Slam Dunk Brings Baskets of Springtime Thrills!

Sprouting Up March 28th

(The following is a paid advertisement from the Knockout City Board Of Tourism)

Is your neighborhood crawling with pesky pirates? Are you tired of adding an “ARRR” to every sentence? Can’t scrub out that codfish stench from your front porch? Then it sounds like YOU need a Spring Break getaway from the action! Take a turn towards greener pastures with an all-expenses-paid vacation to Spring Fling: Slam Dunk, the latest pine-fresh Event that’s just over the horizon! Book today!

Basketbrawl: Slam Dunk!

Trade that saltwater for springwater, because the only sodium chloride you’ll need is the saltiness of your defeated foes in a Basketbrawl dunk-a-thon! 

In the Basketbrawl: Slam Dunk Playlist, it’s a 3v3 game of scoring KOs by sinking your opponents in baskets by throwing… or DUNKING! For the greenhorns out there, KOing a brawler in Basketbrawl traps them in Ballform for a short time, and you’ll be throwing those brawlers through Hoops to score major points. Slam Dunk gives you even more ways to score – by carrying a brawler through a Hoop instead of throwing them, you’ll score 5 points instead of 3! Making a slam dunk has never been easier or more satisfying, because all brawlers will have the bunny-like ability to Super Double Jump! With these high-flyin’ changes, you’ll be soarin’ over Knockout City to score big plays. 30 points will secure the round for you and your peeps, best two of three to win the match!

Eggcellent Contracts!

If you were hopin’ to chow down on some chococoins, you’re a little too late – all the pirates got to them first, and I’m pretty sure they were a little bit expired and/or radioactive. Might explain all the Superpowered Double Jumps everyone seems to have right now… So have some of these Eggcellent Contracts instead! Each one’s an omelet full of XP, Holobux, or Style Chips to fill up on, so get cookin’.

Speaking of eggs, the hunt has returned! 100 hidden Eggs are tucked away on Knockout City’s maps, and your Contracts list will help track your progress in finding them all. When you’re not too busy dunking on your rivals, take a breezy break to hunt for some Eggs. It’s like the Treasure Hunt never ends!

Eight Eggcellent Contracts in the basket will give your profile a rabbit redesign with the Legendary Player Icon “Good Hare Day.” Find every Egg to rain supreme over all 16 Contracts – you’ll earn a new doe-eyed Epic Face “Fun-Time Faun.” It’s got adorable spring-themed makeup that’s perfect for, say, the upcoming Spring Pageant at the rec center. Hope you rehearsed the script, because you’re on in five!

Spring Fling Shop!

Eggs and Contracts aren’t the only thing we’ve planted this Spring Fling! We hedged our bets and brought back a mix of classic and new floral fashions in the Spring Fling Shop, where your glittery green Holobux will go a long way in getting you styled for springtime. 

There’s plenty of new fluorescent finds to discover and enjoy:

  • Four brand new Brags to express your spring-filled feelings. There’s the Uncommon “Gimme Chocolate,” Rare “Spring Has Sprung,” Epic “Eggscellent” and Legendary “Brawlers Dunked” Brags for the buying!
  • Peep through the petunias with the new Rare Glasses “Floral Frames” for 200 Holobux!
  • Antlers are all the rage! Get in on the trend for only 300 Holobux with the Epic Hairstyle “Sylvian Circlet.”
  • Glide on spring breezes with the peaceful new Epic Glider “Secret Garden” for 450 Holobux. You might even forget you’re in a fight!
  • Whether you call them mariposa or schmetterling, you’ll appreciate the bevvy of butterflies on every knockout when you use the Legendary KO Effect “Butterfly Effect,” fluttering buy at 600 Holobux.
  • Reenact the beauty of a blooming flower on your next victory for only 450 Holobux with the Epic MVP Pose “All Over But The Sprouting.” The little dance gets me every time!
  • If moths are more your speed, then you’re in luck! The Legendary Crew Logo “Luna Eclipse” is available nearly for butter-free at 200 Holobux and will deck your Crew out with lovely moth wings.

Bunny Brawler’s Back!

Hopping into the fray once again, the Bunny Brawler Bundle has bounced back into the Brawl Shop! Spice up your next egg hunt with this special Bundle only available during Spring Fling: Slam Dunk. Holobux can buy hoppyness, as it turns out, and 2400 Holobux will add the following to your collection:

  • Legendary Outfit: “Bunny Suit Brawler”
  • Legendary Gloves: “Big Bunny Paws”
  • Legendary Harestyle Hairstyle: “Hopper Helmet”
  • Legendary Face: “Rabbit Respirator”

Dex’s Tech Tips: Basketbrawl Slam Dunk

Ready to put a spring in your step with Super Double Jump? Master the Slam Dunk and you’ll be raining on parades in no time! 

  • Slam Dunks are the best way to get ahead, so play close to the Hoops and hop to it when you get a chance to score a five-point play!
  • Brawl close to your buddies: if you’re trapped in Ballform, your teammates can lend a hand by keeping you out of danger, or fully charging you to release you from Ballform early.
  • There’s no goaltending penalty in Basketbrawl! Try to jump in front of a Hoop to catch a teammate before they get thrown through it, and you’ll be their hero.
  • Super Double Jump is a very flexible Superpower! Use it to approach your opponents from high-up angles that are tough to see coming, or to traverse the map faster with shortcuts. 
  • KOing an opponent in a pit or hazard only gives one point, versus three for a basket or five for a dunk. If you’re alone and trapped in Ballform, you may want to minimize your opponents’ potential point gains by “accidentally” rolling off of the map before they catch you.
  • Professional Basketbrawlers know that passing is a game changer! If you don’t have a clear shot on a Hoop, try passing your Ballform opponent to a teammate so they can make the dunk for maximum points.

Dunk All Day, Starting March 28th!

Grab your “ferns” and get ready to play ball! Spring Fling: Slam Dunk is gonna fly by before you know it, wrapping up the celebration on April 11th. ‘Til then, enjoy the greenery, and don’t forget to bring your A-game!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird