Vehicle
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock the Legendary Joyride Crew Banner

Got Brawl Pass? There are 5 Brawl Pass Contracts each week! Can you complete all 5 of the Season 6, Week 9 Brawl Pass Contracts?

- Transform and Roll Out: Throw an opponent who is Caged off the map, or into a hazard.
- Your Move, Creep: Earn 50 Tackles against opponents who are holding a ball.
- Go Go Gadget Helicopter: Travel 1983 meters while gliding.
- Dot Matrix: Help teammates earn 25 Hits using balls that you passed to them.
- Theory of General Relativity: Earn 10 Hits from above.


The future is bright for this school’s graduating class! Check out the BRAND NEW Solar Powered Bundle – filled to the brim with electrifying items that’ll put BRAWL other science projects to shame! The Solar Powered Bundle is available now, for the glowing price of 2100 Holobux.Peep these deets:
- Rare Outfit: Energized
- Legendary Hairstyle: Solar Stripe
- Epic Glasses: Solar Shields
- Legendary Victory Pose: Science Fair Winner
- Epic Ultimate Hologram: Tuber Time

Two of my favorite items from this bundle are the Solar Stripe Hairstyle (Cyber-Mohawks are ALL the rage nowadays) and the Science Fair Winner Legendary Victory Pose (it’s legendary for a reason, brawlers!).

If bio-experimentation ain’t your thing, maybe AI is! For all you brawlers studying the fine art of hacking, don’t miss out on this download: the H3R0-2-Z3R0 Bundle, back from the vault for 2700 Holobux!

- Uncommon Outfit: Urban Rebellion
- Legendary Voice: Z3R0
- Legendary Glasses: Z3R0 Recognition
- Legendary Crew Vehicle: Z3R0 Miles Per Hour
- Legendary Intro Pose: Z3R0 Sum Game
- Legendary KO Effect: Zapped by Z3R0
- Rare Glider: Z3R0ing In
- Legendary Crew Banner: Z3R0 2 H3R0
- Epic Player Icon: I C U
- Epic Crew Logo: Z3R0 Eye

If you’re a Z3R0 H3R0 like myself – aka a dedicated member of the Z3R0 fanbase – you’ll wanna plug in to this Bundle while it lasts!

Upcoming Playlists

The featured playlist . . . Big Team KO!
Here are the full Season 6 Week 9 Playlist Schedules:

Community Hub

Here at this ESTEEMED University, you’ll find just as much enrichment from the social groups as the classes! Think of the KO City Community as your after-school club: jam-packed with brawlers getting to know one another, swapping brawlin’ strategies, and even fashioning fabulous art!

Speaking of art – let’s see what some of these School of Brawl students have been working on . . .


First up, a project that definitely counts as extra credit in my gradebook: a comic titled “Yuki Reflects” by LuckieMoon!

“After playing KOC for so long, I started to think about who the brawlers in KOC were exactly, and what life was like there. The comic was my thought experiment to go deeper into KOC's world and find out what life is like there from my brawler's perspective (it's also one of the first pieces I've made). Doing this kind of thing helps me become more immersed in the game and kinda fueled me creatively, so I hope to keep learning and improve as I make more stuff.” – LuckieMoon

This next piece, in my HUMBLE opinion, is an illustration full of mystery and magic! Doesn’t this look like the first page of a phenomenal fantasy novel?? The artist – SadCactus7 – says about their work: “I created this as an entry for an art contest originally. I wanted to draw Chonky with my favourite ball, the moon ball!”

You’ve done Chonky proud, Cactus!

“Boba Cola Bubblegum” gets FIVE gold stars from me! Created by the artist Sweet, this 1950’s-style collection of expressions from a brawler (one determined, one all-knowing, one inquisitive) is an aqua-and-pink dream. I’d pay a pretty penny to pick up a comic book dedicated to this determined brawler. What’s their story??

About their piece, Sweet says: “I've put a heavy emphasis on portrait art in my work lately--confident, stylized portraits. KO City's brawlers are energetic expressive, and funky, so naturally...fanart!”

Bravo, Sweet!

Midnight Knockout Tournament Qualifiers

You know what they say in education: every well-rounded student needs to beat the books sometime to explore extracurricular activities. Check out our after-school program: The Midnight Knockout Tournament!

Sign-ups are live now for the Midnight Knockout Tournament Qualifiers! Brawl against the best teams in NA and EU for your chance at a $5000 prize pool, Holobux, and an exclusive Player Icon for the best of the best (as seen below).

Click Here to Sign Up for EU Qualifiers.

Click Here to Sign Up for NA Qualifiers

Want more info? Check out this post on Reddit.

Creator Crew: Spotlight!

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

And now, a word from our DJ:

It’s bops like this that bring a BEAMIN’, gleamin’ smile to this ol’ Man in the Moon’s face! I never tire of new tracks, and this one is LEGENDARY. Shoutout to Mathias Styner and Geno Wip for craftin’ a cool groove that makes us wanna move.

The Grand Finale

Congrats again, brawler, on your admission to the hallowed halls of this rough and tumble university! One day you’ll earn your diploma – but until then, it’s time to get out there and BRAWL.

As always, stay in touch with the Knockout City community online by joining our Discord, and by following us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. And keep an eye out for a hot hot HOT event coming your way as soon as NEXT WEEK! Deets will be dropped on our socials on 7/28/22 . . .

Catch you next time, brawler!

(Here, have a sneaky Chonky pic.)

Grace Vaughan
Associate Social Media Manager