Midnight Madness Closes Out The City of Tomorrow!

Party like there’s no tomorrow on August 23rd

Wooo, it’s the end of the Season! Grab your energy drinks and kiss your bedtime goodbye, because it’s a party all night long where brawlers make the rules. Got your invite? Better check your mail - DJ just sent me mine!

Midnight Madness: It’s a Double XP Party!

You ever been to a backyard concert? Well just imagine that, but covering the entire city. Yeah, to the DJ, the City is his backyard for this one week. And he’s put up decorations, too - check out all the makeovers in every map, with nighttime lighting and neon holograms plastered on every wall and building. The biggest highlight? Double Match XP for every completed dodgebrawl match! If you’re planning to just chill on the patio at this party, think again, pal. You’re comin’ with me, and we’re gonna clean house!

Contracts: Rockin’ Rewards

Looks like food, music, glow-sticks and party games are all covered, so I guess all we need to bring is ourselves - and some of these Event Contracts to raise the roof! You’re earning 2000 XP for every cleared contract (that’s double the normal amount!) and working your way to some amazing prizes.

Clear all five of these XP-gaining Contracts, and you’ll be able to make any time party time with the Legendary Taunt: Dancing Pizza. Drop some hot pepperoni beats to keep the party going forever! 

Even More Midnight Cosmetics?

The party don’t stop - even Crew Contracts and the Brawl Shop are getting in on the good times! The all-Legendary tier of Midnight Madness cosmetics share night skies and neon lights in their DNA. There’s lots to light up the night this time around!

Rock around the block with a cityscape-style Crew Banner, “This City Never Sleeps!” - pick this one up for completing enough Crew Contracts during Midnight Madness.

I wanna soar through the stars, while being covered in stars. That’s basically what a comet is, right? All I need is the “Midnight Flight” Glider from the Brawl Shop - just gotta watch out for fireworks!

But more importantly, you gotta look your brawlin’ best for the party to make us look spiffy. How about this Brawl Shop combo - the “Mid-Night” Sky outfit, and “Night Game” Gloves? It’s the perfect set for any all-night brawl fest! Tank those tackles with your armored stuff, and use that catcher’s mitt when I pass you an Energy Drink! 


The DJ’s such an awesome host - even though we’re all smacking and tackling each other in ruthless dodgebrawl battles for dominance, he wants everyone to feel included. So he ran a Playlist Poll for the entire brawler community to put their requests in, and the results are here: Superpowers: Power Grab is gonna be our jam of choice for the whole week as the Featured Playlist! 

First seen in Heroes Reborn, Superpowers: Power Grab empowers you to choose a Superpower at the start of the round, and every time you’re KO’d. Who doesn’t love feeling super? Apparently a lot of you, as Power Grab won our Playlist Poll by a heroic landslide!

Midnight Knockout Finals: August 27th and 28th!

The DJ wasn’t foolin’ when he said he was inviting the best. 16 teams of legendary brawlers are gonna clash at the party - it’s the official Midnight Knockout Tournament! The best of the best in Europe and North America battle it out for cash and an exclusive Player Icon, and it’ll be streaming LIVE on the Knockout City official Twitch channel! August 27th for EU and 28th for NA - be there, or be KO'd!

The Dodgem Awards

The submissions are in, and we're thrilled to share your finalists of the first-ever Dodgem Awards! Make sure you tune in to Twitch on August 23rd for the awards ceremony and boatloads of fun with Midnight Knockout finalists on stream with the Velan team. Can't wait to celebrate!

Dex’s Tech Tips: Midnight Madness

Y’all are pretty much pros by now if you’ve been following along with these posts. So let me drop some advanced meta knowledge that might help you elevate your game even further. Catch the Midnight Knockout Tournament, and I guarantee you’ll be seeing at least a few of these:

  • Positioning is key – Being in close quarters when you receive a passed dodgeball is a massive advantage in the high-speed, high-offense world of advanced Knockout City! You can strike from a range that forces players to try and predict your throw, and lets you punish their mistakes.
  • Ball control is critical – One of the most important lessons to learn early on is to only throw when you’re sure you can score a hit. Giving up dodgeballs at long ranges that are easy to catch will give enemy teams more options to fight back. Player Balls are a high-reward but high-risk play, and holding more dodgeballs on your side places clock pressure on the opposing team if they are down in score.
  • Aerial play and high ground for mix-ups – Throwing a Player Ball into the sky for scouting and surprise drop attacks is a useful high-level tactic in your team’s toolbox. Any vertical-oriented attacks can be unpredictable, so attacking from unexpected angles can help surprise foes into attempting catches and getting punished on the vulnerable frames of their catches or dodges.
  • Use map geometry for safety – Rounding a corner or using obstacles on the map to take the impact of a dodgeball is great for keeping safe and healthy, and can help when retreating from an unfavorable matchup.
  • Divide teams and isolate players – Winning a 1v2 or 1v3 is extremely difficult at high levels of play, especially against a team proficient at using passes and timing their attacks. Try to look for opportunities to corner opponents and cut off escapes to earn KOs. If alone, the opponent has no backup to deflect or make catches for them.
  • Don’t give up! - let’s turn the tables and imagine that you’re the cornered one against two or three opponents. Keep the dodgeballs out of their hands by catching and throwing them away, sprint fast, and look for your respawning teammates to try and meet them halfway to get some backup!

Party in the Streets, Starting August 23rd!

Super-Science might be moving on, but we’ll all remember the good times we had and memories we made this Season, huh? Let’s make this a scientific sendoff for the ages! Get ready to rock ‘til the end of August!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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