Double Your XP In Midnight Madness, Now With More Mutants!

Community voted Playlist, prizes and more coming November 22nd

Hey, remember when we all thought those mutants were just things that go bump in the night? Well, turns out that was just the thump of their guitars and drums as they crank the volume to max and shake the streets with their mutant mosh-pits! They know how to party, and there’s no bigger party in Knockout City than Midnight Madness, the end-of-the-season one-week rave where the stars shine brighter than neon…and maybe even brighter than Neon! 

Mutants Meet To Party In The Streets! 

The Mutant Mutiny’s finally coming to an end, but not before we all get down with our new mutant pals with some celebratory dodgebrawling, where Match XP is doubled for every brawl you complete! Now’s the time to Crew up, down some Energy Drinks, and grind that Street Rank for rewards! Whether you’re closing out your Brawl Pass or shooting for the moon to reach Chrome Street Rank, all that Bonus XP is too good to pass up.

Earn Mor-ph XP Per Event Contract

The Mutants even brought party games! Well, they’re Event Contracts, but still – I’m down with that! Can’t say I care for the catering (too many weird pizza toppings for my non-mutated stomach to handle), but I most definitely can play along with some dodgebrawl battles if these challenges are giving out 2000 XP a pop.

Ah, finally! A slice of pepperoni that’s not covered in goo! I’m gonna savor this slice and immortalize it as the Legendary Player Icon “Midnight Snack” for you to earn by completing all the Event Contracts. Sharing’s no prob, we’re all hungry brawlers here!

Oh geez, there’s goop everywhere! Guess Goober had a party foul – we’re gonna need backup for this cleanup. If you can bring your Crew along and clean out your Crew Contracts (along with this mess), you’ll haul away the grime in the practical and stylish Legendary Crew Vehicle “Glow-Up Pickup” as thanks. Hey, it pays to be a good houseguest, even if the house is literally in the sewer!

Stardusted Specials in the Brawl Shop

Where can we bring this party even higher? Rooftop Rumble? No, even higher. The Radio Tower in the Hideout? Getting warmer… Space? Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

The Brawl Shop has some Legendary gear for the party-est people in outer space, only available during Midnight Madness. Pull off that far-our DJ look with the “Deep Space Dome” Face and get the starlights to make your mixtape highlights! If you want to see nothin’ but stars, check out the “Redacted Rave” Glasses to block your vision with nothing but the black void of space, stars, and fireworks. And for all the Astro Puff fans out there (you know who you are), you’re getting a special tribute with the new “Celestial Puffs” hairstyle that’ll put your Puffs in perpetual party mode.

Your Featured Playlist Pick!

With so many incredible Playlists making their debut in Mutant Mutiny, it’s been a real nail-biter to find out which gets the nod as our community-voted Featured Playlist for this Midnight Madness. Well, the results are in, and the winner is…Mutation Rotation!

Seems like y'all haven't had enough of the 18 mutations possible in this four-versus-four fracas, so it's back for one week in Midnight Madness! Bring the whole Crew and set off some real fireworks with Wrecking Ball Head, Vampire Teeth, Ballform Boost, and all the rest! Read up on our mutated midseason event blog for all the details on Mutation Rotation!

Midnight Knockout Finals: November 19th and 20th!

In a totally unprecedented move, Midnight Knockout is hitting the stage with a matinee performance for your enjoyment! These best-of-the-best brawlers are such hardcore party people, they’re settling their beefs in broad daylight before they spend their week partying all night long. How’s that for dedication? Our top brawlers will be battling it out for goo-lory, cash, and Player Icons on November 19th and 20th, when the Season 7 Midnight Knockout Finals will stream LIVE on the Knockout City official Twitch channel! Who’s got the mutant moves to make it big in EU and NA? Find out, and participate on chat for your chance to win prizes throughout the streams!

Dex’s Tech Tips: Energize your XP!

I’ve been dishing gameplay tips long enough to earn myself a break. C’mon, it’s a party! Here’s some juicy details on Energy Drinks and their best Playlist pairings to optimize your Midnight Madness XP-rience. 

  • Ulti-Berry Blast: Mastered the faster Ultimate drop technique yet? Why not sip some Ulti-Berry and incentivize yourself to use it! Better yet, try it in Chain Reaction for plenty of chances to use Revenge KOs for XP gains!
  • Coconut Crash: Better grab a buddy you trust, since Player Ball KOs are best done with two! Ball-Up Brawl’s a no-brainer to earn those extra KOs, and multi-team modes like Triple Team Chaos and Team Royale can open up lots of opportunities, too.
  • Dizzy Fizzy and Grenade-ade: Curves and Lobs are useful in almost any Playlist, so it all comes down to positioning. Baiting an opponent to attempt a Tackle and punishing their follow-up Catch attempt is an easy way to guarantee some Lob and Curve hits.
  • Cherry Charge-Up: Sniper Ball and Multi-Ball are great Special Balls to have around when you’re looking to earn charged hits. A free-for-all playlist like Big KO Chaos means more distracted targets to hone in on! And you can’t forget Super Charge-Up during a round of Superpowers…
  • Orange Overcharge: Whether you’re netting Perfect Catches or playing with a coordinated pass-happy team, you’ll have plenty of chances to land Overcharged hits in Team KO or Team Elimination. Try using reflect passes off of an armed teammate to put yourself in control of your Overcharge, and grab that Boomerang Ball if you can – easy Overcharge anytime!
  • Potato Punch: For the sneakiest players, uncharged hits are best performed as a surprise attack! Large free-for-alls like Absolute Chaos or Super Mutant will let you unleash your inner rat and bean opponents with uncharged dodgeballs from behind. 
  • Pom-Passer: For the benevolent brawler with a team they trust, Pom-Passer is hard to beat. You’ll always want a teammate nearby, so think about Double Team or Big Team Playlists to give yourself some options for coordination.
  • Starfruit Special: Every Special Ball hit translating to XP means Party Team KO is an XP goldmine! Anything that gives you exclusive access to Special Balls is going to be a winner with this Energy Drink.
  • Strawberry Snapback: A sweet choice for players that trust their catching skills. Take the lead during a round of Team Elimination or Face-Off and make some amazing counterattacks when the Danger Zone is small to rake in the XP.

Don’t Miss The Mutant Remix, November 22nd!

Hey, as we wind this down Midnight Madness on November 29th, I just want to give a shout out to our radical hosts. This party wouldn’t be possible without Susan, Neon, Ratfink, and Goober fighting the good fight for mutant rights – Give it up for The Mutants, people! Susan, you goo, gurl! 

*insert cheering fans here* 

But hey, we’re burnin’ moonlight! Let’s brawl, and may the best mutant win it all!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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