Holo-Ween 2022 Is Coming For YOU!!!

Candy, costumes, and creepy Taunts, oh my!

OoOoOoOoOoOo! RaAaAaAaAaAa! GrRrRr-*cough cough* Ack! Criminey. I can’t keep up them spooky noises like I used to…rattles my clavicle.

Uh, hi. The name’s Benny Graves. I’m a brawler just like you. Well, except for the fact I’m a walking skeleton. It’s true! No bones about it! Heh heh…yeah, I’m full of ‘em. Huh? How does a skeleton cough? Never you mind that! 

Dunno why it’s my job, but I guess I got sent from beyond to warn you brawlers about some kinda creepy happening comin’ round the cosmic corner. It’s gonna turn all of Knockout City a “greenish ghoulish glow,” and the moon’s gonna “grimace with ghostly might.” Yeah. Real terrifyin’ stuff, I promise ya. What’d they call it again? 


Time for the Ultimate Trick!

Ahh, I miss the taste of candy. One of the “perks” of being a skeleton is no more high fructose flavors, ‘cuz you got no taste buds. Them’s the breaks, I guess. So grab all the candy you can and savor it for my sake. Candy Wars is creeping back with an Ultimate twist!

In the horrors of Holo-Ween, there will be three teams with two brawlers each meetin’ under the moonlight. But only one team will survive! (Uh, they’ll be fine after the match. It’s an E10+ game we’re talkin’ about, here).

KO a brawler, and they’ll drop candy for you and your teammate to collect, each worth one point. Oh, and if your brawler pal gives up the ghost, you can pick up their dropped candy to deny your foes from scoring. First team to 50 wins!

But here’s the real bone-chiller! When a brawler is KO’d… They’ll fly up with one final breath as an Ultimate Throw to try and have their revenge. You might be minding your own business, just eatin’ candy without a care in the world, then KABOOM! Lights out! That’s the Ultimate Trick part, see? If you get bonked and find yourself flyin’ like a bat outta Holowood, then try and get some sweet payback… if you dare!

Candy Corn Contracts!

You think it’s easy being a skeleton? Ha! More like a skele-ton of work! I gotta do my job and warn y’all about the impending Spoopy Contracts, and I don’t even get time off to go complete ‘em. Scare up a buddy of yours to help out in Candy Wars: Ultimate Trick, and you’ll chew through ‘em like chocolate. 

Every match you complete and every Spoopy Contract you seal the pact on gets you Holo-Ween Tickets. Trust me, you’re gonna want those, I can feel it in my…bones. Ugh, now I'm even disgusted with myself.

Clean out four Spoopy Contracts on your neighborhood block to jinx your profile with the “Holo-Ween Hiss” Legendary Player Icon. Chow down on eight Contracts and you’ll get a bubbly new brew to play with: the “Splash Potion” Legendary Ultimate Throw Hologram. 

Haunt Taunt Shop!

Take it from an ol’ spooky scary skele-boy like me: the best frights come from shock and horror. Gotta be sneaky and make ‘em jump! You’re never gonna reach my natural levels of fear factor, but you’ll still get plenty of screams out of the Haunt Taunt Shop. Cash in your Holo-Ween Tickets here for some creepy customizations you can use all year round. 

The stars of this spooktacle are the 12 Legendary Taunts that give the Haunt Taunt Shop its name. There’s some funny, some frightful, and some flippin’ scary Taunts in this mix, and they’ve all got special sounds and animations to really sell their spookiness. Lemme give you a peek into the Pandora’s Box of what’s to come… 

  • “Creepy Conjuror” — Crank up that Pirate Radio loud enough, and it'll get loud enough to raise the dead...or at least, lift your spirits.
  • “Deal with the Devil” — Better read the fine print on all those Contracts you’re closing out, or you’ll get stuck with a dead-end job like me! Seal their fate as you throw a Brawler into a hazard... now that’s bad to the bone.
  • “Sweet Tooth” — Aww, ya like candy corn? Well once you see this fella’s fangs you might not feel so chipper. Yeesh, ever heard of a toothbrush?

Taunts aren’t the only undead deal you’ll find in the Haunt Taunt Shop. Try rocking some spooky Legendary Poses to really get into the spirit of things, such as…

  • “Trick or Treat” — No need to smell my feet. Give 'em a scare, then give ‘em some sweets!
  • “Dirt Nap” — Rest your bones in a not-so-cushy coffin to represent your disappointment at defeat.
  • “Toil and Trouble” — Stir up some trouble as you perfect your potion-brewing craft. Taste testers wanted.
  • “Vroom Broom” — Fire up this old broom and let it crypt! You’ll soar far above the sore losers below.

But scariest of all will be the fate of your unspent Holo-Ween Tickets after Holo-Ween ends - OoOoOoOo! They’ll vanish out of thin air, never to be heard from again. That’s a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anyone, so you better spend as many as you can! ‘Cuz you can’t take them with you…Heh heh heh.

Holo-Ween Havoc Bundle!

Do you believe in magic? Well, I got no choice, I’m a walking skeleton. Magic’s literally holding me together. But if your unimaginative brain needs more convincing, then summon up the Holo-Ween Havoc Bundle in the Brawl Shop, only available during Holo-Ween! That enchanting pointy hat means magical business, and 2400 Holobux will net you the complete spellcasting set:

  • “Wicked Looks” Legendary Outfit
  • “Magic Touch” Rare Gloves
  • “Mystic Makeup” Legendary Face
  • “Witch Hat” Legendary Hairstyle

Dex’s Tech Tips: Holo-Ween 2022

Candy Wars: Ultimate Trick may be chaotic, but with some of these tips, you’ll turn the haunters into the haunted:

  • Be Eerie-tating: Play close to your opponents so you’ll be ready to scoop up their dropped candy when they’re KO’d. Play too far away, and you might lose your candy stash to other players!
  • Hide Under the Covers (of your Crew): While most KOs cause a brawler to drop three candies, Player Throws and Ultimate Throws cough up five candies. If you’re trailing, try to find openings to make high-scoring plays to close the gap.
  • Fool Their Ex-specterations: Use the Fast Fall command when dropping during your Ultimate Throw! And don’t forget about using Bounce Pads to extend your airtime. Mixing up your fall speed can help you get some surprise KOs.
  • The Sole Survivor: Don’t let yourself get KO’d right after your teammate! You can try and pick up their dropped candy to deny points if you’re still on your feet. If they get an Ultimate KO, you’ll be in prime position to score from their hard work.
  • An Uncollected Boo-unty: Likewise, just because you can get an Ultimate KO doesn’t mean you should. If you don’t have a teammate nearby to capitalize, those extra candies you create from a cratered opponent can easily be stolen! 

Treat Yourself on October 18th!

Well, there ya have it. Spooky impending doom coming soon. Scared yet? You will be, I bet my mandible on it. Holo-Ween 2022 will spirit away along with me on November 1st, so get out there and boo some brawlers!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird