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Knockout City: Legend of Gearbeard!

The Final Voyage of Dodgeball-Flingin’ Fun Begins February 28th!

Rise at dawn, hoist the sails, and feel the cool salt breeze on your cheeks… D’you smell it? That fishy smell coming from the Can-Can Cannery down at the Dueling Docks? Aye, that’s the one. ‘Tis the smell of treasure, I tell ya! 

Look alive, matey, because there’s an all-new adventure waiting for you! Chart a course for fun in Knockout City Season 9: Legend of Gearbeard, chock-full of swashbucklin’ surprises! The adventure begins at first light, with this trailer off the starboard side:

The Final Season of Knockout City!

That’s right, we’ve come to the finale! In case you didn’t hear, Season 9 is the final season of Knockout City, and it’s loaded to the gills! Legend of Gearbeard is a fully-realized final Season of content you’ve come to love, including a new map, new cosmetics, a new Brawl Pass, new Deep Space Dispatches, back-to-back special events, and plenty of surprises to celebrate the fun and joy Knockout City has brought to players all over the world. 

Meet The Pirates!

Let’s not steal the thunder from our sailin’ special guests, though! There are pirates aplenty coming to the shores of Knockout City this season, and you’ll meet the whole crew of KO City’s scurviest adventurers through the Deep Space Dispatches. Here’s just a sampling of the characters you’ll encounter on the high seas:

Captain Mads – Treasure Hunter

“I’m ALSO a famous pirate! Or at least I WILL be when I find Gearbeard’s treasure! Then EVERYONE will know my name!”

Brash, enthusiastic, and charmingly self-centered, Madeline “Mads'' Ortiz is a self-proclaimed pirate captain (despite having no Crew) who aspires to be the greatest pirate ever known! To her, that means becoming the most famous and celebrated pirate, and Gearbeard’s legendary treasure is her ticket to the fame and fortune she desires. With Gearbeard’s arm “handed” down to her by her father, she has the first piece of the puzzle in her grasp. However, she’s going to need some shipmates from unlikely places to help see her dream become reality…

Gearbeard – Scourge of the Seven Seas


According to legend, there once lived the most fearsome pirate king of all: the terrifying, treacherous Gearbeard! This menacing, mechanical marauder once sailed the open seas around Knockout City, sinking the ship of anyone who dared cross his path! That is, until one fateful day when the sea dashed his robotic body on the rocks, scattering his pieces far and wide. It is said that each piece of Gearbeard offers a clue to the final resting place of his fabled treasure, and whoever finds it will become the most famous pirate to ever sail the seas!

You’ll be able to roll wherever the tides take you with Captain Mads in the KO Marks the Spot Bundle, available day one of Season 9! For 2100 Holobux, you’ll unearth a plethora of pirate treasures: 

  • Epic Outfit “Pirate Adventurer”
  • Legendary Gloves “Hand Cannon”
  • Legendary Hairstyle “Troublemaker’s Tricorn”
  • Epic Voice “Plucky Pirate”
  • Rare Ultimate Hologram “Duck and Cover!”
  • Rare KO Effect “Jolly Pirate”
  • Rare Victory Pose “Pirate Jig”
  • Epic Defeat Pose “Down With The Ship”
  • Legendary MVP Pose “Easy Come, Easy Go”
  • Rare Crew Logo “Pirate Crew”
  • Epic Crew Horn “Cannon Fire”

As for Gearbeard, follow the dotted line to the hidden resting place of the Brawl Pass, and you’ll find what you seek…

Legend of Gearbeard Brawl Pass!

Thar be untold treasure to unearth in the Premium Brawl Pass, now only 50 Holobux! Whatever floats your boat, you’re sure to find it in the latest Brawl Pass, which you can level up through completing contracts and earning XP! 

In addition to fashionable street pirate garb, you’ll also find a huge collection of Uncommon and Rare Faces and Hairstyles that are perfect for a more grounded, salt-of-the-earth style brawler. Not to mention the fantastic Poses, Brags, Glasses, and so much more you’ll find in this treasure trove!

Dead men may tell no tales, but the Deep Space Dispatches have a whale of a tale to tell about Captain Mads’ quest for Gearbeard’s treasure! Level your pass from lowly landlubber to elite privateer, and you’ll be brawlin’ as the steely scourge of the seas himself, Gearbeard! If that doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what will!

New Map – Dueling Docks!

“Arr” biggest new addition this season is the all-new dodgebrawl arena, Dueling Docks! This peaceful-looking shipyard isn’t exactly a safe harbor anymore, as a powerful shark-faced pirate cruiser has pulled up, ready to pillage everything in sight! 

Dueling Docks is divided down the middle by a row of buildings and ledges, featuring two conveyor belts covered with shipping crates. On the west side, these crates full of precious goods are being systematically dropped into the loading bay of a container ship for export. In the east, the pirates are pilfering goods from the Frogleap Inc. shipping company, scanning each box and teleporting them to the cargo hold! On both belts, the crates make excellent moving cover and stepping stones to higher ground… but tread carefully at the end of the belts, or you’ll be delivering free points to the enemy team when you’re KOd from the fall! Savvy brawlers can use the conveyor belts and boxes to move quickly, climb high, and get the drop on their foes.

The colossal pirate cruiser’s more than just a showboat! You can explore some of the cabins to see the plunder the pirates have nabbed from all over Knockout City. There are some precarious platforms and dead-ends around the edges that are great for cornering your foes – they’ll need to stand their ground or take a swim!

Meanwhile, the opposite side features the Mussel Shack, a popular dockside grub hub where sailors snag their favorite protein-packed power meals. You’ll also see the towering Can-Can Cannery, packing fresh catches into vacuum-sealed cans you can watch on the assembly line – if you can afford to catch a breather! Rounding out the sights are the firehouse and local restaurants that bring an old-fashioned charm to this commercial district.

Dueling Docks is a buccaneer’s paradise full of action-packed spots to school your fishy foes – the finest yet from our level designers! You’ll find Dueling Docks available in Street Play and League Play throughout the season, and there’s even a special Playlist coming at the season’s start to help you get your sea legs…

Launch Event: Legend of Gearbeard!

YOHO: yarr only harr once! It’s a pirate’s life for all in the season launch event for Legend of Gearbeard, where you’ll have a set of Swashbucklin’ Contracts to conquer for rewards! There’s tons of XP, Style Chips, and even Holobux (a total of 4000!) up for grabs to kickstart your voyage into Season 9. Event Contracts throughout Season 9 are amped up with greater rewards than ever, so whether you’re picking up some pirate pizazz or earning that Bundle you’ve always wanted from past seasons, you’ll get the chance to find your greatest treasures to enjoy throughout Legend of Gearbeard! 

Any 5 Event Contracts completed will earn you some pirate-y props with a new Brag – “Scourge of the Seven Seas” – to shiver some timbers! 10 Event Contracts completed will earn your right to professional piracy with the Epic Hairstyle “Bandit Bandana'' in your treasure trove!

As for the Featured Playlist, why not learn the rigging ropes of Dueling Docks with the Dockside Dustup Playlist? You’ll play Team KO battles where Dueling Docks will be your port of call for every match! There’s no finer way to set sail and learn the secrets of the brand-new “treasure” map!

Finally, if you’ve spotted a classic cosmetic in your spyglass, then go drop some doubloons (err, Holobux) at the Ready For Battle Shop! Better than your neighbor’s yarr’d sale, you’ll find a massive collection of Outfits, Gloves, Poses, Glasses, and more to let you grab some seaworthy garb at pirate-friendly discounted prices! 

Nonstop Events!

Check out the treasure map below for the full lineup of Events planned for Season 9: Legend of Gearbeard!

There’s a new adventure every two weeks with special shops, Contracts, and limited-time Playlists, and you’ll definitely want to catch them all! After our maiden voyage with the Legend of Gearbeard launch event, we’ll dig up some dodgebrawl gold in the Treasure Hunt Event on March 14th. Then, we’ll take a detour into greener waters with Spring Fling: Slam Dunk on March 28th. Knockout City’s A.I.-at-large Z3R0 is hacking their way back into the spotlight in the Z3R0 R3TURN5 Event on April 11th, and Big League Brawl will bring out the best players on April 25th. Finally, Double Midnight Madness will conclude our time on the seas with two weeks of player-voted Playlists on May 9th.

Hideout Updates! 

The clouds have cleared, and the Hideout is glowing pink in the faint light of sunrise… the perfect port to start your Season 9 adventures! Whether you prefer salty shanties or wave-shreddin’ guitar licks, the newest musicians washed ashore are sure to become your new mainstay…

New Band: Loose Cannons

BAND HO! Don’t bother battening down any hatches — the LOOSE CANNONS are already taking Knockout City by storm! 

These traveling troubadours make their home on the open seas, where they find musical inspiration in the most dramatic oceanic brawls. Traveling from port to port and tavern to tavern, they perform bold and boisterous accounts of high adventure, scurvy sea devils, and treasures lost and found. The tales they tell are timeless, but their roster changes with the tide, and every port of call is an opportunity to add to their ranks. So, what are you waiting for? Weigh anchor, hoist the mainsail, and sing along, sailor!

New Hideout Ball: Cannonball

You’d best hope you have a sturdy peg leg to kick this new Hideout Ball with - the heavy Cannonball needs some serious force to get it punted around the rooftop soccer pitch. No brawler can simply sink this ball into the goal net from the center line with a Tackle, so your tactical dribbling and passing will make soccer matches with the Cannonball exceptionally competitive! Wanna score big with this little heavyweight? Well, either you can, or you cannon’t! 

If you're lookin' to kick this voyage off right, then the S9 Booster Pack is a shore thing, available right at the launch of Legend of Gearbeard! Roll out the Cannonball for your Hideout rooftop, play new pirate-booty-shakin' beats for the Jukebox, and pack some Energy Drinks and Style Chips for the journey – you’re gonna need them!

League Play Rewards

Brace yourself, brawlers, because a tidal wave of tough opponents is waiting for you in League Play this season! Finish strong and you’ll find a chestful of commendations and prizes for your placements to show off during our final event, Thanks for the KOs. Fill out your trophy case and end the final League Play Season of Knockout City as pirate royalty! And be sure to check out the Big League Brawl Event later this season, with challenging Contracts built just for League Play!

It’s a plunderful world coming February 28th!

Though this be our final voyage, there be no better time for makin’ some memories on the ocean than today, brawler! "Sea" it LIVE on Twitch tonight, set sail for Legend of Gearbeard on February 28th, and treasure every moment of buccaneer brawlin’ with a new map, Playlists, cosmetics, lore and more! See you on the high seas!

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