WARNING! Containment Breach Detected. Super Mutants Incoming!

Unleash your inner beast this November 1st!

Meanwhile, back at Mutant HQ…

Neon: “Goober! You're back from your secret mission! What'd you find out?”


Neon: “Hmm, it's just as we feared…I wonder…”

Ratfink: “Uh, Neon? What’s the deal?”

Neon: “Goober here’s gotten word that Chemical V is seeping into the sewers. It’s merging with Mutonium-13 and creating some…interesting…side effects.”

Goober: “BLB-L-UB!”

Neon: “Superpowered Mutants are being spotted topside... This might turn the tide in our favor.”

Ratfink: “So what’re we gonna do?”

Neon: “Ratfink, I want you to seek out these new mutants and study their abilities. If they’re willing, encourage them to come fight for our cause. 

Ratfink: “Hoho, no probs, Neon! I’ll sniff ‘em out wherever they are and promise ‘em some free snacks, too.”

Neon: “That’s fine with me. Make them feel welcome. Susan, once the recruits are settled, organize a boot camp and prepare them for battle. If they’re new to their powers, they’re going to need your training to harness them to their full potential. I’m counting on you.”

Susan: “...Heh. I’ll make their muscles scream.”

Super Mutant Playlist!

Containment Breach is here! Ever since Mutonium-13 and Chemical V have crossed paths, the mutant population’s been exploding out of the underground! Some of those slime-gifted Superpowers are rubbing off on everyday brawlers, and they’re taking them to the streets in a new dodgebrawl Playlist. 

Super Mutant is a free-for-all battle where six brawlers play for points. Every hit, either damage or KO, awards a brawler one point. There’s just one, shall we say, big problem… One brawler at random will become the Super Mutant at the start of battle!

Super Mutant brawlers are ultra-powerful: They’re giant sized, run faster, have faster respawn times, take three hearts of damage to take down, are more resistant to stuns, and are souped-up with six Superpowers to blow away brawlers! Here’s every skill the Super Mutant possesses:

  • Super Double Jump: an extra jump in midair!
  • Super Healing Powers: regenerate a lost heart over time!
  • Super Charge-Up: instantly charge a dodgeball, and get extra Overcharge from passes and Perfect Catches!
  • Super X-Ray Vision: see and lock-on to opponents through walls at any distance!
  • Super Strength: pick up brawlers by dodging into them!
  • Super Ballform Bounce: Ultimate Throw when you roll onto a bounce pad in Ballform!

They get ALL OF THOSE AT THE SAME TIME. It’s bananas! For 90 seconds, the Super Mutant will rampage while brawlers fight the Super Mutant and each other to score hits. It’s worth fighting back against the Super Mutant though, because there’s bonus points on the line! Knock out the Super Mutant, and the brawler who does the deed gets four points for finishing them off. 

The current Super Mutant will keep their powers until 90 seconds have elapsed – then, a new player is chosen at random to begin their super-sized spree for 90 seconds! You can keep track of who’s been chosen so far in the HUD’s lower-right corner. Every brawler will get a chance to go Super Mutant, and the match ends when the last brawler finishes their turn. The player with the most points is the winner! 

These Contracts Can’t Be Contained!

Susan’s putting the new Mutant recruits through the Ten-Event-Contract course of her boot camp, and from what I hear, it’s brutal. You gotta use every limb, tentacle, claw, or wing to make it through in one piece, but there’s XP aplenty for the brawlers who best her challenges. Think you can take Susan’s course? Heh, break a leg, and hopefully you can regrow one when you’re done!

If a brawler’s bein’ a bad sport, don’t goop to their level… get the KO and let your slime do the sassing with the Legendary KO effect “You’ve Been Slimed!”, which you’ll earn for completing any four Event Contracts. Mark yourself as a mutant menace anytime by earning the Legendary Taunt “Super Mutant!” for completing eight Event Contracts.

Ratfink Bundle!

Ratfink may have gotten flattened by Susan in boot camp, but why not give him a second chance to fight back? Pick up the Ratfink Bundle debuting with Containment Breach, and you’ll be able to guide everyone’s favorite dodgebrawlin’ gym rat to victory! Everything in the Ratfink Bundle can give your brawlers their very own rodent revamps. You can’t spell “treat” without R-A-T, and 3000 Holobux will treat you to a whopping eight customizations to play with:

  • Legendary Outfit: “Ratfink”
  • Legendary Face: “Whiskered Warrior”
  • Legendary Gloves: “Ratcatchers”
  • Epic Voice: “Dirty Rat”
  • Legendary Player Icon: “Rat King”
  • Epic Intro Pose: “Pipe Cleaner”
  • Legendary MVP: “One Man’s Trash”
  • Legendary KO Effect: “Mousetrap”

Dex’s Tech Tips: Become A Mighty Super Mutant!

Make the most of your mutant makeover! Follow these tips, and you’ll be dishing out every permutation of pain imaginable:

  • Enter the Fray: If you’re not landing hits, you’re not scoring points in this Playlist! Play full speed ahead and deal damage to anyone you see, because a KO on a regular brawler isn’t worth any more points than a hit!
  • Brace Yourself for Mutation: As the match progresses, you’ll have a better idea of who might be the next Super Mutant by checking the HUD. Make a bold prediction by positioning yourself aggressively right when the current Super Mutant’s timer hits zero – you just might get Superpowered at the perfect moment!
  • Use Every Power in Your Playbook: When you’re the Super Mutant, it’s easy to forget just how many options you have! Super Charge-Up and Super Strength can net you some easy KOs, X-Ray Vision will always find you a new target, and Double Jump and Ballform Bounce can net some surprise attacks or get you out of trouble! Super Healing Powers with your three-heart limit lets you be extra durable, but just remember that you’re a big target – don’t give up too many points!
  • Battle the Beast: Going toe-to-toe with the Super Mutant is a scary idea. Better get your “frenemies” to help you out. Try to land the finishing blow to get four points for KOing the Super Mutant, or exploit getting hits on distracted brawlers. All’s fair in a free-for-all!
  • Double-Hit Points: Any maneuver that deals two hearts of damage will count as two points! Player Balls or Hazard KOs will net you two for one, so look for opportunities to get ahead if Cage Balls are in play – just note that Super Mutants break out twice as fast!

Unleashed on November 1st!

The Chemical V’s going to get contained by November 15th, and with it goes away every trace of Super Mutant mayhem. Ready to join the ranks of Susan and Ratfink? Then eyes (and eye-stalks, and antennae, and other assorted mutant appendages) up, because Containment Breach is about to blow up!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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