Patch 6.1

Our first patch since our free-to-play launch features changes to Ballform escapes, gameplay adjustments, visual fixes, and more.

Patch 6.1 features the following improvements:

“Ballform Escape” Mechanical Improvements

The previous attempt at solving issues allowing players to infinitely keep players stuck in Ballform using Cage Balls, Super Strength, or well-timed hits in Basketbrawl has been reverted and replaced by an entirely new system detailed below:

  • This previous change would continually lower the amount of time you were trapped in Ballform if re-captured, which unfortunately created an issue where players could continually Ball Up into an opponent’s arms and immediately break free, therefore “stun-locking” them. 
  • With this new update, when players break out of any type of “trapped” Ballform state, they will now be in a very brief state of “Ballform invulnerability” indicated by a subtle white flashing effect on their brawler.
  • While in this “Ballform invulnerability” state, players are NOT generally invulnerable to damage, but they ARE invulnerable to being trapped in Ballform again or from Balling Up into an opponent's arms.

More specifically, while in this “Ballform invulnerability” state:

  • Cage Balls will hit the player but bounce off without damaging them or trapping them in Ballform.
  • In Superpowers Playlists, being tackled by a player with Super Strength will cause a normal Tackle reaction instead of grabbing the player in Ballform.
  • Players can still manually Ball Up, but can only be picked up by teammates and NOT by opponents. However, being picked up by a teammate immediately ends the “Ballform invulnerability” state.
  • In Basketbrawl Playlists, the player will take a non-damaging hit. This is the only time players are actually invulnerable to damage, since taking damage in this Playlist would cause the player to be forced into Ballform again.
  • In non-Basketbrawl Playlists, being hit by a ball, Player Ball, or Ultimate Throw will still damage players in this state.


  • Fixed an issue causing Bundles to occasionally reappear in the Brawl Shop after being purchased.
  • Fixed an issue causing dodgeballs to occasionally be invisible during Midnight Madness.
  • Fixed an issue preventing “new” icons from appearing on Loyalty Royalty cosmetics.
  • Fixed an issue causing a blank white popup to appear occasionally when purchasing Holobux.
  • Fixed an issue causing other players to appear to slide around while moving with a charged ball.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing the game to crash when changing the Anisotropic Filtering Quality setting.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to target already-KO’d opponents.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players were occasionally prevented from purchasing items from the Brawl Shop, even when they have enough Holobux.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to receive loss forgiveness if a teammate was missing for less than 25% of the match.
  • Fixed an issue where players that disconnected during the “match setup” screen were not being replaced during the match.
  • Fixed an issue causing some KO Effects to appear as white squares.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing a thrown Boomerang Ball to get stuck zipping around a spot in the air.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the “I Need a Hero” Crew Contract from progressing properly.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused “Forgiven” text to not appear when receiving Loss Forgiveness while the player has zero League Points in a Division.
  • Fixed an issue in the League Play Results Sequence for Diamond players causing Skill Rating updates to show as going from zero to the new Skill Rating, instead of the old Skill Rating to the new Skill Rating.
  • Added several other behind-the-scenes improvements, including implementation of infrastructure to switch several backend services over to Velan in the near future.

Thanks to those of you who post in the #community-support channel in Discord when you encounter unusual game behavior. These reports help us figure out how to reproduce these behaviors and find fixes. For anything related to lag or server issues, or if you need support on a particular issue, please visit and include as many details as you can. Thanks for your assistance!

Jeremy Russo
Game Director