Double Midnight Madness Lights up the Nautical Night!

Doubloon Up on Double XP starting May 9th

Gather round all ye sailors and scallywags, for there be one last tale of the open ocean for me to tell ya. Once, the waters surrounding Knockout City were boring and dull as a sleeping sea lion, with nary a firework show or music festival to be seen for miles. One day, a plucky sailor lad was fed up with lackadaisical days and stay-at-home weekends! He sailed the ocean in his very own Party Barge to confront the sun above, blaming its light for the lack of midnight raves. Some say that the mischievous sailor chucked a six-tier Overcharged dodgeball at the sun, forcing the sun to Dodge the audacious attack! The sun sank out of view for an entire two weeks and gave way to an endless sea of brilliant stars and neon-lit holograms. The party-loving pirate traded his pointy tricorn for an even pointy-er party hat and became the pirate-king of party planning for all time...Or so the legend goes! 

And while there may be a grain of truth in the sands of legends lost to time… in this case, it’s just made-up on the spot to spin a good yarn! The fact is, brawlers like to party, no matter the Season!

Double XP for Double the Weeks!

When brawlers get together for Midnight Madness, there’s never a dull moment! With dodgebrawls popping up everywhere on nighttime maps covered in neon lights, the adrenaline rush makes brawlers work twice as hard, earning doubled Match XP for every completed brawl! And with this Season’s Midnight Madness lasting for two full weeks, that’s twice the number of chances to play and power-level your Street Rank and Brawl Pass Contracts for a final grab at rewards! There ain’t no party like a pirate party!

Plunder Top Voted Playlists in Street Play!

With two weeks of Midnight Madness ready to come aboard, we asked the brawlers of Knockout City to sound off! We gathered all the votes for their last Midnight Madness Player’s Choice party cruise, and here’s the final Playlist itinerary:

Basketbrawl: Slam Dunk - May 9th to May 15th

Ready to dunk after dark? You'd better be, because Spring Fling's Basketbrawl: Slam Dunk is your runner-up for the Playlist poll! It's Basketbrawl rules, but everyone can Super Double Jump! And traveling through the hoop with a balled-up brawler grants FIVE points!

Oops! More Playlists - May 16th to May 23rd

To the surprise of nobody, chaos wins in the final week of Season 9, with a full week of Oops! More Playlists! Pair up with a partner and beat your rivals in a race for points. You'll score for practically everything you do - hits, diamonds, hoop KOs, slam dunks, the list goes on! Time to go overboard!

Midnight Madness Contracts!

How ‘bout some pirate party favors? Double Midnight Madness means double the Event Contracts, and even double the rewards! You’ve got 10 Midnight Madness Contracts loaded with booty: that’s 30,000 XP, 20 Style Chips, and (holy moly) 10,000 Holobux! Complete five for the Legendary Brag “Party Animal” complete with some sharp-looking Midnight Madness graphics! Project your dedication to the neon-pixel aesthetic when you clear all 10 Midnight Madness Contracts and switch on the Legendary Glasses “Midnight Movie” for late night screenings!

For the designated dredgers out there, thanks for your service! You’ve got several new ships to add to your fleet through Crew Contracts. Clear five during the week of May 9th, and you’ll get to drive to your favorite haunts in your very own haunted pirate cruiser, the Legendary Crew Vehicle “The Dodgy Brawler”! To make party-hopping a breeze, take the Legendary Crew Vehicle “Party Barge” out of the harbor – you’ll earn your Midnight Madness boating license when you complete five Crew Contracts during the week of May 16th!

Midnight Madness Shop!

The hits keep coming! The final event of Legend of Gearbeard is dropping anchor with one last discount Event Shop, packed with brawl-time favorites! You’ll find a massive collection of Outfits, Ultimate Holograms, Faces, Gloves, Voices and more amassed in this treasure trove of party favors for less. You’re the captain, go where your Holobux wallet takes you!

One final run of Midnight Madness themed Brawl Shop exclusives are in town for two weeks only! Make sure you check the regular Brawl Shop for these party starters:

  • May 9th: Legendary Face “Spray ‘n’ Play”, Legendary Brag “Energy Drinks Chugged”
  • May 16th: Legendary Hairstyle “Blacklight Bass Beanie”, Legendary Player Icon “Night Swimmer”

Dex’s Tech Tips: How Many Maps Do You Really Know?

Take one last tour of all your favorite nighttime brawling venues in Double Midnight Madness! Here’s some fun facts about some of your favorite maps, from one party brawler to another:

  • Rooftop Rumble: Do you dare to glide where eagles fly? Well, you totally can, and it’s easier than you’d think. When gliding in the speedy air currents around Rooftop Rumble for long enough, you’ll hear an eagle screech! Bask in the majesty… but don’t get too distracted, or you’ll get your wings clipped by a dodgeball.
  • Back Alley Brawl: Every Voice for brawlers you can unlock and equip has unique lines of dialogue spoken only when exiting one of Back Alley Brawl’s many colorful escape tubes. Give ‘em a listen… they’re full of personality, and can only be heard on this map!
  • Jukebox Junction: Although Jukebox Junction didn’t debut as a brawling locale until a few days after launch, it was the very first map envisioned for the game! You might get to see more in our upcoming Knockout City Art Book…
  • Alien Smash Site: Looking closely at the many barns and buildings here, you may see some logos for Overland Farms. Guess that’s the farmer’s last name! As it turns out, Overland Farms was one of the many working names for Alien Smash Site before it became the UFO-infested battleground you know today!
  • Holowood Drive-In: If you compare the names in the Credits with some of the names under the bridge found on the “Caught by Love” holofilm set, you might recognize a few as some of the fine developer folk that brought you Knockout City! 
  • Dueling Docks: You may not have had as long to moor in this map as the others, so take in the sights! You can watch scores of fish being packed in real time at the Cannery by the conveyor belt’s start point. Check the pirate cargo hold, and you might recognize several treasures from elsewhere in Knockout CIty stashed away by the marauders – can you name where they came from? Oh, and you can actually hear folks dining when you stand near the Perfect Catch restaurant… how’s that for a lively atmosphere?

One Final Voyage, May 9th!

Time to party, me hearties! You’ve got till dawn breaks on May 24th and our final celebration begins. Double that XP, play your favorite hits, and dress up to get down on the dance floor: It’s all kicking off on May 9th. And stick around once this party’s done, because we’ve got one final action-packed celebration for the fans just around the corner! “Sea” you there!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird