Grab Your Compass and Crew, The Treasure Hunt Event Is On!

Diamonds and More on M-ARR-ch 14th!

Ahoy there, brawler! How’s the weather in your waters? For us, it’s been a full forecast of pirate marauders, with a 100% chance of plunder! Not sure how the weather reporter figured that one, but it’s lookin’ pretty accurate to me with all the swashed buckles and hoisted anchors I’ve been seein’ lately. Anyway, they’ve been lookin’ all over for gold and riches and they’ve been comin’ up short… and short-tempered! Not much is worse than irate pirates, let me tell ya. But somethin’ amazing happened that brought a tidal wave of treasure into the city streets, and now it’s a bejeweled free-for-all!

Dig into Diamond Dash: Treasure Hunt!

I don’t know how long it’s been since these swashbucklin’ brawlers have thrown a dodgeball, but the minute they heard we were brawling in a Playlist called “Diamond Dash” their eyes lit up as bright as beach bonfires! Suddenly, stashes of diamonds hidden under the ocean splashed ashore all at once, like fish flopping onto dry land. It’s almost like the pirates are summoning them all from the briny deep! Could it be magic? Could it be a curse? Could it…*gulp*... be GEARBEARD’S DOING? 

Well, I ain’t gonna question it. A seafaring crew and a search for riches is a pairing on par with PB&J - that’s pirate brawlers and jewels! And you’ll get some glittery beauts to take home too, when you play a few rounds of Diamond Dash: Treasure Hunt, the featured Playlist of the Event!

Diamonds are hidden all over the map in this Playlist, and they’re anyone’s for the taking! Your team of four seafarers earns one point for every Diamond collected in the name of their pirate crew. Of course, standard Diamond Dash rules apply: KO an opponent to spawn team-colored Diamonds that you can collect for points, or collect your allies’ dropped Diamonds to deny your foes from scoring. 

Those waves of neutral Diamonds can really turn the tide! They’ll show up and respawn throughout the match at every 60-second mark on the clock in randomized patterns, so you’ll need to be ready to snatch them up at a moment’s notice. First team to a score of 60 Diamonds is the victor of the round, best two of three rounds to win the “haul” game!

Undersea Soirée Bundle!

Jellyfish Jamboree? Codfish Centennial? Enchantment Beneath the Ocean Dance? Whatever the occasion, wear your Sunday fin-est at any festival on land or sea with the Undersea Soirée Bundle, available now in the Brawl Shop!

This brand new Bundle is a mere 1500 Holobux, easily earned through Long Lost Contracts, and will hook you up with the following fineries for your next deep sea night out:

  • Legendary Player Icon “Seafloor Scout”
  • Legendary Outfit “Tidal Idol”
  • Legendary Crew Banner “Mysteries of the Deep”
  • Epic Taunt “Sea Gall”
  • Epic Glider “Cosmic Ray”
  • Epic Crew Banner “Tentacles”
  • Rare Crew Banner “Scallops”

Scurvy Contracts for Treasure Collectors!

For all the hype they get… have ya ever tried to read a treasure map? I’ve got one right here, and the crumpled thing is so sketchy and cryptic, I can’t make head or armadillo tail of it. “Twenty-odd paces past the arcade and under the plaque?” Who even wrote this? No reward’s worth the headache!

Well, at least Contracts aren’t tryin’ to tease my brain cells too hard. What you see is what you get, and boy do you get a lot of loot for these Long Lost Contracts! 

Each Long Lost Contract will cash you out with either 5,000 XP, 5 Style Chips, or 1000 Holobux on completion, and that’s worth its weight in gold doubloons! Not to mention the exclusive prizes for the most prolific pirates: reel in five Contracts to earn the Epic Brag “Polly Want a KO” – parrot not included. Clear the deck of all 10 Contracts, and you’ll dig up the Legendary Taunt “Grim Roger” for next time you cross swords with an honorable pirate foe.

X Marks the Shop!

When your feet get weary from all those travels and treasure leads, put up your boots and pore over the retail treasures you can find in X Marks the Shop! Scour this limited-time shop page for some seaworthy specials on classic adventure gear of all kinds.

You’ll find plenty to fill your treasure chest with, including Outfits, Gloves, Voices, Poses, Gliders, Ultimate Holograms, KO Effects, Taunts, and Crew supplies, too! Why make a deal with pirates when you can deal with these discounted prices? Whatever you’re seeking, you’ll be fit for treasure-findin’ with a few of these thrifty finds!

Dex’s Tech Tips: Diamond Dash Treasure Hunt

Want to go from deck hand to First Mate? Then pay attention: some of these treasure-nabbing tips may mean the difference between smooth sails and flounderin’ fails! 

  • Scour the maps for Diamonds and learn their general placements across all their possible spawn locations. When a new wave of Diamonds appears, you’ll know you’re bee-lining for the biggest stash!
  • Get the sand out of your ears and listen up! Audio cues will tell you when a wave of Diamonds is about to disappear, with a new wave taking their places. When you hear the sound of treasure calling, it may be best to disengage from battling the opposing team and prepare for some plunderin’ instead.
  • A good captain knows how to divide the labor of their crew – assign some brawlers to Diamond-collecting, and others to targeting the enemy team, and be ready to support each other when the waters get rough.
  • Pair off or group up when taking fire from the opposing team. If your teammate is KOd, you’ll be close enough to collect their dropped Diamonds and scuttle your opponents’ scoring chances.
  • When you’re trailing, it’s time to bring out the heavy cannons: Player Balls and Ultimate Throws will produce five Diamonds per KO instead of the standard three, giving your team a little tailwind with more possible points!
  • See some Diamonds that spawned far away? Ball up and get a teammate to throw you the distance! Your land legs won’t get you there as fast as being carried on the sea breeze!

Find your fortune on March 14th!

Many a stormy wind shall blow before all the treasure goes, but these Diamonds aren’t forever! You’ll have until March 28th to get your treasure-seeking wishes satiated. Better get searchin’, brawler, because this treasure you’ve been seeking this whole time… is friendship! Who would’ve guessed?

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird