Swing for the Fences in Big League Brawl!

League Play Event Steps up to Bat April 25th

…18…19…20! Oh yeah, I’m feelin’ the burn. That’s 10 reps of trophy lifts I just finished, and my buns and thighs are singin’. It’s the final season of League Play, and I gotta train these trophy-hoisting muscles to carry home all these awards! But these awards weren’t handouts, not by a long shot. I had to battle it out with top-tier brawlers of all kinds in League Play every Season to earn these accolades. It may sound intimidating, but trust me – if I can get this far with a little perseverance and perspiration, then I think you’ve got everything you need to be the MVP! Step up to the plate, brawler… because this is Big League Brawl!

Become a League Play Legend!

Whether you’re a League Play dabbler or a hardened Diamond brawler, Big League Brawl is a special time in Knockout City where we challenge ourselves to be our best selves! We’re dedicating two full weeks to the most dedicated brawlers around – the gamers who challenge themselves day in and day out in pulse-pounding Team KO dodgebrawl battles for glory, trophies, and end-of-season rewards. It’s thrilling, it’s tough, and it’s all about teamwork! 

Big League Contracts!

League Play’s home to some tough competition, make no mistake, but plenty of brawlers are out there helpin’ to make the League an inclusive, inviting place to better your skills. From what I heard, the Brawl Ambassadors of League Lovers (B.A.L.L.) are pooling their past winnings, generously donating them as Big League Contracts to encourage a new wave of League Play brawlers to take the mound!  With Big League Contracts to sweeten the pot, no matter where you are in the League Play ladder, you’ll be securing a sponsorship-level payout: that’s 15,000 XP, 15 Style Chips, and 4000 Holobux if you finish all the exercises! 

Eight out of ten of these Big League Contracts require Brawlers to jump into League Play, so don’t be shy! There’s even some sharp-toothed bonuses for those that hit the big time: Clear any five Big League Contracts to nab the “Apex Predator” Epic Brag, and complete all 10 to sink your teeth into the exclusive Epic KO Effect, “Shark Snack”!

Enjoy 1v1 Classic Face-Off in Street Play!

Whoa, I didn’t even notice that someone left me a note on my duffel bag! Let’s see… Hmm, it says “No Special Balls, Face-Off Only, Last Location.” Weird. Guess someone’s asking for a challenge, and it’s goin’ down in Classic Face-Off! 

Classic Face-Off is a great Playlist to warm up before League Play and practice position, timing, and dominating at duels. It’s a one-on-one duel with Basic Balls only with a shrinking Danger Zone, and you’ll need skill and cunning to strike out your opponent! We’ve run this Playlist in past Seasons as a League Play Playlist, so we think it’s a perfect fit to bring back for the fans! You’ll find Classic Face-Off in Street Play throughout Big League Brawl. But we’re not done yet. Done. Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun…

NEW Sharkbait Bundle!

Do you regularly snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? See yourself as top of the food chain? Then really hammer that point home with the fashionably lethal Sharkbait Bundle! Pairing perfectly with the shark-themed Big League Contract rewards, get chummy with a four-piece combo for only 1200 Holobux that's sure to leave you with a toothy grin… Your opponents? Not so much. 

  • Legendary Outfit “Sharkbait”
  • Legendary Gloves “Hull Breachers”
  • Legendary Hairstyle “Hammer Head”
  • Rare Face “Jawbreaker”

Bigger Boat Shop!

For those looking for a major league makeover, the Bigger Boat Shop is shipping in tons of classic brawler getups! Reduced prices across the board will let you look like hall of fame material for less. With all these deep-sea discounts, you’re going to need a…y’know.

Here’s just a few specials that might float your boat:

  • Equally as fierce as the shark-themed ensemble above, the Legendary Outfit “Kaiju Terror” will let you maximize your spikes for only 800 Holobux. The “Lazy Sunday” Rare Outfit is a mere 400 Holobux, perfect for those that eat League Play brawlers for breakfast.
  • Relate to your brawler with some real gamer moments: The Legendary Victory Pose “Lemme Get to a Save Point!” is only 400 Holobux, while the ragin’ “Rock and Rampage” Epic Defeat Pose is only 300 Holobux! 
  • Don’t pass up some of these top-tier Taunts! Some of the highlights include Legendary Taunt “No K.O.!” for 400 Holobux, and Epic Taunt “Lucky!” for 300 Holobux.
  • Get the whole Crew lookin’ spiffy with a bevvy of Crew Logos to choose from, including Legendary Crew Logo “Jetpack” for 200 Holobux, and Rare Crew Logo “Sniper Ball” for just 100 Holobux!

Sunset Showdown!

Don’t forget! Sign-ups are closing soon for the battle-to-end-all-battles, the Sunset Showdown Tournament! You’ve got until April 28th to be a part of brawlin’ history, so polish your skills in League Play, round up your best buds, and get ready to bring it! There’s a $25,000 prize pool and real trophies to be won! Find more information at ko.city/sunsetshowdown

Nab a Player Icon in Brawlin' Bruisedays!

League Play's even better with some chums, so join us in the Knockout City Official Discord to play League Play together!

What is Brawlin' Bruisedays? It's a community Knockout City day in our Discord, coming back once more for Big League Brawl! Meet brawlers and brush up your skills as you organize groups for League Play and take care of those tough Contracts! All skill levels are welcome for this kick-back-and-brawl event. And rumor has it there might be exclusive Discordroles and a PLAYER ICON involved…???

Check out the #brawlin-bruisedays-gameday-chat channel in our Discord for more info! Here's when we'll be playing:

  • Thursday, April 20th, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm EST
  • Tuesday, April 25th, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST
  • Thursday, April 27th, 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm EST

Dex’s Tech Tips: League Play Team KO 

The Big League Contracts may be daunting to some, but with some of these trophy-winning tips, you’ll overcome their challenges before the bottom of the 9th inning! If you want a full ballgame’s worth of tips to thrive in League Play, this handy video will help you play like a pro.

  • “While playing League Play, earn a Hit while positioned above opponents 100 times” – Use this opportunity to learn the maps! Take quick flank routes, or perform an air play by using Player Balls to get airborne and do a high-flying surprise attack.
  • “Complete 20 Matches in League Play” – Simple enough, right? Stick it out, no matter the odds! There’s some leeway in the form of Loss Forgiveness if joining a match in progress or finishing out a losing battle against higher-ranked opponents, so play like you’ve got nothing to lose. 
  • “While playing League Play, earn a KO Assist while within 30 meters of teammates, 35 times.” – This is a big heads-up to stay close to your teammates! Whether making quick passes or catching incoming dodgeballs for each other, grouping up is almost always a good idea.
  • “While playing League Play, Win a Match or place in the top 3 KDR scores, 18 times.” – Scoring a good KDR is all about survival. If things are looking bad, retreating to avoid giving up KOs (and decreasing your KDR) can help keep your team in the game! Don’t forget that KO Assists through passing and supportive actions will also boost your match KDR, so share the spotlight and help your teammates shine.
  • “While playing League Play, earn 300 Hits with Straight Shots.” – Curves and Lobs are great for scoring surprise hits around obstacles, but both are a fair bit slower than a point-A-to-point-B Straight Shot. Any charge level will do here, so whether you prefer sneaky uncharged hits or building lots of Overcharge through catches and passes, land your hits and you’ll finish this Contract in no time.
  • “While playing League Play, Fake Throw at opponents to trick them into Catching within 3 seconds, in 5 different Matches.” – The best Fake Throws are the ones that no one expects! Get close to your opponents in an intense fight and a Fake Throw is sure to make even the most focused players flap their arms. Break your routines and save your Fakes for the best opportunities, instead of always leading with them.
  • “While playing League Play, tackle opponents holding Balls, 25 times.” – Ball control through smart Tackles are one of the best ways to keep your team’s momentum after a successful hit. If there’s a neutral Ball you and an opponent are running for, try letting them reach it first: they might just throw a preemptive Tackle that you can predict and counter with a Tackle of your own, recovering the Ball for your side!
  • “While playing League Play, earn 150 KO Finishes.” – Playing support is fine and dandy, but sometimes you’ll need to take the lead in scoring KOs for your side. Play forward when at two hearts, and fall back if you drop to one heart!

Go Pro on April 25th!

There's no better day to climb the ranks of League Play, brawler! You’ve got until May 9th to complete Big League Contracts to prove your dodgebrawl mastery, before the lights go down low for Midnight Madness. While you’re out there carrying your team, I’m gonna get started carrying these trophies over to my case. Whatever your League Play goals are, good luck out there!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird