KO City x TMNT Crawls Out of Sewers Tomorrow!

It’s a sewer pizza party, and Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo are the guests of honor!

A wise Turtle once said:

“There comes a time, brothers, when history is forged like melted cheese . . .”

The time has come, brawlers, for a legendary crossover of extra large pizza pie proportions! Starting tomorrow, four mean, green, fightin’ machines join the streets of Knockout City in Season 7’s second event, KO City x TMNT!

Can you say “COWABUNGA” ?? This event features a brand new Playlist, hidden pizzas to collect for TMNT inspired prizes, and more! If you missed it, give the KO City x TMNT event trailer a watch here . . .

Crew Contract Rewards

We’re gearing up for the second event of Mutant Mutiny! Here’s what lies in store for the brawlers with an eye for scoring goodies:

Week 4 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Uncommon Pipe Maze Crew Banner!
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a Legendary Crew XP Boost!

Week 5 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Rare Vehicle Sewer Speedster!
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a Legendary Crew XP Boost!


Whether you glide by on rollerblades or pop kickflips on a skateboard, the Street Skater Bundle is for you! Available for 2100 Holobux during week 4 of Season 7, the Street Skater Bundle unlocks these cool digs to inspire your inner Tony Hawk:

  • Epic Outfit: Kickflip Kid
  • Rare Hairstyle: Bucket Hat
  • Legendary KO Effect: Hang Loose!
  • Legendary Taunt: Fist Bump
  • Epic Crew Banner: Medusa’s Shriek

Space . . . the final frontier! What oddities await us mere mortals as we venture deeper into the abyss far outside the planet’s atmosphere? The Spaced Out Bundle is back during Week 5 of Season 7, for all your intergalactic exploration needs. At 2400 Holobux, the Spaced Out Bundle gets you: 

  • Legendary Outfit: Spaced Out
  • Legendary Face: Astronaut Helmet
  • Epic Gloves: Astronaut Gloves
  • Rare Victory Pose: Zero-G Victory
  • Rare Glider: Space Shuttle
  • Uncommon Player Icon: Hungry Astronaut

Upcoming Playlists

Mark your calendars: tomorrow marks the beginning of a new featured Playlist! 

Mutation Rotation is NOT for the faint of heart . . . but if you’ve been guzzlin’ down the Mutonium, you’re perfectly primed (and potentially a little radioactive).

Check out the upcoming Playlist Schedules for Season 7 Week 4 and Week 5 . . .

Community Hub

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In our Discord, there are channels for fanart, gameplay clips, lore discussions, free asset codes and SO much more. Plus, the announcement channel in our Discord is regularly updated with all the latest news from the Knockout City devs. To put it plainly, brawler – if you’re a member of our Discord server, you’ll never miss a brawlin’ beat! 

Here’s the link to our Discord. We’d love to see ya over there!

The Final Chronicle (You’re Readin’ It!)

Hey, brawlers! We’re shaking things up a bit and putting a pause on Knockout City Chronicles. Though they may come back sometime in the future, they aren’t needed on a regular basis for now.

But wait… where am I going to learn about Seasons and Events?

As usual, you’ll learn about upcoming Knockout City Seasons and Events by reading the blog!

Oh, okay . . . But wait! What about Crew Contract Rewards, Upcoming Playlists, and Bundle Offers?? How am I going to find out about th–

Slow your roll, brawler! We’re way ahead of you. Crew Contract Rewards, Upcoming Playlists, and Bundle Offers will be shared across our social channels from now on! Make sure you’re following Knockout City on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit to catch that info. If you’re a member of the Discord, you’ll get all that info there as well.

The Grand Finale

That’s the end of the road, brawler!

As always: join the rest of the Knockout City online community over on the official Knockout City Discord server to meet more brawlers and check out new ways to get involved. PLUS: never miss a moment of 411 by following Knockout City on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. For the Knockout City Merch Store, Soundtrack on Spotify and more, check out this link.

That’s all, brawlers. See you on the Knockout City streets! 

Grace Vaughan
Associate Social Media Manager

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