Our Final Event!

Play it live one more time, starting May 23rd!

My brawlers, when you hear the words “Knockout City,” what’s the first thing you think of? The Hideout? The DJ? That rubbery smack sound from a perfectly-thrown dodgeball hitting someone’s jawline? When I remember all the tough brawlers I’ve met and friends I’ve made while livin’ the dodgebrawl life downtown, I get a big ol’ stupid grin on my face. I can’t help it! Can you? I mean, if you’re here reading this, you know what’s up: KO City is a one-of-a-kind place that’s got something for everybody. And there’s one last two-week event to celebrate everything we love about Knockout City in the best way we know how: by comin’ together to battle it out in the streets. Thanks for the KOs! Let’s gooooo!

Watch the Thanks for the KOs event trailer here!

Triple Match XP in One Final Block Party Event!

Knockout City’s public servers may be closing on June 6th and there may be the Private Server Edition to enjoy after the fact, but until then, it’s brawlin’ like there’s no tomorrow! Thanks for the KOs is all about giving the fans what they want, so tell me – what’s gonna knock your socks off? Well if you’re thinkin’ “an, I wish I got that particular Chrome cosmetic” then here’s your chance to make it come true: All Match XP will be tripled for the Thanks for the KOs event! How high can you climb before the curtain call? And how many people are you gonna brag to when you show off that final Street Rank level of yours? Your neighbor? Your cat? Your local library? Shoot higher, pal! Blast it out to the whole world!

Superpowers: Power Grab!

What’s the best Playlist, and why is it Superpowers: Power Grab? I think deep down, it just feels super to be Super, y’know? And you’ll have no shortage of Superpowers to choose from when this fan favorite is in Street Play for Thanks for the KOs. Pick one of seven classic Superpowers to beef up your brawling at the start of the round, then change your tactics on the fly when you pick a new power after getting KO’d. First to two rounds wins the match! It's one final caper for all the cape lovers out there!

Big Hugs Contracts!

You’ll have a warm and fuzzy feeling when you work your way through this cozy set of final event Contracts. Embrace all the extra XP, Style Chips and Holobux you’ll get for completing these, because they’ll help you look your spiffiest during these final weeks in Knockout City!

We tripled your XP rewards, so what’s to stop us from tripling your Event Contract rewards too? NOTHING, that’s what! Cranked up even higher than Midnight Madness, Each Big Hugs Contract will grant you either 15 Style Chips, 15,000 XP, or 3000 Holobux – that ain’t chump change, that’s for sure! But you’ve only got two weeks to spend it all, so don’t hold back!

How about some unlockables, for old time’s sake? With the Legendary Player Icon “It’s Been A Wild Ride!”, trick out your Profile with a pair of buddies driving to their next brawl, earned by clearing any 4 Big Hugs Contracts. For 6 contracts completed, the Legendary Crew Logo “Urban Legend” lets you run a cityscape-and-Chonky combo on your back! Lastly, the slick stylings of deep space can grace your Crew Banner when you equip the Legendary Crew Banner “Shoot For The Moon” from finishing 8 contracts. Wait, Chonky’s in space, too? Didn’t somebody find that little rascal by now…? 

If you’ve been wondering about that empty pedestal in the Hideout trophy case, then wonder no longer! You’ll earn a sharp-looking Diamond Trophy celebrating Thanks for the KOs by completing any 2 Big Hugs Contracts, and another one for clearing all 10! 

Oh, now THIS is beautiful! If you’ve nabbed them all, then you get to see your whole brawler’s journey laid out in the trophy case showing every League Play and Brawl Pass trophy you’ve earned… Not to mention that big Street Rank trophy presiding over the whole collection. And now, you’ve got the finishing touches! Better snap a picture for posterity, and throw it into the Knockout City Official Discord while you’re at it!

Three Cheers Shop!

How about some last-minute Holobux discounts to make your victory lap around Knockout City that much sweeter? Head over to the Three Cheers Shop and you’ll find a roundup of radical apparel and other customizations to add some final flair. 

For the more festive-feeling brawlers out there, every limited-time holiday and event bundle will be making a victory lap in the Bundles tab, like Captain KO vs V.I.P.E.R.! Time to live it up!

More Ways to Celebrate!

We’re not just raising a ruckus in Knockout City – we’re bringing the party to all sorts of places here in reality, too! We’ll write up a full rundown of every extra we’re rolling out in one final blog post, but for this event, I wanna make a shoutout to a couple of must-sees:

Party at the Merch Store!

How ‘bout some souvenir shopping? Check out The Knockout City Official Merch Store and you’ll find several new commemorative collectibles! There’s some extremely special stuff here on limited runs, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, so hop off that fence and pick up some final KO City swag today! 

  • Knockout City Original Game Soundtrack. With every toe-tappin' tune in one special set of three vinyl records, the soundtrack for Knockout City’s got the full score, plus some exclusive tracks that can ONLY be heard on vinyl! 
  • Brick by Brick: The Art of Knockout City. Perfect for the KO-ffee table! With over 400 pages of concepts, developer stories, and hundreds of Knockout City cosmetics showcased in one volume, the official art book of Knockout City is the ultimate traveler’s guide through the world of dodgebrawl.
  • Thanks for the KOs T-Shirt. Dodgeball drip never looked this good! Let ‘em know you witnessed the grand finale with a wicked-cool tee.
  • Last Chance at Legacy Merch! There’s sale prices on loads of other items in the store. Pick up a Chonky Plush, enamel pins, and more before they’re sold out!

Sunset Showdown Finals!

Root for your favorite EU and NA brawlers at the official end-of-the-Season Team KO Tournament! This one's for all the marbles... and a sweet $25,000 prize pool! Catch the tournament to end all tournaments on Twitch, only on June 3rd for EU, and June 4th for NA!

New Deep Space Dispatches!

We've got one more tale of Knockout City to tell over the airwaves! Tune into the Pirate Radio Podcast throughout the event starting May 23rd for new episodes nearly every weekday concluding our story with an awe-inspiring final chapter! This won't be found in-game, it's a podcast exclusive! Just follow your favorite podcast platform to catch them all!

Final Developer Livestream!

We kicked off Knockout City with a Dev Stream, so let’s bring it full circle! On June 5th, join the Velan crew for heated dodgebrawls, hilarious antics, and awards aplenty during The Dodgems Community Awards show…and tons of surprises and giveaways to boot! This multi-hour stream is one night only, and we’ll be showing and telling some secrets that are so exciting, we aren’t even allowed to save the VOD! Mark your calendar and set your alarms to join us on Twitch, because you won’t want to miss out!

Shoutouts and Showdowns Starting May 23rd!

Hats (and crowns) off to you, brawlers – if it wasn’t for your passion, your tenacity, your love of the brawl, we wouldn’t be here throwing one final bash to celebrate the end of Knockout City. Remember that this is all for you, the brawlers of Knockout City, because we’re psyched that you’ve been here. Hold your heads high and know that the memories you’ve made here are yours forever. From the bottoms of our hearts here at Velan Studios, thanks for brawlin’!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird