Super Ultra Hyper Oops 2: The Sequel Part II Turbo Deluxe

Three Days Of Foolish Fun in Oops! More Playlists

Who would suspect li’l old sweet innocent Chonky of pulling off the ultimate April Fools’ Day prank? No one, that’s who, and that’s what makes it the perfect crime! Well, he got the DJ good this time, make no mistake!

Oops, More Playlists!

Street Play’s about to get a whole lot weirder with Oops, More Playlists! How weird, you ask? Where do I even start? This monster of a mash-up is pushing all sorts of unfitting Playlists together into a remix that’s borderline impossible to describe. And it’s going to be available for three straight days, beginning March 31st! If you’re that person who mixes every Energy Drink flavor from the drink dispenser at the Galaxy Burger in one cup, then congratulations, you just found your new favorite Playlist!

OK, but in all seriousness, you’re sure to crack up when you read this list of features in Oops, More Playlists! for yourself…

  • Three teams, 2v2v2 (Triple Team Chaos)
  • Slam Dunks from carrying a brawler through a Hoop scores 5 points (Basketbrawl: Slam Dunk)
  • All brawlers have Super Double Jump (Basketbrawl: Slam Dunk)
  • Party Any Ball… That’s ANY ball! Including Boomerang Balls, Poison Balls, Snowballs, and Water Balloons! (Party Team KO, Snowbrawl Fight, Water Balloon Fight)
  • Basketbrawl rules: KOd brawlers are trapped in Ballform, and KOs only occur from Hoops, Slam Dunks, or getting thrown out-of-bounds (Basketbrawl)
  • Best-of-1 match (KO Royale)
  • First to 200 points, 7 minute time limit (KO Royale)
  • Danger Zone enabled (Team Elimination)
  • Points scored from landing Hits, earning KOs, and collecting Diamonds (Snowbrawl Fight, Team KO, Diamond Dash)
  • Hits provide Diamonds spawned (Snowbrawl Fight, Diamond Dash)
  • Out-of-bounds or hazard KOs provide 1 point, Diamonds spawned (Basketbrawl, Diamond Dash)
  • Hoop KOs provide 3 Points, Diamonds spawned (Basketbrawl, Diamond Dash)
  • All Bomb Balls have targeting mechanisms disabled (Conflict Escalation)
  • All ball spawners provide 2x balls (Conflict Escalation)
  • All brawlers have faster charge-up (Conflict Escalation)
  • All brawlers may leave behind a Bomb Ball or Soda Ball on KO (Candy Wars)
  • All brawlers respawn with a ball (Face-Off)

Any questions? Well, I’m not answering them. Throw ball, catch ball!

Dex’s Tech Tips: Oops, More Playlists!

You want more advice? Fine, here goes:

  • Be kind to others
  • Flap “hi” to your neighbor, even if they don’t flap back
  • Look both ways before crossing Knockout Roundabout
  • Something something friendship family values don’t get caught

…What? You were expecting gameplay tips? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of Knockout City? Sorry, no can do. 

Goofballs unite on March 31st!

Chonky sure pulled a fast one on the DJ, didn’t he? I heard he even broke the DJ’s records, raided his sock drawer, swapped all the wires to different inputs on his telescope array, and wrote “Chonky wuz here” in permanent marker on the Playlist Selector Thingamajig! Well, maybe he didn’t do all of that, but whatever went down on the Lunar Base, it’s gonna take a few days for the DJ to get everything back to normal up there, so you’ll be brawlin’ in Oops! More Playlists until April 2nd. Laugh it up while you can!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird