Double Midnight Madness Begins May 10th!

Double XP for Double the Weeks!

Hey, is this mic on? Check check, one-two, one-two…

Okay, brawlers! Turn up the volume and dress your best, ‘cuz you know what time it is… Time to send off Season 5 with the biggest, baddest party you’ve ever seen! The night’s young and the neon’s glowin’! I’m bringin’ the Energy Drinks, and you all better bring your A-Game – this party’s goin’ for twice as long!

More XP Every Match!

You’ll know it’s Midnight Madness again when you see night-themed arenas and neon holograms lighting up the city. We’ve wrapped up every season of dodgebrawling with Midnight Madness ever since Season 1, but this time, we’re celebrating for two whole weeks – no invitation needed!

These lights are more than just for show! Every match you complete during Midnight Madness rewards double Match XP! And if you’ve picked up some Friend XP and Crew XP Boosts during Season 5, you’re gonna maximize your gains when you play with your buddies! Party on and watch that XP soar!

Double Up on Fan Favorites!

And what hits will we be playing this time around? Whatever the people want, baby! Our community-voted Featured Playlist will be the top two winners of our Playlist Poll, featuring one Playlist for each week! Let’s take a closer look at our two winners…

  • Ball-Up Brawl - 5/10 to 5/17: It’s roll up or get rolled! Your team will race to earn 12 KOs using the greatest power of all… friendship. Or at least, a teammate in Ballform! Four players per side with no dodgeballs on the field - it’s going to be Player Balls and Ultimate Throws all day and all night! Hope you brought your case of Coconut Crash Energy Drinks!
  • OOPS All Playlists! - 5/17 to 5/24: Uh-oh, here we go again… I think the DJ’s completely fried the Playlist Selector Thingamajig this time! It’s gonna take a week to get repair parts up to the moon, so have fun playing… whatever this literal joke of a Playlist is for an entire week. It’s kinda like Basketbrawl, if you put seven other Playlists into a blender with it, added hot sauce, and viewed it through a fisheye lens. Hey, y’all wanted chaos, and I ain’t gonna stand in your way - crank up that ridiculousness to 11!

Earn double Match XP, play the greatest hits, and soak up that sweet, sweet Midnight Madness atmosphere… Sounds like a great night on the town to me!

Level Up with Double The Contracts!

What’s better than XP? How ‘bout MORE XP? Midnight Madness Contracts will load you up with lots of Street Rank level-ups, awarding XP with every goal checked off! And since we’re doubling up on this season’s Midnight Madness, that means double the Contracts, and double the completion rewards!

Aw, didja get hit? Don’t get mad – get REALLY MAD! Channel that inner dodgebrawl beast with the Legendary Taunt Brawl Beast and make ‘em quake in their shoes!

Full-time party people, eh? Then you’ll want to complete every Midnight Madness contract to add these threads to your closet! The Legendary Outfit Sunset Slugger makes every day feel like midnight, with neon-glowing fabric and a starry shimmer guaranteed to make you the life of the party!

Last Call for Loyalty Royalty!

Season 6 is juuuuust around the corner, and a whole lotta new folks will be showing up for the free to play launch on June 1s. But guess what? We wanna treat y’all who got in on the ground floor! Every brawler who’s played the full game prior to June scores the Loyalty Royalty Bundle, packed with Holobux and one-of-a-kind cosmetics that are only for the Year One OGs. If you know someone who wants in on the action, get their royal rears in gear and tell them to play a round of the full game before June 1

*Not available in Japan

Catch it LIVE! Midnight Knockout Season 5!

Now here’s another time-honored tradition among us brawlers: the official Midnight Knockout Tournament! The best of the best in Europe and North America battle it out for cash and an exclusive Player Icon! The top eight finalists from NA and EU regions are going to be playing LIVE on the Knockout City official Twitch channel – you do NOT want to miss it! Tune in on May 21st (EU Finals) and May 22nd (NA Finals) to see what the top brawlers can do!

Dex’s Tech Tips: Light Up The Night!

No matter what Playlist you’re running, you’re always gonna need the fundamentals of good dodgebrawling! Here’s a couple of quick reminders from yours truly…

  • Passing – Just Do It! Passes win brawls! Hand off a ball when a teammate’s got a perfect shot lined up, and you’ll be racking up hits and KOs just like that! Of course, make sure you’re timing it right – don’t let that ball bounce off a wall on its way to your partner’s hands.
  • Ballform – Why Walk When You Can Fly? Player Balls aren’t just offensive threats – they’re great for positioning, too! Chuck a friend to a faraway Ball Spawner and they’ll beat a sprinting player to the punch every time. If another teammate’s in trouble, throw a buddy over to back them up!
  • Fakes – Don’t Be Predictable! Even the best brawlers can fall for a convincing Fake Throw in the heat of the brawl. But don’t fool yourself into thinkin’ you can fake willy-nilly! When you’re faking a throw, you’re locked out of catching and dodging, leaving yourself completely defenseless. Learn your habits and master them – getting too predictable is a one-way ticket to getting clobbered!
  • Escape Route – Know Where to Go! If a brawl is goin’ south, the smart play is to regroup with your teammates! Careful, though – don’t get cornered! Know the maps and avoid places where you can be easily surrounded.
  • Friends For Life! If you’re feelin’ down, play in a Group! If you loved playing with a teammate, it’s easy to select their profile on the results screen and send them a Group invite to keep the party rolling. When you’re facing the tough streets of Knockout City with friends by your side, you’re gonna relish the wins and shrug off the losses. With the right Group, you’ll rule the streets and smile every step of the way.

To Those About To Brawl… We Salute You!

Double Midnight Madness parties on ‘till dawn on May 2 Play the chart-toppers, rack up that XP, and say goodbye to the Greatest Hits of Season 5 with the wrap party of the year. From all of us here at Knockout City, thanks for partying with us – it’s only gonna get wilder from here on out, but I know you’ve got the skills to take it all on. ARE YOU READY? Let’s ROCK!

*mic drop*

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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