Captain KO Eludes V.I.P.E.R. Trap!

Superhero in a tights spot, but manages to es-cape

It’s a double-feature Knockout City Chronicle this week, with two week’s worth of KO City news and fantastic fan works to close out June!

Dex here with a little heads-up for all you overachievers out there - if people think you did a great job, you’re gonna get an encore performance. Turns out y’all liked last week’s Chron enough to convince Lynn to lob-pass me another round at writing up what’s going down in the world of dodgebrawl. Ready? Here we go!

I rescued a few recaps that just might save your day from a lack of information:

  • City of Tomorrow is here! Season Six is in full swing with an overload of new content. Boomerang Ball, Hideout upgrades, the return of the Brawl Pass featuring Among Us, and more are here. Read up and see what’s coming next!

  • Heroes Reborn - Limited Time Event! Superpower shenanigans are back in KO City for two weeks starting June 21st - but this time, you can choose your Superpower! Read up on all the powers in play. What’s your favorite, and why is it Super Charge-Up? (well, you can’t all have it this time around. Gotta learn to share your power).

  • Heroes Reborn Livestream! Faster than a speeding Sniper Ball, tougher than expired Boba Cola, it’s Lead Designer Zack demonstrating Superpowers: Power Grab live with Josh, Heather, and the rest! See the new Playlist in action, get questions answered, and listen to Josh complain about Carlo spamming Super Ballform Bounce. There’s something for everyone in last week’s official Twitch stream!

KAL - Knockout City Arcade League!

Have you heard of KAL? Well, it's not a world protection initiative, but it's the next best thing: A community-driven league where you can make friends and improve at dodgebrawl! KAL is an ongoing league hosted by CasualGameNY for folks of all skill levels to get together and compete. Learn more at the link below - if teamwork's your superpower, then you've come to the right place!

KAL (KOC Arcade League) is a league formatted competition to thank community members for all their support of the community and the game itself. It promotes competition while remaining a platform to meet and become friends with other members of the community, and hopefully become life long gaming buddies. We play matches over a course of a few months then have a playoff bracket to determine the champions. We keep stats and standings for those that love seeing their statistics and where they rank with the other members of the league. We even award an MVP based on a multitude of stats compiled throughout the season. The KAL is also a place for viewers to come and chat with other members of the community about their love of the game and to cheer on their friends/community members that are competing, giving a little bit of the feeling like they are on a big time Esports stage.

Crew Contracts

Here comes your next batch of Crew Contract Rewards, just waiting for you to assemble your team of heroes, villains, or pragmatic mercenaries to take ‘em down.

  • Week 4: Complete three Crew Contracts to unlock the Uncommon Crew Banner, "Metal Triangles." Complete five to unlock a Season 6 Crew XP Boost that’ll slap on some extra XP when grouped with a crewmate all Season long!
  • Week 5: Complete three Crew Contracts to unlock the Rare Crew Vehicle, "Graphical Anti-Gravity." Complete five to unlock another stackable Season 6 Crew XP Boost - talk about a power-up!

Bundles II: Clash of the Ages!

Man, don’t even get me started on how much merch they’re popping out for this new Captain KO movie (speaking of merch, you do know about the official Knockout City Merch store, right? Shirts, dodgeballs, pins, and more!) They’re even bringing back some vintage classics like the Captain KO vs. V.I.P.E.R. Bundle! For 2400 Holobux, this one’s got everything you need to become whichever one’s your favorite. If you wanna be the goody two-shoes, then you can wear the "Captain KO Mask" Legendary Face. Me, I think purple and green supervillain is more my speed, so I’m gonna rock the "V.I.P.E.R. Head" Legendary Face. Either way, you can customize both the "Cybersuit" Legendary Outfit and the "Tech Glove" Legendary Gloves using the included Style Chips to match up with your fave, or go totally unique and come up with your own superpowered OC! Don’t even talk to me if you’re not rollin’ up to the premiere in cosplay!

