KO City x TMNT!

Shell-Shocking New Event Coming September 20th, starring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Fight Alongside the Fearsome Fighting Team!

“Hey, is this Pangolin Pizza? Great. I’d like to order a large pepperoni with extra cheese for delivery, please…

Wait, what? How can you be out of pizza? You just opened, like, an hour ago!

…Oh, got it. Turtles. Yeah. You’re like the fourth place I called. Yup. They’re all cleaned out too. Eh, thanks anyway. Bye.”

Well, I guess fighting in a Mutant Mutiny sure builds up an appetite! Keep ‘em fed, and our friends the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are gonna kick some shell, for sure. Read all about the TMNT here, and go join ‘em in the next radical Event coming to Knockout City! Wonder if they’ve got leftovers…

Click Here to Watch the KO City x TMNT Event Trailer on YouTube!

In Search of Pizza!

It’s a pizza party in Knockout City, and Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo of the TMNT are guests of honor! Starting on September 20th, pieces of delicious, tasty pizza will pepper every dodgebrawl arena for brawlers to find and collect in Street Play and League Play. Mmm… fresh from the pavement! Hey, don’t judge – one of my mutant powers is a dedicated pizza stomach. Eight slices make up a complete pie on every map, so search everywhere until you’ve boxed the last one to-go! 

Deep-Dish Contracts!

Hone your ninja training (and pizza-eating prowess) with 14 bodacious Event Contracts to challenge yourself with. Ten contracts will track your progress on pizza collecting, and all 14 will earn you a cool 1000 XP apiece. Hope you’re ready, fearless leader (of your Crew)! 

Every two completed Contracts will earn you a TMNT reward! At two, four, six, and eight Contracts completed, you’ll earn a Legendary Player Icon featuring Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey. Finishing ten Contracts lets you rock the Heroes in a Half Shell as a Legendary Crew Banner, with Fearsome Fighting Team. And finally, completing 12 will net you one rockin’ reward: the exclusive Legendary Crew Vehicle, the Party Wagon! It's the Turtles’ own green-and-yellow set of wheels, and it’s all yours to keep your Crew’s party going forever!

Mutation Rotation!

Now you may be wondering, “Gee, how can I even keep up with the Ninja Turtles and all of their mutant abilities if I’m just an ordinary brawler?” Good news – you can! Just expose yourself to the Featured Playlist of KO City x TMNT, Mutation Rotation!

Two teams of four brawlers each will rise to oppose each other in a race for 15 KOs. But here’s the totally tubular twist: every round, a random Mutation affects every brawler simultaneously! These Mutations will warp the rules, physics, or even the visuals and sound! Since it’s a best two of three to win, you’ll be seeing multiple Mutations happen in every match. There’s 18 different Mutations that’ll mold your gameplay, and here they are in all their goo-lory:

  • Energized Body: Heal your hearts over time, and instantly charge dodgeballs.
  • Stiff Arms: Brawlers can’t catch! 
  • Icy Feet: Slip and slide when you move as if you’re on ice.
  • Tunnel Vision: Brawlers get so focused, they lose their peripheral vision! 
  • Explosive Temper: Explode like a Bomb Ball upon getting KO’d.
  • Ballform Boost: Move faster in Ballform!
  • Wrecking-Ball Head: Knockback from everything is multiplied, sending brawlers flying.
  • Half Hearted: Every brawler has only a sliver of health, so Instant-KOs all around!
  • Phase Hands: Targeted balls pass through walls, floors and ceilings to hit their targets.
  • Foggy Brain: There’s thick fog everywhere, and no HUD either!
  • Vampire Teeth: Your health slowly drains, but scoring hits will gain back health!
  • Moon Genes: Gravity is lowered for every brawler - for the DJ, it’s just a Tuesday!
  • Haunted Stomach: KOing a brawler will cause Soda or Bomb Balls to pop out.
  • Big Boned: Smash it up as a giant-sized brawler, and deal damage on Tackles!
  • Baby Brawlers: Tiny-sized brawlers zip and zoom with faster movement speed.
  • Lightning Passer: Every Pass increases Overcharge all the way up to Tier 6!
  • Flapping Mitts: Failed catch attempts when targeted will cause a half-heart of damage.
  • Nostalgia Vision: Everything looks and sounds like an old-timey movie!

What’d I tell ya? Now you can be on even footing with the Ninja Turtles and every other brawler in your match! Adapt to the quirks of every Mutation, and you’ll be a lean, green, fighting machine.

Dex’s Tech Tips: Mastering your Mutations

Since Mutation Rotation is a 4 vs 4 Playlist, it’s the perfect time to bring all four of the Ninja Turtles together! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bundle will let you and your Crew coordinate to bring the entire Fearsome Fighting Team into a match. 

Ready to rank up your dodgebrawl ninjitsu? I may not be a radical rat sensei, but I’ve got some wisdom to share, if you’re willing to study.

  • Dunk with no Defense: With Stiff Arms, Vampire Teeth, Half Hearted, or Flapping Mitts in play, it pays to get aggressive! Force a mistake with Fake Throws and keep on the pressure.
  • Team up in Tough Times: Icy Feet, Foggy Brain, Tunnel Vision, or Nostalgia Vision make it hard to get around, so play close to your team and cover for each other as you comically stumble or slide around.
  • Ninja Strike: Phase Hands, Ballform Boost, or Moon Genes can let you set up some sneaky plays! Stay mobile and pop up where an opponent won’t expect.
  • Hazardous Contents: Haunted Stomach or Explosive Temper make it risky to play nearby, so keep your distance to avoid going boom. 
  • Faster than the Foot Clan: Energized Body or Lightning Passer means some speedy dodgeballs will be heading your way, so stay alert and turn those Catches into counterattacks!

Cowabunga, It’s Coming September 20th!

If a Mutation pizza sprinkled with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goodness is what you crave, then KO City x TMNT is sure to satisfy. Brawl hard and consume mondo amounts of pizza until October 4th, when the Party Wagon pulls away. It’s up next in Mutant Mutiny, so get ready to fight the power – with Turtle Power!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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