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Brawl Shop Bundles? Community highlights? Double XP Weekend? Read all about it in today’s edition of the one and only Knockout City Chronicle!

Hey, brawlers, guess what? You’re getting a guest editorial today! That’s right, it's DexTheThird’s turn to take up the pen and serve up spicy news, fan works, and all the wordplay you can stand to handle.

Hope all you new citizens have been having a blast in Knockout City since our free-to-play launch! I know what it’s like to be the new kid in town. Why, this time last year, I was just another poofy-haired, starry-eyed brawler lurkin’ the official Discord server and learning how to catch. One year later, and I’m rolling with Lynn, Josh, and the rest of the Velan Crew, dishing up blogposts and thinking up trailers to share my favorite one-of-a-kind dodgebrawl battler with the world. What an honor... I still can’t believe it sometimes! All I can say is, dream big, folks: you never know just where picking up a dodgeball can take you!

But enough about me, let’s get to this week’s headlines in Knockout City! And before we do that, you’d better check out these recaps:

  • City of Tomorrow is here! Season Six is in full swing with Boomerang Ball, Hideout upgrades, the return of the Brawl Pass featuring Among Us, and more. Check out that event roadmap, too!
  • How To Play! Picture this: your favorite dodgeball-themed game juuust went free-to-play, and you’ve got tons of friends ready to check it out. Link ‘em over to this all-new video to get them the basics of dodgebrawl in under five minutes. Hosted by the Man on the Moon himself, the DJ!
  • Level Design w/Ian! If you’re like me, you geek out over untextured landscapes and cut content from your favorite games. If behind-the-scenes is your scene, then you can’t miss this Twitch VOD! Level and Gameplay Designer Ian Cuslidge shows off early prototypes of Alien Smash Site and explains our thought process in coming up with a new map. Educational and fun? You bet! (P.S. Buddy B The Scale Guy outfit when?)

Double XP Weekend!

Now this is big news! Our first Double XP Weekend since free-to-play hit the streets is coming up soon, so call up your Crew! On June 17th through 19th, earn double the Match XP for every brawl completed, and fill up that XP bar again and again! It’s a great time to crack into that stash of Energy Drinks for some extra on-hit XP gains. I’m more of a tea drinker myself, but I’ll make an exception for some Starfruit Special if it’s gonna get me that next outfit!

Crew Contracts

Get new Crew Contracts every week, and work together with your Crew to earn XP with every contract clear! And believe me, you’ll want these sweet rewards for clearing your plate - especially that glistening green machine, the Forest Floor It!

  • Week 3: Complete three Crew Contracts to unlock the Uncommon Crew Logo Bright Idea. Complete five to unlock the Legendary Crew Vehicle Forest Floor It!


Every ball created at Perennial Labs is thoroughly tested for functionality and enjoyment before reaching the streets. And who’s hard at work behind the scenes, making sure every ball on the assembly line ships out right? The testers, that’s who! Suit up for inspections with the Bomb Ball Tester Bundle, and get the best in explosion protection at a Holobux price that won’t blow up your wallet. 2400 Holobux will net you these non-combustible cosmetics:

  • Epic Outfit: Blast Suit
  • Epic Gloves: Oven Mitts
  • Rare Hairstyle: Blew Up in My Face
  • Rare Face: Scorched
  • Uncommon Glider: Blast Doors
  • Rare Taunt: Safety First
  • Legendary Defeat Pose: Dangerous Diffusion
  • Epic Crew Vehicle: Bombed Out

Maybe you’d rather enjoy 3D-HD-VFX-blasted big screen explosions on a Holofilm screen instead of at a manufacturing facility. We’ve got you covered - check out the classic Movie Buff Bundle, first featured during Season 2: Fight at the Movies! 1800 Holobux buys your ticket to the show, starring:

  • Epic Player Icon: Bucket o’ Popcorn
  • Epic Glasses: 3D Glasses
  • Epic Intro Pose: Movie Muncher
  • Rare KO Effect: Three Dimensional Knockout!
  • Uncommon Ultimate Hologram: Boba Bottle Smasher
  • Epic Ultimate Hologram: Super Duper Sized Popcorn
  • Legendary Crew Banner: Pop Pop Pop!

Playlist Rotation

Week 3’s going back to basics in the Featured Playlist, just in time for Double XP: for a no-frills showdown, pick Classic Team KO! In this six-player brawl, two teams will fight for KOs using only Basic Balls, without a Special Ball in sight. With a whole bunch of big-team and free-for-all Playlists in the Daily mix, this lab experiment’s about to get vial-ent…! (Yeah, yeah, groan all you want. I gotta meet the pun quota, or Lynn will Player Throw me outta the Chronicle newsroom faster than you can say “pass to me!”)

Creator Crew Spotlight

Let’s take a moment and applaud the awesome members of our Creator Crew, working extra hard to bring you quality Knockout City content daily! This issue, meet CottonSnivy in the mini-interview below. Get to know them even better on the dodgebrawl battlefield, or better yet, on their Twitch streams!

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

Hope you’re sitting down, because you’re gonna be jumping up in shock when you see this incredible speedrun by poyqu! They’ve got the Hideout basketball hoops down to a science, sinking every basket needed for the fanfare in 12 seconds flat! 

No one pushes the boundaries of what’s possible quite like the speedrunning community, huh? They say competition breeds innovation, so why not post up your own best times in the speedrun.com category for Knockout City? Go on, do it for science!


Artistic expression takes so many wonderful forms, from pottery to plushies, and Discord user DelightInArt’s latest masterpiece really brings that feeling home. Here’s what she had to say:

“Funny Story behind this one. Zeppy had an art contest for a KO City Discord icon, except I misunderstood it as a Discord banner. Despite the misunderstanding, I really liked my idea and decided to finish it anyway. The idea was how KO City brought together so many people from different areas of the globe...and how we can all share in the creativity/fun of KO City. Hope y'all like it.”

If you ask me, fan animation is just fanart that moves, y’know? And Floofy Draws has one heck of an animation for us this week! This action-packed parody really captures that “I’m gonna get obliterated by hi-tech dodgeballs” feeling of an actual dodgebrawl battle, full of intensity and emotion. And how about that heartfelt dedication at the end to the devs and fans of KO City? My eyes were leaking by the end! Thanks, Floofy, for all that you do, and enjoying what we work on! Can’t wait for that mini-series!

That’s Brawl, Folks!

Season 6 is only just heating up, and we’ve got more wild, weird surprises coming out of the laboratory soon. But it truly takes the collective genius of many to make our city as special as it is. If you love the City of Tomorrow, shout it out on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, and everywhere else you dwell online. Bring your Crew into the fray. And tell your local Velan teammates that you’re a fan. I guarantee it’ll make their day, maybe even their week! 

Later, brawlers - thanks for reading!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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