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Brawlers Bellow & Holler for Heatwave!

Let the Water Balloons Soar . . .

Brawler . . . need a break?

Are you searching for an oasis of entertainment in a desert of drab?
Are you ready to unwind, chillax, get away to a get-away to play all day in the ocean spray??

If the answer to those questions is a simmering, sizzlin’ “YES", then I’ve got hot hot HOT news that’ll quench your thirst for thrills! Break out the sunblock, sandals, and swimsuits, brawler – I’ve got a ticket to paradise with your name on it. I’m sending you on a KO CITY SUMMER VACAY! 

It’s time to bask beachside, blow up balloons and fill ‘em to the brim with crisp, cold H2O. Why? To SHOWER your opponents in a Splash Zone they’ll never suspect, of course! Grab your surfboard and catch HEATWAVE: the fun-in-the-sun fourth event of Season 6: City of Tomorrow!

Sunglasses = ON. The future is BRIGHT! Check out the trailer for Heatwave 2022, which arrives on August 2nd!

Midnight Madness Player’s Choice Playlist – Vote Now!

Time to send off Season 6 with the biggest, baddest party you’ve ever seen in . . . Midnight Madness!
Vote in our Featured Playlist Poll to help us decide how we'll wrap up City of Tomorrow. The one with the most votes will be the Playlist of choice for August 23-30 2022!

Knockout City Players' Choice Playlist - Season 6 - Online Poll -

Heatwave 2022 Event Contract Rewards

With TONS of trophies to reward your hard work, this summer is going to be one for the scrapbooks! Win 1000 XP by completing the Heatwave Event Contracts. 

Up for a challenge? Complete 4 Heatwave 2022 Contracts to unlock the Legendary Player Icon: Ice Creamed. Still not satisfied?? Climb farenHEIGHTS never before reached by taking on “Best Summer Ever”: Complete 8 Heatwave 2022 Contracts to unlock the Catching Rays Epic Taunt!

Crew Contracts

Pool parties, star-gazing, barbecues, and island adventures all make for an unforgettable summer. But every brawler knows that nothing makes a vacation quite so memorable as earning Crew Contract Rewards! Check out the goodies offered for Week 10 and Week 11 of Season 6 . . .

Week 10 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Epic Crew Horn: Ding Dong!
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a Legendary Crew XP Boost

Week 11 Crew Contract Rewards:

  • Complete 3 Crew Contracts to unlock the Epic Crew Logo: Trashy
  • Complete 5 Crew Contracts to unlock a Legendary Crew XP Boost


Don’t forget to dry off from Water Balloon Fighting in the Heatwave Shop! Some classic standouts in the return of the Heatwave Shop include the Rare Sun In Your Eyes Glasses and Rare Sun Visor Hair! Find out more about the Heatwave Shop, PLUS the featured Summer Heat bundle by reading the latest Knockout City Blog post.

If LIGHT is more your SPEED, check out the Lightspeed Bundle for 2400 Holobux. Glow like a firefly with these illuminating items . . . 

  • Epic Outfity: HoloNet Avatar
  • Legendary Hairstyle: Binary Buns
  • Epic Glasses: Wire Frames
  • Legendary Crew Vehicle: Speed of Light Bike
  • Epic Glider: Wire Frame Flier
  • Legendary Ultimate Hologram: Throwing Shapes

Lastly (but far from least-ly), Week 11 of Season 6 is going to see the Loading Ready Run Bundle back in action! For 2100 Holobux, these technological marvels can be yours. Once you’ve donned your Faceted Fade Hair and jumped aboard your Circuit Breaker Vehicle, you’ll be surfin’ the web in STYLE . . .

  • Legendary Outfit: Run Program
  • Epic Gloves: Tri-Grip
  • Epic Hairstyle: Faceted Fade
  • Legendary Crew Vehicle: Circuit Breaker

Upcoming Playlists

Splish-splash, it’s a Water Balloon bash in Heatwave 2022! Play the 3-on-3 Water Balloon Fight Playlist, featuring the EXCLUSIVE Water Balloon Special Ball!

Check out the full Season 6 Week 10 and Week 11 Playlist Schedules:

Community Hub

This week’s Community Hub is JAM-PACKED! Our Online Hideout has been bursting lately with involvement opportunities, upcoming events, and genius brawler content. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in! 


Brawler and artist Gaith is at it again with another high-flying piece! “0 Gravity, 0 Worries” is Gaith’s ode to Knockout City’s very own Man in the Moon. Here’s what Gaith had to say about making this gorgeous gif . . .

“I have [music] playlists for when I draw and this one was inspired by the one for the Moon Man Crew, cuz our Crew lore revolves around our brawlers and the DJ, so we have songs on it specifically for DJ like; Space Oddity, Rocketman, and Starman.”

A marvelous marsupial mask melts the mind in this detailed, down-under drawing by artist pikss_pikki! “KOALA_GIRL” is a conceptual piece based on the styles of Knockout City brawlers. I am in AWE of this design. Well done, pikss_pikki! (psst…if you’re loving the fanart portion of Community Hub, join the conversation and visit the fanart channel in Knockout City’s official Discord server!)

It wouldn’t be “Knockout City, baby!” without a little levity! Enter local comedian Helperb0t with their latest creation: “Helperb0t's Oops All Cage Balls: Part of a Brawlenced Breakfast!” About their humorous (delicious?) piece, Helperb0t says:

“How does the Cage Ball Cult start their day? By dunking some Cage Balls (in milk of course)!”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to start my mornings off right with a heaping helping of Helperb0t’s!

Midnight Knockout Tournament Qualifier Sign-Ups

Sign-ups are live now for the Midnight Knockout Tournament Qualifiers! Brawl against the best teams in NA and EU for your chance at a $5000 prize pool, Holobux, and an exclusive Player Icon for the best of the best (as seen below).

Click Here to Sign Up for EU Qualifiers.
Click Here to Sign Up for NA Qualifiers

Want more info? Check out this post on the Reddit.

The Dodgem Awards

Introducing… “The Dodgems!”

Midnight Madness is coming up next month, and we want to celebrate by taking a look back at the City of Tomorrow and all the amazingly creative brawlers populating it. On August 23rd, we’ll be hosting a special bonus stream on our Twitch featuring top finalists for the upcoming Midnight Knockout tournament. Our pre-show will be a community awards segment we’re calling “The Dodgems!”

Want fame, fortune, and 500 Holobux? Then serve up your best Season Six themed fanart and gameplay clips on Twitter! Tag Knockout City on Twitter, then add #kocitydodgemawards and your chosen category to the post body to enter. Finalists will win 500 Holobux and get their work featured LIVE on our August 23rd stream!

Without further ado, here are your categories! ⤵⤵⤵

Gameplay Clips:

  • Biggest Boomerang Ball Play
  • Best Dodgebrawl Blooper
  • The Backpack Award for Hardest Carry


  • Super Science
  • Knockout City Deep Lore
  • Brawlers in Action

Submissions close on August 16th, so share your work by then!

Additional Details:

  • Submissions open on 7/26 and close on 8/16.
  • Submissions that do not name a category or do not adhere to the submission guidelines may be rejected.
  • Submissions must be all-ages appropriate to be considered for a finalist award.
  • Gameplay clips and fanart may be submitted for one category at a time.
  • Gameplay clips should not exceed 30 seconds.
  • Participants may submit an entry in multiple categories (and may even be a finalist in multiple categories), but may only receive one 500 Holobux prize.
  • Finalist selection will be made internally by a panel of Velan staff.
  • Reach out to Velan – DexTheThird on our Discord for any additional questions.

Thanks, brawlers! Good luck!

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

And now, a word from our DJ:

Brawler Ari brings the house down in this rock-in-roll clip from the Ol’ Clock App! The odds were against Ari (known around the cyber-sphere as the Online Fairy), but with a little quick thinkin’ and a whole lotta elbow grease, they dipped, dodged and dashed their way to a grand slam! Well done, Ari. This next song goes out to you!

The Grand Finale

Enjoy your vacation, brawler. It’s a sun-soaked wonderland out there, waitin’ for the takin’! Don’t forget to send a postcard after pummelin’ the competition with water balloons, then treatin’ yourself to some sweet deals in the Heatwave Shop.

As always, you are MORE than welcome to hijack the hijinx with the rest of the Knockout City online community by following Knockout City on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok! For merch, tournament sign-ups, the KO City Twitch and YouTube channels and SO much more, check out this link.

That’s BRAWL for now, brawler – CATCH ya later!

Grace Vaughan
Associate Social Media Manager

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