  • Legendary Outfit: Cybersuit
  • Legendary Gloves: Tech Glove
  • Legendary Face: Captain KO Mask
  • Legendary Face: V.I.P.E.R. Face
  • 5 Style Chips

Maybe you’d rather tell people what to do on camera instead of being on camera yourself. Be the big shot on set with Week 4’s Opening Night bundle, where you get everything you need to carry you from the set to the premiere for a mere 1800 Holobux! Just so you know, that Glittery Pink style of "Tuxedo" is mine - if you’re gonna wear it, at least get it dry-cleaned before you return it, for my sake? Gotta look my best on developer stream day!

  • Uncommon Crew Vehicle: Black Limo
  • Legendary Glasses: Personal Movie Screen
  • Legendary KO Effect: That's a Wrap!
  • Uncommon Outfit: Tuxedo
  • Uncommon Player Icon: Clapperboard
  • Uncommon Taunt: CUT!

Ahh, who doesn’t like getting a standing ovation for an outstanding performance? Equip the goods in Week 5’s Drama Queen bundle, and you’ll rile up the crowd with every KO and Ultimate Throw. They like you, they really like you! 2100 Holobux is all you need for a full silver screen ensemble. Don’t keep the fans waiting!

  • Epic Crew Logo: Comedy and Drama
  • Uncommon Crew Vehicle: Drama Driver
  • Uncommon Glasses Gilded Glasses
  • Rare Gloves: Driving Gloves
  • Epic Hairstyle: Driving Scarf
  • Epic KO Effect: Drama Masks
  • Legendary Ultimate Hologram: Rose Bouquet

Playlist Rotation

Superpowers: Power Grab is gonna be your headliner for a limited time only, so Super Tackle Strike while the iron’s hot! Strategize with your fellow supers to pick the best power for the job. Mix it up in other Daily Playlists if you need a power nap after all the larger-than-life antics.

Creator Crew Spotlight

Let’s meet more of our own superpowered, super-talented league of brawlers (L.O.B. for short, if you want to pretend they’re part of an elite organization bent on world domination), the Creator Crew! Check out their power profiles below. The true heroes of Knockout City are the citizens themselves, am I right?

DJ’s Video Pick of the Week

Redditor RicasDFL reminds us all to cover for our Crewmates in this amazing play! I think even Captain KO would be impressed with the heroics on display here. They saved their teammate twice, even covering their Ultimate Throw landing with a well-timed Player Ball catch. What a rescue!


Not to throw shade at DALL E Mini because it's trying its hardest, but that ‘bot can’t hold a candle to the awesome artistic skills of our community. 

When holographic ears just aren’t enough, Discord user Our Lifeline’s serious-looking animal-like brawler is pink perfection.

Brawler One is my ringtone, so I can think about KO City every time I get a call. But why stop there? Maybe I should get a custom case like nickybakes, who wrapped his cell in his own KO City-inspired artwork…now that’s slick.

So I got a new phone after over 5 years, and I needed a new case that fit the red color. So I now present to you: the Knockout City inspired phone case using my KO City 3D environment fan art!!

Drummers are the unsung heroes of any band, if my years of band practice playing percussion instruments is anything to go by. SadCactus7’s alien drummer looks to have enough tentacles to be a one-brawler band alone!

Meet Miles, the drummer of the Moon Man Crew’s band :DD Took me an entire week to finish this because I decided to start working on it right before exams, but I’m super happy with how it turned out!!

Ready for something a little more meta? Well, sorta. Creator Crew X-trordinaire X2DA is rockin’ Gaith’s excellent multi-brawler collaboration artwork as his Steam page for KO City. It’s like the community’s there, just waiting for him to click Play! (Don’t spend that $0.88 in one place!)

OK, this last one’s a little self-serving, but hey - if your buddy draws fanart of your brawler, of course you’re gonna want to share it with the world! Spindlewick captured my brawler with a smirk 1000 times more smug than I could ever produce. Thanks, pal! Now how about you jump into a few rounds with me? I’ll just pull that maneuver RicasDFL did above to keep you safe!

That’s Brawl, Folks!

It’s hero time tomorrow, and for two full weeks after! Grab a friend or two for Superpowers: Power Grab and get your rounds in. As always, catch up with all the news, fun, and memes on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, and TikTok.

Later, brawlers - you’re all super to me!

Paul Jones
AKA DexTheThird

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