Patch 7.1

Several gameplay, matchmaking, and account-side fixes in 7.1

Hello, brawlers! The 7.1 patch is now live, and featuring the changes listed below! In addition to our update to account management services, there’s a couple of gameplay, matchmaking, visual, and Customization bug fixes included in this update. Let’s dive in!

Account Management:

  • Added Epic Account Services to Title Screen login.
    - For all the details on this backed update to our account management services, read the detailed info here.
    - The important thing: log into the game by January 10th, 2023 to maintain your progress, including Customizations, Holobux, and Street Rank!


  • Sludge Works – Improved idle dodgeball pillar of light behavior.
    - Pre-patch, dodgeballs actively rolling due to movement from the sludge filling the map had their pillar of light disabled, making them tough to track down. Now, the pillar of light will appear on dodgeballs moving at slow rolling speeds when idle, making the pillar of light appear more frequently and making idle dodgeballs easier to track.
  • Improved matchmaking for groups.
    - With this adjustment, the frequency of Groups being paired with individuals or Groups with much lower average matchmaking skill ratings will be much lower. Let us know about how your matches are going after this patch!
  • Matchmaking in League Play Diamond matches will more strongly prioritize players closer in SR.
    - This change intends to make Diamond matches more competitive at lower levels and minimize blowouts from high-leaderboard Diamond players against newer Diamonds.
  • Fixed some Private Match Playlists not allowing Sludge Works as a map selection in Advanced Options.

Brawl Shop:

  • Fixed several issues regarding the functionality of the S7 Fundle Bundle.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could only see base cosmetics in game.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not see their Crew Cosmetics.
  • Fixed an issue where buying additional brawler slots would reset the player’s Player Icon and Hideout Ball to default.

Visuals and Sound:

  • Fixed an issue where Spectators could not see nametags for other brawlers.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ball Charge SFX would be muted for others if cancelled then immediately re-charged.

Platform-Specific Bugfixes:

  • Sludge Works – Fixed performance issues for Xbox Series X.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the Brawl Shop on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed the Deluxe Bundle purchase screen on Steam.
  • Fixed several issues affecting joining groups with platform friends on console platforms.
  • Fixed a freeze caused by the use of Airplane mode on Nintendo Switch.


  • Fixed an issue where frequently restarting matchmaking would produce oddities in League Play.
  • Updated text and localization files.
  • Made several fixes to text in the English EULA.

As always, let our Support channels know when you notice strange things happening in KO City. These reports help us track down and troubleshoot these issues, and lead to a better gameplay for everyone. Reach out to for assistance, and stay up-to-date on progression of current issues on our public Trello board.

Jeremy Russo
Game Director